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  1. If I'm not workin, you better belive I'll be there!
  2. Wow. I haven't been on here in quite a long time! I will most likely be working the gate or sales that night, so I unfortunately won't be able to attend. I did however want to work that night this past season, but was unable to due to my age. I hear that it is the one night when guests are generally actually nice looking forward to it!
  3. I have seen coupons from Wendy's, but mostly, people get them from their school.
  4. To me KI isn't really big enough to need a tranportation system like CP's. just my opinion.
  5. aaahhh haha, ok cool. nice job. :D

  6. you're welcome...? haha how did you know "I" gave you a handstamp?

  7. haah yeah, I actually am. I noticed that on facebook, you liked a lot of coaster things, and I thought about seeing if you were on here too. haha :D

  8. New one. same topic. Standing in line for Drop Tower yesterday.... Girl pointing to SOB: "Which one is that?" Guy trying to sound smart: "I'm pretyty sure thats Diamondback." ..........really? come on.
  9. couple standing behind me: Girl looking at Vortex: "Which one is that?" Guy: "Oh thats that new one, Diamondback." Now keep in mind that this took place walking down the pathway in front of Backlot Stunt Coaster. So, tehey were staring RIGHT AT Diamondback'S HILL! hahaha
  10. I hope im not working on at least one of the days thats they are there. I couldnt find ut, but does anyone know who the athletes are??
  11. Ok, I checked to see if there was anything else on this, adn i didnt find anything... So yesterday i was at work at KI, and I noticed there was a sign to the very left of the turnstiles, advertising, "breakfast with the characters". I had no idea they were going to do something like that. Do you guys think it will have much success?
  12. i went yesterday. I got a 1450, and my friend got a 1700. It was weird though, because towards teh end, where theres all of those skeletons, i noticed they werent there. :/ I thought it was strange.
  13. oh god. even though i am too young to have been around when they were popular, i still cant stand them. since i heard the first mmmmbop. sorry to everyone who may like them. just my opinion
  14. well i normally get a gold every year, but i guess i technically have a platinum, becuase im working at KI
  15. hah yeah. that was my thought. hmmm.....i wonder how long ketchup packets last... hahaa
  16. there are pay once, visit twice passes. but i do not know of tickets that let you visit the next day before 5:00. I do think that there are differently priced tickets for later in the day. but to be sure, i would call.
  17. interstingly enough, i was on break today, and when i went to get ketchup, i saw the basket filled with Heinz, adn then a few packets of red gold. haha i thought that was kind of intersting.
  18. haha oh 420, almost half the senior and junior classes at my school werent there yesterday because they were..."celebrating the holiday" haha
  19. my ride count as of today is 0. because i was working at KI. :/ but, that will cahnge in less than a day, because i am going tomorrow! i will be getting on Diamondback at least 5 times, and probably many others too! haha
  20. mtl2013


    Taylor. you definately should have waited until today to process your pass, so you could come visit me! ddi you see Bo?! he was working turnstiles! haha Oh adn those are great pictures!! haha
  21. the park is open from 5:00-10:00, so it would definately be open then....but you might want to call to see about earlier times.
  22. thank god the paving is finally being done, and they are making good progress. i have to say though, they're cuttin' it a little close to opening day...haha
  23. It makes me a little sad that I never got to go on the Wild animal safari, and that we dont have great theming like that anymore. But, hopefully, someday, we will get an owner that gets the importance of good theming.
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