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  1. Does anyone think that CF will add a section to KI in time for KI's 50th? I do.
  2. Sad, but true. Would anyone care to join me in a session of playing with matches somewhere in the general vicinity of Son of Beast? Now that's true to the area's name. Thanks for the replies, everyone.
  3. Sadly, I haven't been to Kings Island yet this year. I hope to ride DB a lot when I go, though.
  4. I couldn't use the search because using words that have less than 3 letters makes you try again. And searching just "Beast" brings up a bunch of topics about The Beast. So SOB is still running? Great! But it's probably overshadowed by DB though. And I know about the accident in 2006. There was a rumor recently that SOB was closed because someone fell out and died.
  5. My sister said that SOB was permanently closed because someone was stupid enough to not use the safety features of the ride (like lap belt, etc.). Is this true? Because I'd like to try SOB with the new trains. Also, my first post.
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