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  1. From what I understand, a Coaster Landmark (which is what The Racer and The Beast are) don't have any set criteria besides the requirement of being a notable coaster historically. A Landmark can be completely demolished and the award won't be rescinded (see Big Dipper at Geauga Lake, which still has Landmark status). Coaster Classic status is what can be rescinded for modifications to a coaster, and those criteria are specific to seating. Neither coaster qualifies for Classic status as is due to the trains. Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk
  2. And now there is word. CF Platinum passes will get you into Schlitterbahn Galveston and New Braunfels starting January 7. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/tickets-passes/season-passes The KC location isn't mentioned, most likely because they don't own it yet. Although if they do buy it they won't reopen it, they'll just repurpose what they can elsewhere and probably sell the land to a developer.
  3. Went to McDonalds and there seems to be some sort of promotion going on with Cedar Fair and McDonalds. I didn't get a large drink, but the cups seem to be valid for a discount at Cedar Fair parks. I saw a KI logo and what I thought was a WWK logo, which makes no sense as Dorney doesn't charge separate admission and the one at Geauga Lake is gone. I'm guessing it was Michigan's Adventure given the similar word lengths. Edit: Found the press release! https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2018/may/stop-by-mcdonald’s-to-save-usd20-off-admission-to-kings-island Basically the cup is available at Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana stores and gives you $20 off at KI and CP, and $6 at MA. Those are the prices I thought I saw originally (and why I thought WWK made sense at first).
  4. I say keep LaRosa's in Festhaus, and move Panda Express to International Street. After all, Italy is closer to Germany than China is.
  5. And 1 and a half years later I noticed what I did. OT: Only standup I ever got to ride was Mantis. It was good, but I'd prefer a lot of CP's other coasters.
  6. Well, a boomerang is functionally a flat due to the inability to have multiple trains going at once. I'd give them a pass. And let's not pretend B&M has never cloned rides. Batman?
  7. It looks a lot better like that. Why did they get rid of the waviness?
  8. Hopefully I can get out there once they're "fully" expanded. Would they consider staying open year round? It would be great to go there during the post-October games of the NFL season. Average highs don't even drop below 55 there.
  9. BLSC to somewhere in Action Zone.
  10. I was going to say they just picked a picture for it, but that description is of Wicked Twister. CF also has Possessed at Dorney and Steel Venom at Valleyfair, but neither of those fully match the description. That said, this confirms that a hypercoaster is in the works, and we already knew about Vortex's floorless conversion.
  11. The Beast isn't The Racer. If/When The Racer goes would have nothing to do with if/when The Beast would get removed. Also, Woodstock Express would need to be removed the same year as The Racer for this theory to hold.
  12. If the nights are rude, why have them at KI?
  13. With proper upkeep, they should be able to last longer than any steel coaster. The only way these two rides will be torn down is if ridership drops below the level that makes them worth keeping. Barring a decline in attendance at KI, I believe The Racer and The Beast are at stabilized ridership levels. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. It's almost like there's not a crazy election to cover anymore. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. It will. Floorless conversions are probably CF's RMC conversions.
  16. White is all the colors, as it reflects all visible light wavelengths. Black reflects very few in most cases, but there's now black materials that reflect nearly zero light. This is additive color. In subtractive color however, it's reversed. White is the absence of color, while black is every color combined. Try mixing
  17. Just promise us you won't moderate on bumpy roads! I'd nominate myself, but there's already so many qualified members who have thrown their hats in the ring. Best of luck to everyone!
  18. Kinda hard to stay home when workplaces and schools basically require you to be there every day.
  19. This makes me wonder: why do they allow people to have their hands up? Since the rides state to keep every part of your body in the car at all times, couldn't they be held liable for that if someone gets injured on a ride? I'm guessing the reason they don't enforce it is much like the reason for not enforcing jaywalking: way too many people do it. Yet speeders still get pulled over even when they're going with the flow of traffic.
  20. What's wrong with a little extra protein?
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