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  1. Doesn't look like we will get the Fast Lane passes as we can't renew for two weeks. Oh well
  2. Ok I am curious. If you have a platinum pass with season long dining plan, is it valid only at your home park or any CF park?
  3. Do we have to renew Thursday for that deal? We don't get paid until Friday.
  4. Lol! A well deserved and earned eye roll indeed!
  5. Lady in line for Flying Ace said next she was going to ride the tallest ride ever, Banshee. She quickly corrected herself that it was not necessarily the tallest ride ever, but at least the tallest ride in the park... try again, lady lol
  6. Leaving now should be there by 5:30
  7. Who all is up there? Hubby and i hope to be there by 6.
  8. Overheard the following conversation behind me while in line for WindSeeker: Dude, looking at The Racer - that looks like fun. Is that The Racer? Friend - yeah. Dude - what was it called before, like, when it went backwards? Friend - it was still The Racer Dude - oh it was the same? Friend - yeah Dude - huh. Why didn't they change it when it stopped going backward? Lol I am amused
  9. Waited almost 40 minutes for Diamondback with the upper queue not even half full and the lower queue not open... and quite a bit of stacking... my enjoyment of this ride is quickly fading lol
  10. Due to weather the heavy crowd has already thinned out and the few rides that are open have a short wait. I waited 5 minutes for Adventure Express (lots of fun in the rain!) and now I am in line for The Racer
  11. The guy behind me in line for The Racer looked at the ride and said in a very serious and shocked tone of voice "Oh!! There's TWO of them!" .....
  12. Holy cow even Viking Fury has a long line. They have all but two queue lines open in the station! If I didn't have a baby shower tomorrow and dog sitting I would have come tomorrow.
  13. Banshee is a full queue and then some. We are going to catch the 5pm show of Cirque Imagine
  14. Packed park for me means pick what rides I want to do the most and am willing to wait for which narrows it down to maybe 5 coasters and flats and besides that walking around and catching shows
  15. Devan we are on our way now and I know for sure shark and lil shark are up there. Not sure I have even met shark or know his name lol
  16. We will have to catch some shows then. First thing we are doing is the carousel, now that the band organ is finally back!
  17. Yikes. Sounds like my hopes that the cool weather would keep people away have been shattered lol I guess I will plan on not riding much and hoping hard it rains and washes people out lol
  18. Is anyone up there today? We will be up there around 3
  19. Down in Cincy now, enjoyed the break in rain long enough to get Dairy Queen, then it poured rain, now the rain has let up some
  20. Just got in line for Diamondback. Sign says less than 30 minutes. I say it is probably a 15 minute wait. They are not stacking right now and hopefully it will stay that way. Someone got yelled at about their shoes lol someone on the lift hill took their shoes off apparently
  21. I just got up here Jessica. Not in the park yet but staying til around 4 at the latest
  22. Just heard a guy talking to his kid outside of Adventure Express and told him "it's like The Bat. Almost the same."
  23. We are all the way up front by the Dino Pavillion. Just got in
  24. Woman walked past the seats on WindSeeker said "where are the numbers?"
  25. The Racer is a 5-10 minute wait depending on where you sit shortest I have seen this line all season... I guess most people are down at Flight of Fear and Firehawk lol
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