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  1. having worked in hb, coney, the zone, and now hb again...hb nick central has the best soundtrack...hey ya!
  2. just to let you know...you should not be taking pics while on the ride...that is a saftey hazard...and you should not post things on a website that you do not know about
  3. Having worked at almost every single ride in the park, I've come to the conclustion that you guys are all wrong and confused ...The best ride to work in the park with out a doubt is squid. Followed by a close second dark ride. There's nothing more easier or more fun...
  4. after spending three years at good ole pki, i've yet to become completely addicted...yet i have not found another job...so i guess i am addicted...and everytime i'm with the ki gang that is all they seem to talk about, like the old war heroes and their stories...we can spend hours at waffle house at 2 in the morning, and it never ceases to get old especially the crazy guest stories...and now i'm registered in this website...what a shame...but i'm not an addict...they go to meetings...but i can honestly say that i've read far too many posts that i can handle and i still don't know my way around the site (and maybe that's a good thing)...now my question to you...how often do you check this site cuz i know some check it like 12 times a day
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