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  1. Also, every ride is moved to the west-southwest by about 1 inch every year.
  2. Would Six Flags be okay with that?
  3. I love how this went from a discussion about modifying The Beast to a discussion about a possible giga coaster that would use the SOB station. I do think AZ is the best place for a giga because it's on the opposite side of the park from Diamondback. Regarding the original topic, I don't think The Beast needs very many changes. I would keep everything the same except the brake shed; I would take that out and put in a new layout, like some turns or airtime hills. I don't know if that would be possible, but it would be nice to do something with that segment that used to serve a real purpose. However, the ride is fine as is. What does everyone think of the brake shed (the roof, not the track)? Should it be removed or should it stay? Personally, I don't see why it's there. Obviously it was there for a reason, but that reason doesn't apply anymore. I vote to remove it.
  4. Correction: they would be expelled, not suspended.
  5. I think it's meant to add personality. But really, no one should be allowed to talk over the intercom under normal operation.
  6. Isn't there an unofficial pride week there around this time?
  7. How did I never notice this? This is amazing! Thank you!
  8. Hospiral sounds like a hospital-themed spinning coaster... or spiral slide. Possibly with downtown. Hopefully the kid got the proper medical care!
  9. All you should bring into the park is your wallet, your phone, and a souvenir cup if you have one. Even then, you could take out anything in your wallet you don't need (or even only take in your pass) and leave your phone in the car if you don't need it. Personally, I'll continue taking my wallet and phone in the park. If I didn't have my wallet I couldn't buy anything and if I didn't have my phone my parents would be worried if I don't respond to their texts immediately.
  10. Wow, that's a great deal! (as long as the park is crowded enough for it to be an advantage but not so crowded that you're still waiting in line!)
  11. What about Puerto Rico? I'm not so sure DC needs to be its own state. Why not reduce DC to just the federal lands, and give the rest of the city to Maryland/Virginia?
  12. Sounds a bit like Latitude 360 with a lot more to do. Latitude 360 was a small chain of FECs that had lots of bowling lanes, a restaurant, party space, an arcade, and (at least in the Indy location) a dine-in movie theater. Major financial issues (such as missing loan payments, not licensing music, not paying drink tax) and (imo the cause of the financial issues) a sketchy CEO did them in. Would be nice if that announcement was an Indy location, but that's just wishful thinking. I really miss the Pump It Up machine at Latitude 360 here, it was the nicest dance game in the city. Considering the site we're on, it's more likely to be a location at or near KI.
  13. Also, assuming it's their 4th of July it will still be the busiest weekend of the year for them.
  14. Probably good advice for everyone now.
  15. Removing the big box would make the current Rivertown look much better than the 2002-2008 Rivertown.
  16. We can't have above ground pools here, not even inflatable pools. We'd have to get an in-ground pool put in, and my parents aren't paying all that money for one when they plan to move out relatively soon.
  17. Huh, didn't know it was new. I actually had the Heinz BBQ sauce yesterday at IMS with my chicken tenders, along with their honey mustard. The chicken was surprisingly good, and the sauces were good enough.
  18. Never had Montgomery Inn sauce, but considering it's made by a company that actually makes barbequed foods rather than just various sauces, this news is unfortunate. I wonder if Chick-fil-a has Heinz sauces rather than their own.
  19. It's a hint towards a green INTAMIN coaster using that track they supposedly already have!
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