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  1. ^^ I was just thinking the same thing. I was there that day and walked over from Boomerang Bay to watch it. Got there 30 minutes early which was enough to get a spot in the front row. It looks like people have been standing by the stage for hours tonight.
  2. So I've been out of the loop for a while when it comes to roller coasters and theme parks but I've been really excited for the past few days between riding Gatekeeper for the first time and speculation over this ride. Project 2014 looks like an awesome coaster! I hope someone will step up so I can stream the announcement and I look forward to next summer when I'm able to ride this!
  3. My two favorite items in my collection are a media invite for DB, which is a big card with a cutout of a snake popping out at you, and my framed Mr. Freeze promo print (SFOT), which was made before it opened and numbered to 2500.
  4. I'm bringing my DSLR with a 200mm lens to KI on Friday and I'll be sure to get some pictures of this land clearing.
  5. The D3000 is a very nice camera. Very easy to use especially if it is your first DSLR. I love mine!
  6. I agree with your Timbers review. I love that ride! I think your pictures are great. What kind of camera do you use?
  7. So what lenses do you have? Did you get the kit 18-55 and then buy an extra 55-200 or go for the all in one 18-200? I have the D3000 and I have the first choice of lenses I mentioned and whatever I take it to KI I find myself always wanting to change the lens but after a while I get tired of doing so. Great pictures by the way!
  8. In Columbus I see KI and CP ads as well as an occasional Kennywood or Idlewild
  9. I thought it was kind of funny how this little known site (Coasterfusion) managed to get hold of this breaking news. I didn't believe it at first and I am still hesitant to even though evidence is pointing in their favor.
  10. Just one installation, Tranan in Skara Sommarland in Sweden. Looks like an interesting ride.
  11. I think it will be an Intamin in 2012. Hopefully a launcher of some sort. I would love to see another Maverick type ride. Posted from my HTC EVO 4g
  12. Standing in the front row at the announcement.
  13. Millennium Force when I was 6 years old.
  14. What about Wimax? I know Cincy has 4G, but does it reach out to KI?
  15. Terminator Salvation at SFMM is also built to withstand earthquakes but I wouldn't consider it an engineering marvel. SOB took existing technology to a new level much the same way KK and TTD were when they opened which IMO they are.
  16. ^^^Some of that stuff wouldn't be work to me. Spending extra time at KI with all the rides I enjoy making them better would be fun, not work... That being said, Count me in!
  17. Actually I compared it to Titan after I first got off. It is like if Titan's turn before the MCBR and the one helix after were combined. It's incredibly intense (I305)
  18. No, It's not. When I went on 4/7/09 all over the park the ops were saying "Kings Dominion, Ride On" and never did I hear the "Fun and Only".
  19. Okay thanks for clarifying that. I can't imagine having to spend all the extra effort looking for food without meat. I wouldn't be a very good vegetarian!
  20. Not to be rude or anything but is this necessary? Isn't it just common sense that if you're a vegetarian you stay away from Skyline , grills and the like and go to a place like LaRosas? I'm not a vegetarian at all so I could be totally wrong but...
  21. It didn't move the decals. They are just different angles of view.
  22. Take advantage of my new lens for my camera and take pictures of PS followed by going up to ET and seeing how close I can see SOB with my camera.
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