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  1. well, that's an image I won't soon get out of my head... I was warned though!
  2. So sad that this happened. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved, especially passengers and witnesses to this tragic occurrence. What's even more sad is this wasn't even a teenager but a grown man!! No cell phone or any other object is worth risking your life for. Baby Crawford coming 2016!
  3. Country of origin is where it came from, not destination, so of course it's going to say USA [emoji14] It might have a destination listed. Let me find a pic I have from the Chinese coaster and look and see what it says.Edit: based on the pic I have, Customer should be what coaster/park it's for. The Chinese coaster says Hot Go Park Wing Coaster. They could be being vague with the customer listing for now until the official announcement. Baby Crawford coming 2016!
  4. Intimidator's page could benefit from spell check lol. "Planet Snoop" and "neap" just jumped right out at me [emoji14] Baby Crawford coming 2016!
  5. Full queue line for BBOBH. Heading out after this. Tired and the crowds are still ridiculous. Baby Crawford coming 2016!
  6. Current wait for Diamondback looks to be over an hour. Baby Crawford coming 2016!
  7. Anyone know what the line for BBOBH and Woodstock Gliders is like? Baby Crawford coming 2016!
  8. I have on black gym shorts and Coasterstock shirt. can't ride any coasters anymore this season so I don't come up much, let alone full days, so I doubt I will see you. Not going to make my rounds through the whole park today. We got to the freeway exit at 4:30, in the gates and parked by 5, ate dinner at Chicken Shack, amd are now camping out for the 7pm show of Cirque Imagine after that the plan is Grand Carousel, BBOBH, and maybe Woodstock Gliders if the line isn't long. Had stuff to do earlier or we would have been up here sooner Baby Crawford coming 2016!
  9. Anyone going to the park today? Baby Crawford coming 2016!
  10. Seriously?! Did he REALLY think he could hold on to a camera going 0-120 in a few seconds? Shoot that force alone can severely injure or break your arms, hence why they have the track "hands down!" on loop until all hands are down... smh...Baby Crawford coming 2016!
  11. I saw them do that on The Beast once. Some guy had a camcorder out, so they stopped the train, walked up there, snatched it, brought it back, and resumed operation. I was on the next train so I don't know the outcome, but I wouldn't be surprised if security was waiting for him when he got back.Baby Crawford coming 2016!
  12. Kat

    Coaster clubs

    I am a member of GOCC. Joined because I know several people in GOCC, the price is right ($25 for an annual couples membership), and I have heard good things about them. Haven't gotten to meet anyone new in GOCC yet and likely won't til next year as we won't be attending any more coaster events this season (unless at Kings Island) as we have more important things to spend money on now. Baby Crawford coming 2016!
  13. Anyone know the latest on Monster? Today was my first time back at the park in almost 2 weeks and I didn't get time to venture over to Coney Mall to see what was going on Baby Crawford coming 2016!
  14. This happened twice while I was riding Racer and once on The Beast. Neither time could you hear what the heck the person was saying as it did not interrupt the regular programming just spoke over it. I kind of figured it out but some people might have had no idea what the announcement was.I hear it almost every train that goes up the hill for Racer when I'm over in Coney.Baby Crawford coming 2016!
  15. ^ wish I could go up there today. We need to rest and clean today though. I guess I will try it next weekend
  16. Kat


    Dip N Dots guy.Dippin' DotsAlso, IndyGuy4KI said it is open and running now, as of around 1pm today. He said he saw it had people on it when he was on the Banshee platform.
  17. Kat


    If you were up here today, you would see for sure that ridership on Adventure Express is nowhere near excessively low. Line is out to the entrance.
  18. The reason I bought it online is I was unsure if they were still offering the discount to pass holders. Friday night the guy in front of me with a gold pass purchased a souvenir cup in Festhaus and was charged full price despite trying to tell the young man he thought it was $10.99 with the pass... employee looked very confused and after looking around unsuccessfully trying to locate a supervisor he disagreed with the guest and told him no he needed to pay $14.99 ... guest clearly didn't feel like arguing and just paid...I didn't want to have the same experience...
  19. Sorry I missed you yesterday, Terpy! Our day didn't go at all as planned (emergency came up) so we ended up leaving around 9. The rest of the day before that was spent trying to meet up with various friends in between our rides and theirs
  20. Wow. I didn't expect so many responses. I had no issues redeeming my cup pass at Chicken Shack yesterday, though the lady at the register didn't activate it, which did cause a minor issue later at Ice Scream Zone. The young lady working scanned my cup for a refill and asked if I had bought it today, because it wasn't activated. I told her yes, and offered to show her the proof of purchase. She nicely told me I didn't need to, proceeded to activate my cup, and gave me my free refill I had suspected the lady at Chicken Shack hadn't activated it because I didn't see her scan my cup, but I never had issues refilling it at the freestyle stand in Coney, so I wondered if it had been activated and I just didn't notice.
  21. Does the train of Banshee getting stuck on the brakes before the station for 7 minutes count as getting stranded? [emoji14] if so, I would like to complain about being stranded on Banshee until 5:10pm Friday night [emoji14] (please note while the ride did temporarily stop operating for technical difficulties, in no way am I complaining. The above comment was sarcasm)
  22. Kat


    I did a search but didn't see any topics on it yet. It's obvious Invertigo is down and will be for quite some time, but does anyone know why? I didn't bother venturing down to the barricades they had just past the restrooms yesterday. I did notice a cable hanging down from it both Friday night and yesterday, and am assuming that's why it's down, but don't know for sure. Anyone hear anything?
  23. I stood in the Fast Lane line (with a front-of-the-line pass won from the spin-the-wheel game; yes, I'm still addicted that darn thing) for the better part of two cycles, and the Fast Lane line is literally right next to the control panel, so I got a good look at it. Unless there is a speed setting on the digital display, there isn't one at all. There certainly isn't a knob or button for speed control.I tried to take a picture of the control panel, but by the time I got up there, it was fully dark, and I couldn't get a decent shot. Lol I immediately thought of you when I saw the wheel. I thought "I wonder if Goble is going to spend all his money on that again"
  24. Thanks for all the info!
  25. So do I just print off a receipt or whatever saying I bought it?
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