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  1. I think you would be a star to CF if you spent a few bucks for coffee.
  2. Hope I don't get picked up and dropped in the fountains, because I'll suddenly forget how to swim!
  3. If necessary, they could just test it when the park is closed and then just transfer it off when the park is open.
  4. Oh dear. This must mean they're tearing it down for a waterpark expansion!
  5. I'd really like an RMC at KI. It just has to be a new coaster that's not replacing any, especially any of the wooden variety. Edit: Did Terpy write this? I saw a Paramount reference in that article
  6. This makes me glad to have a Subaru Outback hatchback.
  7. Got my business abbreviations messed up. It's now fixed.
  8. Pretty sure they're tearing it down and replacing it with another waterpark. Note: This post is satire. It should not be taken seriously, and does not reflect the views, thoughts, opinions, or actions of KICentral, Kings Island, Cedar Point, or Cedar Fair, L.P. Just in case a news organization reads this... Or Screamscape.
  9. I think their motive is to remove all human interference with animals. While I do understand that, it's just not possible now. The least we can do is try to repair what we've done. Wait, would that be the most we should do? I'm confused. Thanks, Terp.
  10. I assume that even Geauga Lake was more packed than that on any given day in 2007... Has this happened before? A park goes from being packed all the time to having barely any customers in just one summer?
  11. Hope I'm tall enough to ride that pile of dirt and wood!
  12. He actually liked one post... It was mine saying that Don is extremely good at what he does.
  13. If the Thunder Road trains are PTCs, then they cannot be run backwards to my understanding.
  14. Now that I think about it, a new front gate and a complete overhaul of the fountains would be perfect. I think all this Racer talk is just Don trying to get us worked up. He knows how we reacted to another park removing a similar coaster.
  15. He's extremely good at what he does.
  16. Half Life 3 also confirmed. Maybe they'll sell it in the giga's gift shop.
  17. The plot thickens. https://www.facebook.com/kingsislandcentral/photos/a.180751686722.136712.77137151722/10152912068251723/?type=1&theater
  18. You might be on to something here. Although there are actually 4 trains. Maybe they're getting new trains for one side so they can bring back the Backwards Racer?
  19. Not surprising, he loves The Racer.
  20. So what attractions that aren't either Racer opened with the park? All I can think of are Scrambler, Monster, Viking Fury, and the Grand Carousel. And I'm not even sure about Viking Fury. Not sure if Dodgems would count since it was originally in a different location and therefore technically it was a different ride, since it probably had a different configuration.
  21. Sounds like it could be a new ride, or rides, then. In 2009, we got Diamondback. In 2010, we got Planet Snoopy. In 2011, we got WindSeeker. In 2014, we got Banshee. In 2015, we got two new rides in Planet Snoopy. Tomorrow we'll find out what 2016 will bring.
  22. I'm cautiously optimistic about this announcement thanks to that camera angle. Since WindSeeker, The Racer, and Action Theater are all in the middle, and since WindSeeker is probably not going anywhere since it's had no major problems so far, I'm kinda worried they're doing something to The Racer. However, I think they may be doing something with Action Theater and maybe DA. X-Base expansion with bathrooms? Please let me dream. Edit: Even Vortex is close enough to be included in this.
  23. The Beast is not any different than it was when it opened. Try riding at night, it seems much faster then.
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