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  1. I used to have a crush on Shaggy when I was growing up I dunno, I like Scooby better. NO NOT CRUSH LIKE EITHER! Lmao
  2. I will most definetly be going to Fearfest this year. I remember back when they had Winterfest I was supposed to go 2 years in a row but never made it cuz the first year I was sick and in the hospital and the 2nd year the trip was cancelled because of the weather. So I will hurt someone if I can't get to Fearfest. The 2 main reasons being The Beast at Night and the Friday the 13th show.
  3. Definetly PKI! But of course Cedar Point is a close second for the same reasons as above. Isn't Lesourdsville closed? Is it gonna open back up next year? Anyone know? Hate having such a good coaster SBNO.
  4. I usually sit in the very back seat, especially The Beast. Two execptions: Top Gun in the very front, feels more like your actually flying. FOF: Very front. The first time I ever rode it, I rode in the very back and got off of it with a severe headache. So I stick to the front seat now. But if the lines are outrageously long, I usually go in the middle towards the back.
  5. Over the years, I've heard Top Gun theme Beetlejuice theme Titanic theme Ghost theme I know there's more but I can't think of them. I know there was one year that they played the Jurassic Park theme to the fireworks finale.
  6. Is there any particular reason the park is open for free admission on 9/10? It's not just a rumor, I got this from the official PKI website. Free admission on 9/10. Y is this? Something special goin' on? Just curious.
  7. Well IMO the rides that they are taking out are the ones that have been there since either the very beginning or mid to late 80's. As far as the new high tech rides, I think PKI likes to have prototype rides. After all, they were the very first park to have a suspended coaster (The Bat) and had America's first stand up coaster. Plus being owned by Paramount of course the new rides are going to be new and movie themed. And I knew Phantom Theater was going to be changing in 2002. That was the pattern with that ride from the beginning. Every 10 years, they changed it. It opened originally as the Enchanted Voyage, in '82, it became Smurfs Enchanted Voyage, '92 it was Phantom Theater and so on. I miss some of the old rides that have been removed, but the replacements are always kick butt. I know I'm going to miss the Tiques, but that ride shook you to death anyways.
  8. I usually start at The Beast, then just hit whatever coasters I'm in the mood for. This makes for ALOT of walking, cuz I usually boomerang back and forth between The Beast and SOB. I usually get pizza at the Festhouse if I'm by AZ, if I'm in RT I go to the LaRosa's place over there. If it's really super hot and the lines for the water rides are super long, I just stand on the bridge to Congo Falls and get cooled down that way. That's pretty much a typical day for me.
  9. I was there the same day. It mad me mad cuz we got rained out. Oh well, at least I got a ride on The Beast before it totally let go.
  10. I miss the King Cobra!! I loved that ride! I would love to see The Bat come back. I have some '81 Coaster World magazines that showed pictures, stats and gave an idea of what a ride on it would've been like. I remember seeing it in the early 80's when it was SBNO. But the King Cobra is what I would like to see come back! But from what I understood, it costed too much to order parts from Japan every time it needed something done to it. Bummer too.
  11. Right when Paramount took over in '93, they had this awesome laser show in the Paramount Theater. This little guy was going thru all the Paramount movies looking for the lost star from the Paramount logo. When I went back in '94, they didn't have laser shows anymore! I loved that show! Anyone remember this particular show?
  12. If I ever tried to sing karoke, I would be arrested for manslaughter because everyone would die laughing cuz I SUCK at singing.
  13. Well, it may not be THAT silly, but at the time, I felt really stupid. My friend and I waliked up to one of those Vulcun characters (when they still had those characters walking around) and said hi, like we were old friends or something. He says "Do you have anything to report?" I said "Um...Adventure Express is running..." So he says "And are you responsible for that?" I said "I guess so cuz we're getting ready to ride it". Not really silly, but man those characters were fun to mess with
  14. Coney Mall. I guess it's just because I'm so used to them being there, plus that section is more family oriented.
  15. Beast_Queen

    Best Flat

    I'd have to say Viking Fury. (Yeah, I know, I'm a wuss ) DZ scared the crap out of me and I haven't yet worked up the courage to try Delerium. But the Scooters and Shake Rattle and Roll are awesome too!
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