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  1. This is IMO my best ever shot of the Eiffel Tower. Taken from Oktoberfest Pond Area, in 2018.
  2. I finished the book a few days ago, but have not had a chance to write a review until now. It has been repeated a lot so far, but this book is great. Since I have done tons of my own KI history research I thought I knew almost everything about the park's history, and thus a lot of the book was stuff I knew, but there was still a decent amount of stuff I did not know and even the stuff I did was fun to read about again. It was great reading from almost all the past GM's and managers and stuff and why they did what they did, learning about why certain rides were the way they are (wanna know why
  3. Hmm- if I had to guess, I would say...Cedar Point. They were rumored to get a new coaster in 2021, but it was supposedly delayed due to COVID, and this thing is supposed to be big and break records- Cedar Point loves that stuff. HangTime at Knott's Berry Farm was apparently very well received in 2018, so it is possible that Cedar Fair now wants a even bigger and badder version for their flagship park. Sorta repeating what happened with Xcelerator and Top Thrill Dragster, in a way. As for what record I expect to be broken: # of inversions, most likely. We are probably looking at a ride with 14+
  4. YAY! Look what showed up on my porch today. PS: My other 2 books- The Beast 2 and Always Cedar Point- also pictured just to show the whole collection.
  5. Ok I will correct you. Vekoma made one of these as recently as 2018, and they still offer them on their web site. The Mine Train is actually one of Vekoma's most popular models, and they clearly copied/took inspiration from the old Arrow Mine Trains of the past. (Granted the newest Mine Trains from Vekoma are computer designed and such, and thus are probably way smoother than the older Arrow models) https://www.vekoma.com/mine-train-coasters PS- Adventure Express IMO serves a spot in KI's lineup. It is a fairly popular ride with good reliability and great capacity and also a cult fo
  6. I have caved and ordered the book as well via Amazon. It should be here by the 19th according to my tracking. I am excited to read it, and add to my small-but-growing amusement park book collection that I have started (I have The Beast 2 by R.L. Stine and Always Cedar Point by John Hildebrandt already- so this book will be #3...)
  7. TBH I have found Racer's airtime- and its smoothness- can vary quite a lot. Sometimes my butt won't leave the seat at all, other times the airtime is stronger and there is more of it than Mystic Timbers has. And sometimes it beats the tar out of me, other times it felt glass smooth. On my rides from 2009-2018, riding Racer was a gamble- probably the least consistent coaster I have ever been on so far. One day in 2018 I rode it 5 times because a friend who was with us kept wanting re-rides and each time was different, one ride was absolutely horrible and then it would turn around and be good on
  8. I will be honest: of the coasters in that general area, I expect Adventure Express to outlast Flight of Fear. Arrow Mine Trains are not dying off the way their loopers or suspended coasters are- only ONE of them has been demolished since the model was introduced in 1966, with a few mine trains outlasting their original parks and finding new homes. In fact the OG Arrow Mine Train at Six Flags Over Texas is STILL in operation and there are currently zero rumors that one is going anywhere. Adventure Express is also young compared to many of its peers, having opened in 1991 instead of the 1960's.
  9. Millennium Force at Cedar Point on September 15th...2019. It has now been 532 days since that ride- my record for longest "drought" between coaster rides since I broke my fear in 2009 is 594 days. If my next ride comes at Kings Island Passholder Preview 2021 on May 8th, that record will be broken as this new drought will by then have reached 601 days. Ironically if Kings Island is my next park to visit- which it should be I assume- Orion is most likely gonna be the ride that breaks the drought. So the "gap" will be between 2 Blue Giga Coasters with 300 foot drops. LOLZ.
  10. Note: I didn't get to the park in 2020 and thus have not ridden Orion yet, though I fully expect that will at least make this list once I can get back to Kings Island, which seems very likely to happen this year. #1- The Beast #2- Diamondback #3- Banshee #4- Mystic Timbers #5- Delirium (was a tough choice between this and Flight of Fear for current #5 spot. Before it was closed Vortex was also in the running for this spot.)
  11. I am pretty sure it is Schwur des Karnan...and in terms of raw size stats, it's massive. https://rcdb.com/11615.htm 239.5 feet tall- taller than Diamondback! 219.8 foot drop. 90 degree drop. 4,051.8 feet long. Only 1 inversion though (if Kings Island is replacing Vortex with one of these they will want more inversions than that obviously though). These infinity coasters clearly range from tiny to mammoth. ...holy cow, that looks awesome. The theming does look a little much for a ride at a park like Kings Island, but then again Kings Island has been increasing how much theming
  12. A model that keeps sticking out to me honestly is one you didn't list: Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster. HangTime at Knott's Berry Farm went over very well in 2018, and this model would do a few things to make it unique at KI/the region: -Vertical Lift Hill. Nothing else at either Kings Island or Cedar Point has one of these. -A Beyond Vertical Drop, something no other coaster at Kings Island has. Since it would be very different from Valravn it would not interfere with the CP Coaster, yet would still give Kings Island a "Dive" type coaster. -Numerous inversions. Could easily feature
  13. Oops- fixed that one a day or so ago. Thanks for pointing it out. Also I decided to look at the rankings again, this time only counting the best side of a ranked dueling/racing coaster. The results changed a little bit. 1. Cedar Point- 182 Still #1 by a lot, but lost a few points due to only 1 side of Gemini (Blue ranked higher than Red) counting. 2. Six Flags Magic Mountain- 148 No changes- both Twisted Colussus and WCR duel, but you ride both sides when you board as both loop around. 3. Kings Island- 112 Unranking Red Racer (as Blue was rated as the better side)
  14. Sorry for this post being 2 days late, but my sister got me another Amusement Park related book for Christmas. She got me the book this thread is titled after: Always Cedar Point, by John Hildebrandt. Have not read the whole book yet but it is enjoyable so far. I did skim through a see a section about The Beast, oddly enough, in a mainly Cedar Point based book. It was very interesting to read how the ride is viewed by other parks. PS: My copy is in way better shape than FlightofFear1996's obviously.
  15. Here are the results of something I did just for fun. Lolz. Something I have seen said a few times is: Kings Island has one of the best roller coaster collections in the world. However, where exactly does Kings Island stack up? Who has the best collection overall? I thought randomly, for fun, if I could find a good poll and figure out a decent points system, I could add up the points each park's coaster collection had and then determine how good people actually think the coaster collection is. A few weeks ago, the Vote Coasters poll created by Youtuber Coaster Bot finished and shared
  16. Merry Christmas everybody! 2020 was not a good year for many, but soon it will be 2021 and hopefully 2021 will go smoother for everyone. Including a new year at Kings Isla... (500ft. Robot Santa is unleashed by the Russian Mafia and its first action is to blow up Kings Island) NNNNNNNNNNUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! ROBO SANTA MUST BE DESTROYED!!!
  17. I actually just got the 2nd Book from my sister as a gift just a few days ago. She works as a school teacher and she found it in a clearance sale for $1. It is a bit beaten up, but I like it so far (have read about halfway through). It does start to get weird near the middle of the book though as DiamondBeast says.
  18. To be 100% honest, some of my best memories of Vortex came from July 13th, 2019- the last day I would ever ride it. The ride's closure hadn't been announced at that point (and we only knew of Orion from leaked blueprints) and I have not been able to get to Kings Island since due to COVID-19 and stuff. So I was just going in under normal "I'm gonna ride this" thoughts. The same thing happened with Firehawk in 2018 too- my last rides were taken without knowing the ride was closing. It was a hot and busy Saturday in July- it was a midnight close too which generally tells you there will be la
  19. ...and when I got on Youtube, THIS popped up in my feed. The Animation from the 1999 Son of Beast announcement. Compare this to the animations for Orion, Banshee, or even Diamondback and it is obvious animated coasters have come a LOOOOOONG way.
  20. I will actually link that video in case anyone wants to see it: I am 99% sure this was filmed in 2001 (and thus SOB was probably also filmed in 2001)- if you look to the left behind the trees as Beast is returning to the station, Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal can be seen as a pile of rubble. That plus the fact King Cobra is still intact in the SOB video really suggests these were filmed in 2001. Plus the parts of Vortex you could see next to Beast needed paint badly, those would be painted by 2002 if I recall. Also, I think this Beast POV shows the ride running under nearly
  21. Umm, even though I adore The Beast, it didn't hold the drop height and speed records for 10+ years (At 110 feet tall it was never actually the tallest structurally). On May 23rd, 1981, Six Flags Great America opened American Eagle- a Intamin racing wooden coaster that stands 127 feet tall with a 147 foot drop (beating Beast by 6ft) and with a top speed of 66mph, beating Beast's 64.7mph. This was a little over 2 years after The Beast made its debut in April 1979. Beast did hold the length record for a while though- Ultimate at Lightwater Valley didn't open until July 1991. Oh, as for
  22. ^ FYI: This would have gone better in polls, and you could have even added a poll for it too. But on this topic: I prefer Diamondback of the two. I feel it has stronger and longer lasting airtime, and it is a noticeably longer ride to boot (65 seconds from drop to brakes for Diamondback versus just 47 for Mystic Timbers). Mystic Timbers does have the edge IMO in theming and how rapid-fire the elements are, but I would still go for Diamondback overall. PS: I am glad this is not Diamondback vs. Orion (even though that comparison seems more obvious) since I have not been able to get t
  23. Possibly not, if the G-Forces kept them in place. I actually had a experience at Cedar Point that showcased this to me once: I was riding Rougarou at Cedar Point, and we were going up the lift hill. Someone in the row directly ahead of me (I was in the 7th row or so) had their change spill out of their pocket as we went up, and a quarter landed on a flat piece of the coaster car and stayed there. I was fully expecting that quarter to fall out on the giant loop after the first drop, but to my amazement it STAYED PUT. The quarter was flung from the ride eventually though, during one of the
  24. That part TBH I was expecting- Cedar Fair usually just uses a lot of stock footage and will repost videos for every park. I was thinking more along the lines of: "They filmed this at Kings Island yet no one on here noticed them filming via webcams or something"
  25. Watching that Worlds of Fun video: is it just me or does a ton of that look like it was filmed at Kings Island?
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