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  1. McSalsa

    My Thoughts on Cedar Point vs Kings Island

    TBH, me too- I would love it if Kings Island got a ride like that, in the former Dinosaurs Alive! area. Keep as many trees as possible, and do like The Beast and actually hide most of the ride from the views of the midways, save the lift hill (which would be around the same size, maybe just a bit larger than Maverick's hill). And of course, have a mid-course launch inside a tunnel just like Maverick has. Hidden by the trees and terrain, the twists and turns would seem to come from nowhere and be unpredictable, especially at night. If Intamin is off the table, maybe Mack could even create a coaster like this. The other coaster I would like KI to get even more than a Giga would be massive, 200'+ ground up RMC coaster. This would not be easy to hide like the Blitz, but it would give Kings Island a towering 200'+ wooden structure once again after the demise of Son of Beast, and this one would probably be a far superior ride. Not to mention if it was anything like Steel Vengeance in terms of ejector airtime, there would be TONS of it. None of the rides at Kings Island really have super strong airtime like that, so this would easily fill that hole. A Giga would be my #3 pick though, and from a marketing standpoint, seems like the obvious choice for the park to make- you go above 300 feet, and the GP come running. Due to their super-high capacity and reliability, B&M would be the obvious go-to for this. All 3 would easily be world-class, epic rides IMO though.
  2. I did post about this here (there are already some comments): The ride looks fun, though I can see the Steelers theme possibly being a turn-off for various reasons. However, if Kings Island wants to respond by I dunno, building a huge Bengals-themed area with a massive B&M Giga or something, that would be interesting. (Even though I am a Colts fan- I don't hate the Bengals though so I would still ride if it was a good coaster. Now, if it was New England Patriots themed, which would happen at Six Flags New England I imagine...)
  3. And it has been revealed at last. Bengals fans (due to where KI is I imagine there are a decent amount of you guys), prepare to be ENRAGED. https://www.kennywood.com/steelerscountry The main attraction in this section of the park will be a massive S&S roller coaster, known as Steel Curtain. It will be 220 feet tall and feature a top speed of 75mph, 9 inversions, and a 197 foot inversion- breaking GateKeeper @ Cedar Point's record for highest inversion. Here is the official POV: Well, looks like the "Curtain" is finally starting to come off the New-for-2019 roller coasters. I wonder what else is in store, besides the ones we already know are coming like Carowinds Mack or Canada's Wonderland's B&M...
  4. McSalsa

    My Thoughts on Cedar Point vs Kings Island

    I like Rougarou- I've had both very smooth rides on it, and one kinda headbangy one (It wasn't that bad, though I was also sitting in the very last row on that ride). I liked the strong G-Forces and thought it had a great layout. Then again, I have pretty high coaster durability apparently because I also like Vortex and Magnum XL-200 and rarely do I get off a coaster in pain or with a headache . But my sister, who is a foot smaller than me and dislikes Vortex, did like Rougarou (she HATED it as Mantis though). Also if Kings Island did get a B&M Floorless Coaster, it would likely be very different. Not only has B&M gone from the OTSRs to Vest Restraints (Rougarou could not get vests due to being a former stand-up) they also have more "graceful" designs these days that don't "snap" from element to element as much like their 90's coasters did. Of the 6 B&M coasters I have ridden, Rougarou and Raptor feel very different in that regard from Banshee, Diamondback, GateKeeper, and Valravn (Though Rougarou's 1st half feels much closer to the newer coasters it whips around plenty after the MCBR). I imagine if Kings Island did ask B&M to build them a floorless, it would be similar to a sit-down Banshee with lots of large high speed inversions and smooth transitions. TBH, thinking about it that way, B&M would need to be careful not to create "Banshee, but ABOVE the track!". I would probably go with a different drop style, include some inversions Banshee lacks (Cobra Roll, Corkscrews, etc.) and maybe even add some tunnels. Having some inversions seen on Banshee would be OK, but I would not use too many (Loop + Zero G Roll might be enough). If designed properly to compliment Banshee instead of compete with it (B&M could probably pull it off) a coaster like that could be a valuable addition to Kings Island's lineup, especially considering as a B&M it would have great capacity and reliability. Make it too much like Banshee though, and guests will wonder why Kings Island dropped $20M+ on a similar ride.
  5. McSalsa

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    According to the Kings Island Blog, Mystic Timbers has surpassed 2 million riders, as of today. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2018/july/west-virginia-youth-is-2-millionth-rider-on-mystic-timbers-at-kings-island
  6. McSalsa

    KI lets slip plans for 2019 exist on IG today?

    ^ If you look at what I would call a "GP" poll (from a regular news site, not a amusement park fan site like KIC, TPR, etc etc.) Beast almost always wins when the topic is "favorite Kings Island roller coaster). For example, here is a poll run before the park opened this year by Cincinnati.com... (Some people here may have voted in this and remember it- I did...) https://www.cincinnati.com/story/entertainment/2018/04/09/less-than-week-until-kings-island-opens-lets-reminisce-lets-vote-our-favorite/489217002/ Beast won, with 100+ more votes than 2nd place Diamondback. Also Flight of Fear votes were being pushed by the Premier Rides Facebook Page (no other company was pushing their rides in this poll) allowing it to get 3rd. Another poll I remember was done in 2014, before Banshee opened, and I can't confirm this 100% because the page was deleted but Beast took over 40-50% of the total votes in that poll and won as well (Diamondback was the runner-up there too). It also gets pretty long lines on even mildly busy days, in spite of being able to handle over 1,000 riders per hour (and if the park closes at 10 or later and it gets dark, the line gets even longer as people want their night rides). Even enthusiast polls rank Beast fairly highly- it's 43rd on the Coasterbuzz 100, with a average rating of 4.28 out of 5, putting it ahead of rides like SheiKra, Raptor, The Raven, and Kingda Ka. It was also in the Top 50 usually on the Mitch Hawker poll, which was VERY enthusiast-centric. These are signs that the coaster is successful, and you don't RMC coasters that don't need it, unless you want to get the huge fan backlash. (Not to mention RMC has had some issues, which would make the Backlash 10x worse if repeated) As much as I love Steel Vengeance, and want to see Kings Island get its own RMC monster, I would rather see KI build something from the ground-up than convert Beast, or Racer for that matter. I would be happy to see either of the classic woodies get some re-tracking at least though, they are both running pretty rough this season, and I don't think too much major work has been done on Beast since it got a major re-track in 2014 (I remember it felt super smooth that year). Also I don't think there will be any new coaster in 2019, as usually there are teasers, and we know Canada's Wonderland and Carowinds are both getting big new coasters, along with maybe Dorney Park as well. My guess is, for 2019, Kings Island will probably get some flat rides or something.
  7. McSalsa

    Favorite coaster in Ohio

    ^ TBH, those same 2 you listed. Steel Vengeance is just incredible with how much strong airtime it has, and it is a long ride that makes great use of its immense wooden structure to boot. It is probably pretty close to what I would create if you asked me to build a super-ultimate roller coaster, and thus is my favorite coaster in the state. Maverick gives it a run for its money though with its intense launch, twists and turns, and while it does not have as many airtime moments it does make good use of the ones it has. Millennium Force would round out my podium for its sheer size and speed, with a side of decent floater airtime. The Beast is my favorite wooden coaster in the state (it would be #4 on my list)- sure, it doesn't have any real airtime to speak of save for like 1 hill, and it is mostly straight sections but due to its secluded nature it really doesn't need any of that fancy stuff. It's a big out-of-control feeling wooden coaster in the forest, with a epic helix finale that remains my favorite ending to any roller coaster (though Magnum XL-200's final bunny hills and Steel Vengeance's final hops give it a run for its money). It also gets a huge boost for night rides due to the seclusion.
  8. McSalsa

    Infinity falls

    ^ Technically, they were "back" last year. Sea World San Antonio got a family coaster built by them: https://rcdb.com/14302.htm Also it is heavily rumored that the ride that is replacing Dragon Challenge- the Harry Potter Themed Family Coaster- is also a Intamin. So it would seem that at least Sea World and Universal Studios are still working with them in the United States.
  9. Update: Europa park plans to rebuild destroyed section of park. A few of the rides/attractions in the area have re-opened, though some of them have fences up around parts of them to block the fire-damaged section from view. According to their Twitter, Europa Park will replace the Pirate ride with another dark ride. Thankfully, Europa Park clearly is making lots of money, so this fire is just a setback for them and they will be able to make repairs and stay open. Some smaller parks with less money might have been forced out of business, like Idora Park was in 1984. In fact, I'd imagine Europa will be able to possibly profit eventually with guests coming to see whatever dark ride replaces the destroyed Pirate ride.
  10. Thanks- a quick update on that, it now feels about 50-60% better 2 days later, so it is recovering. I still don't wanna have to lift anything even slightly heavy with it though, at least for another day or two. I can still pick up light stuff though without much, if any, issue. Should back to 100% by the end of the week, by my estimates.
  11. McSalsa

    Gravity - Kings Island Theater 2018

    I saw this show when I was at the park yesterday. Wow, it was awesome. I loved the stunts, I thought the Jokes were funny (a bit immature but still funny), but my favorite part of the show was probably the laser scene. I thought that looked incredible and it was epic. 10/10 would watch again.
  12. Well, yesterday I went to Kings Island yet again, for the 3rd time this season (tying a personal record- if I go one more time this year which is highly likely, I will break it). Before we get into the meat of this trip report, here is my ride (and show/food as well I guess) rating system for 2018 (note: descriptions of ratings are for rides, for food/shows it just means how good I thought it was): F- Garbage. I regret ever riding this and will not make the same mistake of ever riding it again! D- Mediocre. A disappointing, or painful ride, though there might be a little fun here. I might give a D-Tier ride a second chance but it is gonna need to be a walk-on or something. C- Average. A fun ride, but either there is enough roughness/pain to dilute it, or it just does not blow me away. Will still ride this if the wait is not too bad, though. B- Good. A ride I enjoy, but it may have some flaws, but I will happily re-ride this unless the wait is pretty crazy. A- Awesome. These rides leave me with a huge grin usually, and I will ride them over and over if there is a short wait. If there are long waits around the entire park, I may aim for these anyway, as if you are gonna wait, best to be for something worth it. Surpassed only by... S- Zen. The best of the best. I am usually giddy and my happiness meter is maxed out after riding one of these. Tragically, these are not the most common rides out there, however.  Note: If you wanna take this as a 1-10 system, S=10, A=9, B=8, C=7, D=6, and F=5 or worse. Anyhow, let's begin the trip report. A quick note- anyone coming from central Indiana to Kings Island and using I-74, close to the state line there is a HUGE construction zone, and on one side this prevents use of the rest stop on that side. It looked like they were rebuilding that entire side of the highway, and had just split the other side to take the traffic, so the speed limit is 45mph. I would leave for KI a few minutes earlier than normal to adjust for this slow spot, and be sure to use the bathroom before leaving since the rest stop will not be a option on the way there! (The one on the other side, on the way back, remains open) We did leave a bit early, thankfully, so we got to the park shortly after 9AM. Due to the Peanuts Celebration, the park was already open for passholders, and we went in and got some of the free donuts which were on offer. Food: Peanuts Celebration Donut Holes Hey, they were free, so why not have a few? There was about a 5-10 minute wait for donuts, but it was not too bad. I had the sugar coated ones, they were good. My sister tried the Maple Bacon ones, which I avoided since I don't usually like to mix stuff like Bacon with sweets directly. She said they were awesome. Rating: B After this, ERT had begun, and we headed to our first ride of the day. So we got a locker quickly, and rode... Ride #1: Mystic Timbers (ERT) Wait: >5 Minutes (1 Cycle) Since it was very early in the day and the ride wasn't fully broken in yet, Mystic Timbers was running just a tad slow and the airtime was not as strong as it usually is later in the day. However, even a tad slow Mystic Timbers is pretty fast, and there was still a decent amount of airtime (though I suspect Steel Vengeance has spoiled me rotten because it didn't feel like enough). Still a solid ride, overall. In the shed, we got The Bat ending, and the song was "Turn Around". Rating: A- After riding Mystic Timbers, there was about 5 minutes to park opening. Since it was right there, and no one else wanted to ride it with me, I decided to get in line for one of the park's most popular steel coasters, since I was expecting massive crowds to come in later... Ride #2: Diamondback Wait: 5 Minutes I rode in about the middle of the train. Diamondback felt a little more broken in than Mystic Timbers and seemed to be running normally already, and the trim brake kicked in near the middle of the ride which would not have happened if it was running slow. There was a lot of floater air as usual, and for the first time ever, I was able to put and keep my hands up for the entire ride- though on the return run I dropped them a few inches when a support beam came over the train. I thank Steel Vengeance and it's lack of anything to hold onto for getting me used to this (though I only do it on smooth coasters, which Diamondback qualifies for). Another great ride on Diamondback, which by now is usual. Rating: A After Diamondback, the group decided it was time for Soak City ERT, so we went to the train and...it didn't open until 11AM. So we headed back through Planet Snoopy- with a brief stop in the gift shop to get a $10 T-Shirt that was on sale- and went the long way into Soak City. We headed in, changed, and put on sunscreen. Then I made a big screw-up: I went into a water fountain thing with fresh sunscreen on my head. Ouch. For a good 15 minutes, my eyes hated me so much. My friends even went and rode a set of water slides while I recovered. Take notes people, do not run into fountains when you just put sunscreen on. I did recover eventually, enough to do a water slide. And that slide was... Ride #3: Zoom Flume Wait: 15 Minutes This slide is similar to Watube, a slide I did at Holiday World. It was good fun, there were some intense turns and a few surprise drops which even had a bit of airtime on occasion. And best of all, for my eyes, none of the splashes went above my neck. Rating: B After Zoom Flume, we decided to ride the park's lazy river attraction. Ride #4: Splash River Wait: 5 Minutes This lazy river was fun, but it had a LOT of special water effects and about halfway through the ride my eyes began to feel irritated a bit again (not as bad as the 1st time though), so I had to shut them whenever I saw something coming. I am not gonna dock the attraction for it, the eye pain was my own fault, and this did seem like a good lazy river otherwise. My sister and friends did a 2nd lap while I rested up. Rating: C After Splash River, my sister and friends went to do another water slide, but I wanted to rest a little more- was feeling better by this point but still not back to 100%. I saw the Splash River bridge had people trying to spray riders, so I headed over and decided to play with it for a bit, I got some people soaked, LOL. My friends got off their water slide after a 15-20 minute wait, and we were hungry at this point, so we decided since we were in the waterpark, there was only 1 real food option... Food: Island Smokehouse Wait: 5 Minutes Island Smokehouse continues to impress. I got Chicken Tenders and Fries, and both were amazing. The tenders were nice and crispy, and the white meat chicken on the inside was cooked about as well as I have ever seen it cooked. The fries were thick, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. Perfect as well. And even though it was a bit expensive, our meal was also very filling- I was not hungry again until near park closing! Probably my favorite food experience I have had at KI in 2018 so far. (Overall, Sidewinder Fries at Cedar Point give this a challenge and it is hard to pick from the two, though) Rating: S After Island Smokehouse, we noticed the water park was becoming packed, so we decided to head back to the dry park and see how crowds were there. We went to our lockers, changed some clothes, and went back to the main park via the arriving... Ride #5: Kings Island & Miami Valley Railroad Wait: 5 Minutes (for train to arrive/depart) This sure beats walking back to the park- it may not have as many props as Cedar Point's train, but the music is nice, and you get some nice views of the woods. I also think it got colder all of a sudden when we passed the "Haunted Fort" with the old house inside. Spooky. Rating: C Inside the park, my friends decided to do White Water Canyon, which had a wait listed at 40 minutes via the app. I decided to check the wait for my favorite coaster in the entire park instead while they rode WWC, since I was not gonna test to see if WWC would annoy my eyes or not... I approached The Beast. I got in line, and saw the first 2 que houses empty. A great sign. No one on the ramp!?!? Could it be...yep. It was just a station wait! Which shocked me because even though the waterpark was sucking up crowds, the other 2 coasters in this section (Mystic Timbers and Diamondback) had 20 to 30-minute waits. But then I saw the train was stopped on the 1st lift, with the other 2 in the station and final brake run. Oh no, did I get in line for a broken-down roller coaster? Turns out...no I did not, some idiot had decided to try and film the ride and they caught them and E-Stopped the ride to take their phone. Good job catching that, Beast ride ops. Afterwards the all-clear was given and the ride started back up. Ride #6-8: The Beast Wait: >5 Minutes (1st 2 rides), 5 Minutes (3rd ride) Yep, I rode Beast 3 times in a row! The first 2 rides, I rode in the last car's middle seat. Due to the high temperatures (it was in the 90's) the ride was FLYING through the woods, the trim brakes were hitting pretty hard to try to slow the ride down but it would re-gain the speed easily. The Beast also felt pretty smooth, bouncy but not painful. These were probably the best daytime rides I have had on Beast in a while. I met my friends after riding back-to-back, and when they heard of the super short wait, they decided we had to go ride it again. Even our friend who does not normally do huge scary coasters and thus didn't like the helix so much sucked it up and rode. This time, due to this, I sat on a wheel seat in the 2nd car. Ow. I thought being so close to the front would negate any roughness increase, but it didn't- this back wheel seat ride was pretty darn rough, a stark contrast to the rides I had just taken minutes earlier. I thought I got through it without issue at first, as I was not in much pain immediately after this ride, but later I started to feel sore in my right shoulder of all places. In fact it still feels kinda sore a day later. The ride was still pretty fun though, it was still running very fast and it felt even more intense due to the roughness. But I am gonna make a mental note to try and avoid back wheel seats, I have done them twice this year on Beast and both times it hurt. Ratings: S (rear of train non-wheel seat rides), A (wheel seat ride) After doing "triple" Beast, we decided to go get the rest of our stuff and fully change back into our street clothes. So we had to get our stuff out of our waterpark locker, which meant another ride on... Ride #5B: Kings Island & Miami Valley Railroad Wait: 5 Minutes Why 5B? Because I did not do a whole lap earlier, this was the 2nd part of the train ride, LOL. Got some awesome views of Diamondback and Mystic Timbers though, as usual. Rating: C After returning to the waterpark, we got our stuff, changed, and headed out to our car which was a walk. At this point I decided to break off from the group, so my sister gave me her apple watch so she could find me with her phone. I headed into the dry park, used the bathroom, and headed into Action Zone. Ride #9: Banshee Wait: >5 Minutes (1 Train Wait) The ride ops here were both silly, but doing a good job at the same time. They were changing the name of the ride whenever the dispatched a train as a joke, I heard them call it Invertigo and White Water Canyon. However, they were also reminding people to drink lots of water, and not soda and stuff, which I thought was good advice so it evened out. This was where I first noticed a bit of an issue with my shoulder, Banshee's restraints felt like they dug in a bit more than usual. I brushed it off as the restraints being tight though. The ride itself was great, even by Banshee standards, as the ride felt very fast and forceful. I still thought this was a intense ride even post Steel Vengeance and TTD, which is saying something. Heck the ride was feeling so fast, the slow roll felt more like a medium-speed roll, LOL. There was a little roughness, the typical vibration Banshee sometimes does, but nothing crazy. Overall, an awesome ride. Rating: A+ After Banshee, I headed towards The Bat, and I saw dark clouds looming over. The forecast wasn't calling for rain, from what I could tell. But the coaster was still running, so I got in line. Ride #10: The Bat Wait: >5 Minutes (1 Train Wait) OK, something kinda iffy here, not with the ride but the no loose articles policy and the ride ops here. Someone had some huge stuffed animal prize in the storage bin, so the bin was full. So the ride ops were telling people "just put your stuff in the bottom of the car". I know Bat does not have any airtime or anything, but I still think stuff could fly out, as my friend nearly lost his hat on Iron Dragon at Cedar Point once but I managed to grab and save it, and the cars do swing pretty violently on these coasters, and based on the fact that hat flew backwards for me to catch, something like a drink cup could fly out and smack someone at 50mph. It did not happen on this ride, but I am worried it could. And this seems to be isolated to Bat- none of the other rides were allowing loose articles and people were being told to put their stuff in bins or lockers. I talked with my sister about this and she says she has seem this before on Bat as well on past trips. After what happened to the lady on Twisted Timbers, I fear this is just asking for the same thing or worse to happen on Bat. The coaster itself was running fine, though. Good speed, and some solid swinging action. The kids behind me thought it sucked though for some reason. Rating: B (the ride, allowing people to just ride with stuff in the bottom of the cars is iffy as heck and gets a F from me) After The Bat, I headed back up and looked at Banshee's line again. Hmm, no wait, it would be rude to ignore that...ride closed. I looked around, and all the rides were closed. I saw a Banshee line checker and asked her if it was mechanical or the storm coming, she told me it was the storm. So I walked around into Oktoberfest, hoping maybe Adventure Express would be...nope, closed. Racer, closed. However, I met back up with the group, and we went and saw it was 5:30, which meant the Dog Show would be starting. So we went and saw it. Show: JUMP! The Ultimate Dog Show Challenge We got to this one a bit late, it had started 7 minutes earlier, but we did see the last few acts. The dogs were cute and funny, and the tricks were cool. The final dog was a pure bundle of energy, and he was making some impressive jumps. This was a fun show. Rating: B After the Dog Show, my sister decided to get some of the special Charlie Brown Ice Cream in Planet Snoopy. Food: Charlie Brown Ice Cream (served at Blue Ice Cream Stand in Planet Snoopy) My sister ate most of it, but I had a few bites of this- it was delicious, tasted like Chocolate and Vanilla mixed together. We got it decently fast, too, even though there was a bit of a line. Rating: A After we got Ice Cream, we went and checked out the Peanuts Sketch School and the Charles M. Schultz tribute area in the former Enchanted Theater. Good to see this being used again. My sister made Franklin mad, and he drew her a picture out of spite, LOL. After this, we headed out and went back towards Action Zone because we knew there was a smoking area near there and we wanted to get good seats for Gravity, the show in the Kings Island Theater. While they smoked, I noticed they began to test Delirium... Ride #11: Delirium Wait: Walk-On I just barely got on the first cycle with riders are the re-opening, I was seat #47 of 50. Swinging and spinning up to 137 feet in the air was fun, but what really made this ride enjoyable was the 76mph breeze, because of the heat. Ah, relief, even if just for a moment. Rating: A After Delirium, the show doors opened and we went inside and got our seats. Show: Gravity Wow. This show was awesome! I won't spoil it for those who have not seen it, but there were tons of cool stunts, and some funny jokes, though some of the humor was a little crude. (You may not wanna take your young kids to this, there is toilet humor) I really loved this show, and am very glad I saw it. One of the highlights of the trip! Rating: S After Gravity, Action Zone was beginning to come fully back to life, though Banshee may have had a mechanical issue because it was down again. However, Drop Tower had a crowd of people around it and was testing... Ride #12: Drop Tower Wait: 5 Minutes (1 Cycle) Was not as lucky this time, but a 1 cycle wait isn't too bad. Drop Tower was not as scary after riding TTD, but it is still pretty intimidating. I got a great view of Invertigo (which was also back open) and the parking lot, which was PACKED. Good thing so much of the crowd was still in Soak City. Then came the 264 foot drop, which reminded me of the airtime I got on Steel Vengeance near the bottom. A great ride. Rating: A After Drop Tower, the group wanted to ride Banshee, as they had not ridden earlier. Ride #13: Banshee #2 Wait: 10 Minutes Looked like a 20 minute wait, but do not underestimate the capacity of Banshee. The ride was about the same as earlier, but this is when my shoulder really began hurting, as I noticed the vest restraints really annoyed it. Ride was about the same as earlier, so for review, read that. Rating: A+ After Banshee, we headed over to Adventure Express to ride that. Ride #14: Adventure Express Wait: Walk-On We sat in the back of the train, but I got a rear wheel seat. It was still OK for the first half of the ride, but the 2nd half got a bit rough and somehow even though it was just a lap bar it really annoyed my shoulder. A fun ride but the shoulder pain kinda hindered it towards the end. Rating: C- (was heading towards C+ but then the pain began) After Adventure Express, we headed to Racer, and decided to race each other. However... Ride #15: Red Racer Wait: Walk-On ...for some reason, our Red Racer train was sent out, but not their Blue! Then, when we got to the lift, we saw a Blue Racer train crest it. I don't know, but my best guess would be someone was trying to film Blue Racer, got caught, and they E-Stopped their train and took their phone. (Because if the ride had broken they would not have restarted it so quickly) So that would be the 2nd time on this 1 day, since I confirmed it happened on Beast earlier. So we did not get to race our friends. Thankfully, Red Racer was running well enough that it didn't matter too much. There was a good amount of airtime, and since we were not on a wheel seat, it was fairly smooth though you could tell it would have been rough for the seats behind us. (They got pummeled and were going OUCH! at the end) We also rode in 5-2, the middle seat of the last car. A solid Racer ride, even though there was no racing. Rating: B After Racer, I made a decision due to my shoulder- I would for the first time 2014, and only 2nd time since 2009, not be able to ride Vortex. Normally I adore the giant Arrow looper, but with its OTSR's and loops riding it with my shoulder hurting probably would not be a good experience. However, me and my sister went and did ride the huge thing NEXT to Vortex... Ride #16: WindSeeker Wait: 15 Minutes Well, I did not realize this, but my sister's watch can monitor your heart rate, and when in line for WindSeeker mine went over 120. It did not do this for any other ride, so now I know what ride at Kings Island makes me the most nervous! Going 300 feet in the air on a ride that swings like this is kinda scary, especially since I do not dangling loosely (for this reason I hate Ferris Wheels). However, once we were actually on the ride and up there, the music and views of the park made me forget all that and it was quite enjoyable. A good ride, but also something I kinda have to force myself on. Also, on the cycle before ours, the ride ops yelled at some one to put up their phone. They must have listened because the ride ops didn't E-Stop and bring the ride down, but still, 3 times in 1 day? That's a little out of hand. Rating: B As WindSeeker came down, I saw a horrible sight- Beast, which I was planning on riding again to get a epic night ride, was BROKEN. Mystic Timbers and Diamondback had huge waits, so those were also no-go. However, one of our friends wanted a snack before we did our last ride... Food: Rivertown LaRosa's Pizza Wait: None We just got some breadsticks and split them. I did not eat enough to rate this really, but the one half a breadstick I had was pretty good. Rating: N/A (didn't eat enough to rate- seemed like a B though) Ride #17: Backlot Stunt Coaster Wait: 15 Minutes Woah, BLSC packed much more of a punch than usual. Like most of the coasters, it was hauling due to how hot it was, and at night all the effects really pop as do the billboards. There was actually some nice airtime on the small hill, and the final tunnel was crazy dark. A very good ride on BLSC. The helix did annoy my shoulder a bit, but the rest of the ride was OK to it. Rating: B (for comparison BLSC is usually a C to C+ ride!) After BLSC, we headed to International Street which was full of people to watch the fireworks show. It was nice as usual. Then we got in our car and headed for home. It was a fun trip, as I have come to expect from Kings Island. Now, for the pros/cons of this trip: PROS +Short waits in the dry park for everything we rode, in spite of crowds, waterpark seemed to suck everyone up and I was good on timing for some rides +Rides were, due to temperatures, hauling and very fast +Food was very good all around, especially at Island Smokehouse +The shows were all very fun, especially Gravity +Drink lines for non-Freestyle drinks moved very fast CONS -HOT. VERY HOT. Not park's fault but it was smoldering. -Idiots trying to film rides, thankfully it seemed most were caught, good job to the ride ops for catching them (This is a + for those ride ops) -Odd and possibly dangerous loose article rules at The Bat -Beast wheel seat ride hurting shoulder somehow, making me unable to ride Vortex later on I hope you all enjoyed this trip report. As usual, comments and questions welcome. Now, I am gonna go relax, and rest up- this trip was a bit exhausting and my shoulder still kinda hurts.
  13. McSalsa

    Maximize # of Rides in a day. Advice?

    At 28 years old, I still try to ride as much as possible. I can confer with Jcgoble on days with no waits being exhausting at times though- it can get tiresome to keep walking around all the time. But I did set a new personal record at Kings Island this year for myself for most rides ever ridden (includes re-rides) in 1 day, with 25. On a Saturday no less, shockingly (it was kinda cool and chilly though). Going back to the park tomorrow for my 3rd trip of 2018 (which will tie my record of 3 visits I made in 2014), since it is another Saturday this time in June and it will also be Father's Day, I am expecting big crowds so I do not expect to push for maximum # of rides in a day this time. My sister wants to do the waterpark, and it is forecast to be 90+ degrees, so I expect the waterpark to get packed. Part of me hopes that the crowds who do come go there, though, so that the waits on the dry side of the park will be more manageable since the dry side of the park is the one I like better. Plus even if there are crowds on both sides, I know Vortex, Racer, Adventure Express, etc. usually have much shorter waits than other big rides due to their age and high capacity, so I can always fall back on and ride those if it gets crowded since that works usually during Haunt. Plus just getting out of the house and going to Kings Island again will be a fun experience. (Though with the forecasted temps, I am gonna have to drinks lots of water and use lots of sunscreen.)
  14. Wow- my sister sent me a message about this on Facebook, and it's a bit disturbing. A roller coaster at the Daytona Beach Boardwalk derailed earlier today, and while no deaths have been reported, it is claimed in the article a few people did fall 30 feet or so. Around 10 others had to be rescued by the local fire department. Hopefully, no one has died or been seriously injured as a result of this accident, though falling 30 feet probably guarantees at least injuries. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/breaking-news/os-roller-coaster-derailed-daytona-20180614-story.html I looked on RCDB, and I think this is the coaster which had the accident (looked up coasters in Daytona Beach). It is a Pinfari Zyklon, and while it opened at this Boardwalk in 2013, it was originally built in the 1970's and has been relocated a LOT. It's one of 2 coasters at the small boardwalk, and its the bigger of the two. https://rcdb.com/8931.htm
  15. McSalsa

    Ideas for the Crypt building?

    Hmm. Good ideas for The Crypt building, it would tie in to the rest of the stories I made for the park if it turns out that those pesky Government agents were doing something in there. During Haunt in 2016, I saw a crate near The Beast labeled "FOF", so I guess I'll use that as the start of my story. (WARNING: Massive story post incoming- also I just realized now this really doesn't make a ride but could be the backstory for one in the Crypt building...) After discovering the UFO and building Hangar 18, the X-Base agents were contacted by their brethren in Rivertown. The Rivertown agents were having major issues hunting down the infamous Beast which had terrorized the town for ages (in my story Beast has been there for years before the agents even showed up), and believed if they could reverse engineer technology from the UFO, they could use it to track the massive creature much better. So, the X-Base agents took some spare parts they found, and shipped them over to Rivertown. The Rivertown agents quickly studied them, and built a large building with high-tech gear and radar inside. Sure enough, the machine worked well enough that the Agents discovered The Beast's lair. However, when they arrived, the only found a small beast, Son of Beast. The agents kidnapped Son of Beast, and shipped him over to the Outpost 5 facility, where his story truly begins. However, this story continues. The agents returned to their building and resumed searching for the father Beast. However, next door to the facility in the small town, a man named Randy McDiamond lived in his house with his pet Diamondback Rattlesnake, Denise. The snake was already venomous, and keeping it was illegal, but Randy was careful not to let anyone know he had it, so none of the agents nor anyone in the nearby town even knew. However, one day, Randy got really drunk and left the snake's enclosure's roof open, and it escaped. Since the agents building was close by, the snake went inside, and was soon attracted to the machine they were using to hunt down Beast. Through a vent in the machine, the snake crawled inside and took a nap. The agents showed up for work again, prepared to hunt for Beast. They had gotten very close recently, and had good feelings they would find and capture/kill the creature soon. They turned on the machine, and then something horrible happened... ...the radioactive effects of the machine took effect on the snake inside of it! Denise was rudely awakened from her nap, and now she was growing at an alarming rate! Scared senseless, she busted through the machine, breaking it into pieces and scaring the agents to death. Denise, still confused, looked around and sensed her surroundings with her tongue. She sensed the agents, and while she was still scared, she was also...hungry. The now massive snake (and still growing even though the machine was destroyed as the effect had not worn off) began to chase and eat the agents who were still inside the building. However, eventually, she got stuck in a hallway due to her ever increasing size. There was only one way out. The citizens of Rivertown were stunned when they heard a large explosion, and a huge snake burst free from the government building. Most ran for their lives. Randy McDiamond, suffering from a hangover, was out looking for his pet snake. When he saw what had become of her, he was shocked. The growing had finally stopped, but now the once normal-sized snake had grown to immense size! Randy could swear she was over a mile long now, and when she arched up, she stood 230 feet tall! Randy looked up. "Denise!?!? Is that you...how did you get so big?" Denise looked him straight in the eyes, flicked her tongue out for a second...and then ate him up in one bite. However, when Denise stuck her tongue out, she sensed something in the woods...she slithered away, looking for it... It had been a mostly slow day for Beast. Usually, he was fighting or running from government agents, but today for whatever reason they were leaving him alone. While Beast enjoyed some downtime, as he could rest and hunt for food to his leisure, he did enjoy chasing and attacking stuff so he was hoping something would come up soon. He grabbed his deer, which he had caught and killed earlier, and gobbled it down. "URP." The belch rang out throughout the forest, shaking nearby trees. However, Beast had just barely finished his meal when he sensed something coming. The agents at last...no, wait, whatever was coming was huge. Much, much larger than humans. Beast turned the direction he sensed the creature coming from, and stood his ground. Out came the massive claws. Then, it rose above the trees. It was Denise, the now world's largest rattlesnake! Beast could not believe his eyes- this was the first creature he had ever seen that was actually bigger than he was! Denise hissed, and lunged forward. Beast roared loudly, and did the same. Thus began one of the most epic battles ever, only seen by 1 man. (Though some people in Rivertown also claim to at least have heard the battle and felt tremors like small earthquakes from it) Joseph J. Johnson was a wildlife photographer staying at the local inn in Rivertown. He was filming and following a herd of deer, and was deep in the woods. He had only just missed seeing Beast capture and eat that one deer, and he slowly followed where he thought the massive creature had gone to eat it. When he arrived, however, Beast was staring down Denise aka "Diamondback" in the face. Joe could not believe what he was seeing. As he reached for his camera, Diamondback lunged at Beast, but Beast grabbed her and threw her into the trees with tremendous force. A branch from one of the trees broke free and smacked into Joe, he was OK but his camera was destroyed by the impact. Joe was stunned and a bit angry he would have no proof he saw the fight, so his word would be all people would have to go on. This is his account of what happened next, according to his journal. "The snake recovered fairly quickly from being thrown into the trees, which seemed to have caught the large Beast off guard, as it struck with what appeared to be a NASTY bite. Rattlesnakes are venomous, but somehow The Beast seemed unaffected by the venom, perhaps it is part meerkat or something. But while the venom seemed to have zero effect, the bite still apparently hurt, as The Beast roared in pain. The Beast reached out with its massive claws, and dug into the huge snake aggressively. The scales provided some protection but the attack was so powerful, blood went everywhere as the 2 creatures rolled around attacking each other. In spite of the huge sizes of the creatures involved, I never got a good look at the face of The Beast due to the quick pace of the battle, though I did get a good look at the serpent. It was your typical Diamondback Rattlesnake, but on a massive scale. The creatures continued to fight, but then, just as the battle looked to be reaching its peak, something very unusual happened. A large tree near the battle site seemed to move, and it released its vines, ensnaring both creatures. A mysterious green glow then came from the vines, and it seemed to be healing both of them, and calming them down. A few moments later they looked as though nothing had happened. The Beast retracted its claws, the serpent's fangs went back into its mouth, and the 2 of them just left the area as soon as the vines let them go. I then heard a voice, telling me- LEAVE NOW, OR FACE DIRE CONSEQUENCES. I ran back to town as fast as I could. I could swear it was that tree that was talking, as I think it even had a face..." It is said, after this one encounter, The Beast and Diamondback have never battled again, and seem to have split territory in the woods. The Beast never seems to appear in Diamondback's area, and vice versa. The town returned to "normal" with a few days, though the government agents who survived the escape of Diamondback had to go back to searching for Beast in the Mine Carts, as they could not replace or repair their fancy machine they built from the Hangar 18 parts. The building they used still sits abandoned, and empty, though some say the broken down machine is still inside, though it is no longer of any use to anyone. It was said the tree that appeared during the epic battle was the "spirit of the local forest" which had been agitated by the government's meddling, and a few said if anything more happened in Rivertown, it could turn against the humans. A few months after this incident, a young man came into town. "Hi, I'm gonna open a lumber company here!" A new lumber company? Well, that shouldn't be bad, will at least create a lot of local jobs... END