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  1. 16 hours ago, SonofBaconator said:

    If it had a light package like Hangtime I'd be down. I would be worried about size and capacity though. I would want something comparable to Vortex in size so I would be willing to wait. 

    What's the biggest Gerstlauer ever made?

    I am pretty sure it is Schwur des Karnan...and in terms of raw size stats, it's massive.


    239.5 feet tall- taller than Diamondback! 219.8 foot drop. 90 degree drop. 4,051.8 feet long. Only 1 inversion though (if Kings Island is replacing Vortex with one of these they will want more inversions than that obviously though). These infinity coasters clearly range from tiny to mammoth.

    15 hours ago, Hawaiian Coasters 325 said:

    For an infinity, I actually discovered this concept on YouTube. I love the theme and would work well in Rivertown. 


    ...holy cow, that looks awesome. The theming does look a little much for a ride at a park like Kings Island, but then again Kings Island has been increasing how much theming they have for their new rides (see Mystic Timbers and Orion) for the last few additions so I wouldn't completely rule it out. I am pretty sure the sign above Beast calls it the Kings Canyon Mining Company though as of late (before 2019 it was Beast Canyon).

    The theme works though: for over 40 years, The Beast has tormented and caused mayhem for the workers of the Kings Canyon Mining Company. In 1987, they constructed a huge robot to battle The Beast, which did so for 33 years (ties Vortex into the story) until its steel weakened due to age and The Beast finally defeated it in 2019. However, the workers have constructed another huge machine, ready to battle The Beast once again.

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  2. A model that keeps sticking out to me honestly is one you didn't list: Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster. HangTime at Knott's Berry Farm went over very well in 2018, and this model would do a few things to make it unique at KI/the region:

    -Vertical Lift Hill. Nothing else at either Kings Island or Cedar Point has one of these.

    -A Beyond Vertical Drop, something no other coaster at Kings Island has. Since it would be very different from Valravn it would not interfere with the CP Coaster, yet would still give Kings Island a "Dive" type coaster.

    -Numerous inversions. Could easily feature 6+ and fill the gap left by the retirement of Vortex. They could even go for the North American or even world inversion records with this model, at which point you are also replacing the 5 inversions lost when Firehawk was removed.

    -Can be VERY compact, so it would not really need the entire former Vortex plot- they could build a bigger one if desired, or even just leave extra space for more new flat rides/other additions as well as the coaster itself. If they go bigger infinity coasters can go over 200 feet tall as well.

    -Very likely way cheaper than a large B&M or Mack coaster. Due to the COVID pandemic, this could be a huge factor.


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  3. On 12/25/2020 at 2:45 PM, matt112986 said:

    Just an FYI you have Iron Gwazi under Fiesta Texas. Nice list but I'm not sure about counting racers twice. The list seems pretty solid though. Opinions will differ of course.

    Oops- fixed that one a day or so ago. Thanks for pointing it out. Also I decided to look at the rankings again, this time only counting the best side of a ranked dueling/racing coaster. The results changed a little bit.

    1. Cedar Point- 182

    Still #1 by a lot, but lost a few points due to only 1 side of Gemini (Blue ranked higher than Red) counting.

    2. Six Flags Magic Mountain- 148

    No changes- both Twisted Colussus and WCR duel, but you ride both sides when you board as both loop around.

    3. Kings Island- 112

    Unranking Red Racer (as Blue was rated as the better side) cost Kings Island 2 points. However, KI moves up because...

    4. Hersheypark- 102

    The loss of a side of Lightning Racer dragged HP's rating down by 12 points, so HP went from tied with KI to 10 points back, and thus it no longer uses its Skyrush tiebreaker against KI...

    5. Six Flags Great America- 102

    ...instead, it uses it on SFGam! Sadly for SFGam, Skyrush's 14th beats Goliath's 56th, so SFGam remains 5th. They also lost a few points due to the "removal" of a side of American Eagle.

    6. Six Flags Great Adventure- 97

    No dueling/racing coasters here so no change. RIP Rolling Thunder...though I dunno if that would have been Top 500 anyway due to its mixed reviews.

    7. Six Flags Fiesta Texas- 83

    Again no changes, as SFFT has no dueling or racing coasters either.

    8. Busch Gardens Tampa- 83

    Another park with no coasters that needed "removed" because racing/dueling. RIP Gwazi

    9. Carowinds- 80

    Grit yer teeth. Bear the load. RIP Thunder Road.

    10. Six Flags Over Georgia- 79

    Still gets in on tiebreaker over BGW, again no changes. Racing/dueling coasters are actually somewhat rare I realized looking this over.



  4. Sorry for this post being 2 days late, but my sister got me another Amusement Park related book for Christmas.

    She got me the book this thread is titled after: Always Cedar Point, by John Hildebrandt. :P

    Have not read the whole book yet but it is enjoyable so far. I did skim through a see a section about The Beast, oddly enough, in a mainly Cedar Point based book. It was very interesting to read how the ride is viewed by other parks. 

    PS: My copy is in way better shape than FlightofFear1996's obviously. :P

  5. Here are the results of something I did just for fun. Lolz.

    Something I have seen said a few times is: Kings Island has one of the best roller coaster collections in the world. However, where exactly does Kings Island stack up? Who has the best collection overall? I thought randomly, for fun, if I could find a good poll and figure out a decent points system, I could add up the points each park's coaster collection had and then determine how good people actually think the coaster collection is.

    A few weeks ago, the Vote Coasters poll created by Youtuber Coaster Bot finished and shared their Top 500 results. This poll includes both steel, wood, and hybrid coasters in 1 single list- thus making it easy to use- and uses the Mitch Hawker head-to-head comparison system. It also got plenty of voters- 2,700+ people voted in the poll. So I decided to use this poll's results.


    As for a points system, I was watching a Youtube video about how a NASCAR season would go using the F1 points system, and I thus looked at the F1 points system and had a idea: what if I used F1 points for this? Since F1 gives points to the Top 10, and this poll ranked 500 coasters (OK more were ranked but at the time I did this only the Top 500 were visible) I translated F1's points system into this:

    Top 50: 25
    51-100: 18
    101-150: 15
    151-200: 12
    201-250: 10
    251-300: 8
    301-350: 6
    351-400: 4
    401-450: 2
    451-500: 1

    Any coasters that couldn't crack the Top 500 are worthless and earn a park 0 points. And so I went through and found every park that had at least 1 coaster on this list located in North America- fun fact I found 80 different North American parks with at least 1 ranked coaster- and added up all the points all their coasters earned. Note: Since the Vote Coasters poll treats them this way, racing/dueling coasters do count as 2. In the cases of ties, my tiebreaker is this: which of the two parks has the higher ranked "Top" coaster? This actually came into play a few times. And using this system, here are the parks I found with the Top 10 coaster collections in the United States, Mexico, and Canada...

    #10- Six Flags Over Georgia
    Pts: 79

    Ranked Coasters: 8 of 11

    Best Ranked Coaster: Goliath- 59th

    The first park to make the Top 10 is Six Flags Over Georgia. 8 of the park's 11 coasters were ranked in the Top 500, though their top coaster surprised me a bit- Goliath, their B&M Hyper Coaster, was higher than Twisted Cyclone (which placed at 69th). Goliath is also the reason SFOG was ranked in the Top 10- Busch Gardens Williamsburg actually also had 79 points, but lost to SFOG on Tiebreaker because Goliath beat Alpengeist, their #1 coaster ranked at 76th. I imagine BGW is going "grumble grumble Pantheon 2021 grumble grumble" over this.

    #9- Carowinds

    Pts: 80

    Ranked Coasters: 5 of 14

    Best Ranked Coaster: Fury 325- 5th

    Carowinds makes the Top 10 pretty much on the strength of 4 coasters: Fury 325 led the charge by far, but Afterburn, Copperhead Strike, and Intimidator also did very well. Nighthawk came in at the rear end, ranked at 394th, and added a small amount of its own points. These 5 coasters combined earned 80 points, enough to beat SFOG by 1 in spite of SFOG having 3 more coasters ranked. And this is in spite of 9 coasters at the park earning zero points.

    #8- Busch Gardens Tampa

    Pts: 83

    Ranked Coasters: 7 of 9

    Best Ranked Coasters: Montu- 44th

    Tampa Bay beats Williamsburg, and makes it into the Top 10 unlike its sibling. Iron Gwazi's delay into 2021 likely holds BGT back somewhat but even their 2020 coaster lineup is strong. Montu led the charge at 44th overall, but Kumba, Cheetah Hunt, and SheiKra were also fairly high-points coasters. In 2021, when you add Iron Gwazi, BGT is going to be pretty stacked and will likely rise even higher on this list.

    #7- Six Flags Fiesta Texas

    Pts: 83

    Ranked Coasters: 6 of 10

    Best Ranked Coaster: Iron Rattler- 37th

    ...and BGT ALSO loses a tiebreaker to another park and thus wishes its planned 2020 coaster arrived on time! SFFT already has TWO RMC's, as well as one of the world's best B&M floorless coasters. It is another strong lineup for a Six Flags park.

    #6- Six Flags Great Adventure

    Pts: 97

    Ranked Coasters: 8 of 12

    Best Ranked Coaster: El Toro- 4th

    Dang! Just 3 more points and SFGadv would have joined "Club 100". One of the greatest coasters ever- El Toro- leads the charge alongside Nitro, Kingda Ka, Bizzaro, and a army of B&M coasters. Jersey Devil should be good enough when it opens in 2021 to easily get this park into the 100+ club though!

    #5- Six Flags Great America

    Pts: 108

    Ranked Coasters: 11 of 16

    Best Ranked Coaster: Goliath- 56th

    ...and welcome to said Club 100 and the Top 5! SFGam is a massive park, with 16 coasters (both sides of American Eagle counted) and 11 of them good enough to rank. Goliath leads the charge and has a strong supporting cast featuring Maxx Force, Raging Bull, the OG Batman The Ride, and more.

    #4- Kings Island

    Pts: 114

    Ranked Coasters: 10 of 15

    Best Ranked Coaster: Mystic Timbers- 43rd

    ...and here is Kings Island, aka "our" park. Kings Island is the first park on this list that actually increased its rank in 2020 with the addition of Orion, and while Orion would be the #1 coaster at a lot of parks being a Giga at Kings Island it was beaten by Mystic Timbers and Diamondback. Banshee and The Beast also ranked pretty high, and more points were added by Flight of Fear, The Bat, and The Racer to secure a Top 5 spot. But what were the 3 parks that managed to beat KI's coaster lineup?

    #3- Hersheypark

    Pts: 114

    Ranked Coasters: 9 of 15

    Best Ranked Coaster: Skyrush- 14th

    ...Hersheypark beat Kings Island via a tiebreaker, with Mystic Timbers 43rd place not being enough to outdo #14 Skyrush. Hersheypark also moved up with a new ride in 2020- Candymonium- as well as the fact they have a great wooden coaster collection, 2 more Intamin coasters, Great Bear, and Sooperdooperlooper to solidify their lineup. You don't hear Hersheypark get mentioned much for "elite coaster lineups" but clearly, you should.

    #2- Six Flags Magic Mountain

    Pts: 148

    Ranked Coasters: 14 of 19

    Best Ranked Coaster: Twisted Colossus- 17th

    SFMM, the current park with the most coasters, should not be so shocking to be very high up. Twisted Colossus, X2, and Tatsu are 3 of the highest regarded coasters out there and you have even more solid coasters in the lineup well past that. And with 14 coasters of the 19 coasters here earning at least 1 point, SFMM got a whole lotta points. Alas, it was not enough to defeat...

    #1- Cedar Point

    Pts: 188

    Ranked Coasters: 14 of 18

    Best Ranked Coaster: Steel Vengeance- 1st

    OH LAWD! 188 points!?!? Cedar Point just piles on both the quality AND the quantity. Steel Vengeance is the #1 rated coaster in the world. Maverick, Millennium Force, and Top Thrill Dragster all also made the Top 50 and were thus elite earners. Raptor and Magnum XL-200 both did great considering their age. GateKeeper and Valravn also earned solid amounts of points. Cedar Point had likely already won at this point and Gemini, Wicked Twister, Rougarou, Blue Streak and Iron Dragon hadn't even been counted yet. Sadly Corkscrew and Mine Ride earned zero points, but CP didn't need them to. SFMM would need to add TWO elite level rides just to surpass Cedar Point. This lead is crazy huge.

    And those were the results I got from this system. And here are some fun facts:

    Holiday World did not make the Top 10 (they were 16th), but the average points earned by each of their coasters was 14.0...the highest of any park with at least 3 coasters! For comparison Cedar Point's average was 10.44 and Kings Island was 7.60.

    Wild Adventures in Georgia was the largest park in # of coasters to not score a single point. 7 coasters, no points. Embarrasing!

    Kings Dominion probably would have made the Top 10 if they still had Volcano: The Blast Coaster.

    Comments and suggestions for a better points system (if you have any) are welcome. If the Vote Coasters poll does another poll at the end of 2021 I may do this yet again, and we can who rose and who fell based on the new rides!


  6. Merry Christmas everybody! 2020 was not a good year for many, but soon it will be 2021 and hopefully 2021 will go smoother for everyone. Including a new year at Kings Isla...

    (500ft. Robot Santa is unleashed by the Russian Mafia and its first action is to blow up Kings Island)


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  7. 1 hour ago, DiamondBeast said:

    I don't think this was the kind of book you were asking about, but I've read both of the RL Stein Beast books. I've heard a lot of people mention they exist, but I don't think I've ever heard anyone say they've read it. I honestly enjoyed how weird they were (especially the second one) and I think they hype The Beast up amazingly.

    See the source imageSee the source image

    I actually just got the 2nd Book from my sister as a gift just a few days ago. She works as a school teacher and she found it in a clearance sale for $1. It is a bit beaten up, but I like it so far (have read about halfway through). It does start to get weird near the middle of the book though as DiamondBeast says.


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  8. To be 100% honest, some of my best memories of Vortex came from July 13th, 2019- the last day I would ever ride it. The ride's closure hadn't been announced at that point (and we only knew of Orion from leaked blueprints) and I have not been able to get to Kings Island since due to COVID-19 and stuff. So I was just going in under normal "I'm gonna ride this" thoughts. The same thing happened with Firehawk in 2018 too- my last rides were taken without knowing the ride was closing.

    It was a hot and busy Saturday in July- it was a midnight close too which generally tells you there will be large crowds. I had already ridden Diamondback (30 minute wait) and Mystic Timbers (20 minute wait)- the waits for those 2 were still lowish mainly due to great fast dispatches on both rides. I went over to ride Beast while my group smoked, but I found it broken down, so I went to ride Vortex. Surprisingly Vortex actually had a 25 minute wait, even though it too was doing well on the dispatches. I went and rode in 7-1, and got a great ride with good ejector airtime and decent smoothness. A old dude was riding behind me also got a great ride. Later on, my entire group rode and I had another great ride, also in 7-1. I also got a night ride that evening and while it was rougher and less fun (2-2 could not compete with 7-1) I did see a kid get off behind me who was overjoyed and had ridden 3 times in a row though which I found heartwarming. Also, while waiting for Beast's last ride of the night that day, I saw a train on Vortex go by with 1 person on it who seemed to be having a lot of fun.

    Vortex was my first looping coaster, and I still thought it was a good ride in its final season of 2019. A bit rough, but it had what seemed to be the perfect layout for a old-school Arrow looping coaster and the airtime on the 1st drop was great, especially in the back cars. However I can understand why it was removed- it was 33 years old, and such a large and intense roller coaster would wear itself down quite a bit over 33 years (I still think metal fatigue has to be one of the main reasons the ride was removed) and its popularity was slowly dropping every year, as it had gone from 1.1 million riders around 2014 to only around 800k in 2019, thus the park probably didn't think it was worth spending a huge chunk of cash to have major sections/ of the coaster replaced when they could build something new and generate way more hype in the spot instead (but now that COVID has hit, this may be a while- the park was NOT banking on a pandemic).

    Since I was unable to get to Kings Island in 2020, I still have yet to see The Vortex plot in its current state. I have seen photos, but sometimes photos don't do things justice. I imagine it is gonna sting at least a bit to see a big field with some trees and The Beast behind it where a huge Arrow once stood.

    Oh, and from July 13th 2019, I give you the first picture of a roller coaster I took with my current phone- well at least focused on just 1 coaster (I had taken a few of the park skyline and Eiffel Tower before this). It is a picture of Vortex, taken as I walked past it to wait in that 25 minute line. The ride really was very photogenic.


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  9. 14 hours ago, tuxedoman52 said:

    For anyone interested, that channel also posted the upscaled POV of The Beast.

    Notice the skid brakes. Pinch brakes were added in the next off season, while magnetic trims came about during August of 2002.

    Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk

    I will actually link that video in case anyone wants to see it:

    I am 99% sure this was filmed in 2001 (and thus SOB was probably also filmed in 2001)- if you look to the left behind the trees as Beast is returning to the station, Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal can be seen as a pile of rubble. That plus the fact King Cobra is still intact in the SOB video really suggests these were filmed in 2001. Plus the parts of Vortex you could see next to Beast needed paint badly, those would be painted by 2002 if I recall.

    Also, I think this Beast POV shows the ride running under nearly "ideal" conditions: it appears to have rained not long before the POV was filmed, and with the old skid brakes Beast had in 2001, that means they would not have been working as well as when wet skid brakes do not slow the train as much (which is a reason they were changed: In October 2001 during a bad storm, the final skid brakes failed to fully stop a train and it bumped into a train in the station. No major injuries but the accident caused Paramount to swap for magnetic brakes in 2002, which don't weaken due to rain). Plus the train seems mostly full- most official POVs these days have empty trains which run slower due to less weight. As a result, Beast seems like it is HAULING in this POV, barely even slowing for the long brake shed mid-ride! As much as I love Beast now, part of me does wish I could go back and ride it with the skid brakes on a wet day (or even better- a wet night!) just to experience the madness.

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  10. 1 hour ago, robintodd said:

    The Racer is single handedly responsible for the coaster re birth era and should never be touched.  Same with The Beast.  The Beast held the records for Height, Speed and Length for 10 years.  Nothing will ever do that again.

    Both are ACE landmarks that need to be preserved for their importance of what the coaster industry has become.

    (Just my opinion :))

    Umm, even though I adore The Beast, it didn't hold the drop height and speed records for 10+ years (At 110 feet tall it was never actually the tallest structurally). On May 23rd, 1981, Six Flags Great America opened American Eagle- a Intamin racing wooden coaster that stands 127 feet tall with a 147 foot drop (beating Beast by 6ft) and with a top speed of 66mph, beating Beast's 64.7mph. This was a little over 2 years after The Beast made its debut in April 1979.

    Beast did hold the length record for a while though- Ultimate at Lightwater Valley didn't open until July 1991.

    Oh, as for long-term record holders: it may not feel like it, but Kingda Ka has been the world's tallest roller coaster for 15 years now, and Steel Dragon 2000 has been the world's longest for 20.

    As for the topic: IMO, nothing at Kings Island needs RMC'd, though I would be 100% down for a ground-up one.

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  11. ^
    FYI: This would have gone better in polls, and you could have even added a poll for it too.

    But on this topic: I prefer Diamondback of the two. I feel it has stronger and longer lasting airtime, and it is a noticeably longer ride to boot (65 seconds from drop to brakes for Diamondback versus just 47 for Mystic Timbers). Mystic Timbers does have the edge IMO in theming and how rapid-fire the elements are, but I would still go for Diamondback overall.

    PS: I am glad this is not Diamondback vs. Orion (even though that comparison seems more obvious) since I have not been able to get to Kings Island this year to ride Orion yet.

  12. 13 minutes ago, Rivertown Rider said:

    Really cool article and video.  I wonder if their hard hats fell off in the loop?

    Possibly not, if the G-Forces kept them in place. I actually had a experience at Cedar Point that showcased this to me once: I was riding Rougarou at Cedar Point, and we were going up the lift hill. Someone in the row directly ahead of me (I was in the 7th row or so) had their change spill out of their pocket as we went up, and a quarter landed on a flat piece of the coaster car and stayed there. I was fully expecting that quarter to fall out on the giant loop after the first drop, but to my amazement it STAYED PUT.

    The quarter was flung from the ride eventually though, during one of the turns however- not on a inversion.

    Also that old TOGO video was awesome.

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  13. 21 minutes ago, Benjamin22 said:

    Yes, that video is just going to be posted by every park, notice how they referred to it as Cedar Fair parks and not Worlds of fun.

    That part TBH I was expecting- Cedar Fair usually just uses a lot of stock footage and will repost videos for every park. I was thinking more along the lines of: "They filmed this at Kings Island yet no one on here noticed them filming via webcams or something" :P


  14. 1 hour ago, dbackdreams said:

    Raptor coaster??  Is that like something like a coaster that looks like a dinasour?  If they bring dinasours alive to Kentucky Kingdom, will  say here just take my money!!!!!

    No- it is a name for a model of coaster made by Rocky Mountain Construction which has a single rail and riders ride single file. They are known for the fast pace and aggressive elements. Here is a example of a "Raptor" coaster:

    RMC is also working on a bigger model of single-rail coaster, with bigger track and 2-wide trains for better capacity, which will be known as the T-Rex but that model isn't ready just yet according to RMC themselves.

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  15. 22 minutes ago, ThrillKingsFitzy said:

    Who’s retracking it?

    GCI- says so in both IndyGuy4KI's post and the linked Facebook post. Based on their work on Legend, and how smooth Mystic Timbers is, I would imagine Hoosier Hurricane is going to run way better when it reopens than it did previously.

  16. From the "concept" POV: this ride probably would have been a huge hit in the early to mid 90s when it was built. From the POV, it looks like a ride with some awesome laterals and airtime. The "drop into the lake" finale would IMO be one of the best finales on any coaster, rivaling things like Beast's helix and Magnum XL-200's ejector bunny hills (which are my current favorite coaster finales of rides I have ridden IRL).

    However, I do also think based on the fact it would have run PTC Trains, and how forceful these turns looked, that the ride would probably have become pretty rough by the early to mid 2000s. Kings Island has some good wood coaster maintenance, but a twisty and intense looking woodie like this running PTCs would have probably still slowly tore itself up. The ride would probably have developed a bit of a "mixed" reaction by the 2000s, kind of like how people see a ride like The Boss at Six Flags St. Louis today: some would love it in spite of the roughness, others would hate it, and it would likely end up somewhere in the middle on the Mitch Hawker wood coaster polls of the era (though it possibly would have been at or near the top of the 90s polls!).

    When RMC came into play around the early 2010s, this ride would have probably been a target of theirs. Cedar Fair might have bit the bullet on this before doing Steel Vengeance as a bit of a test, probably around 2015'ish. It probably would have become a pretty epic RMC, and I think they would have kept the epic tunnel finale BTW. (If the person who made this in NoLimits wants to make that concept- what if this was built, but then became a RMC later on- IMO it would be awesome)



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  17. 1 hour ago, disco2000 said:

    Which new ride had the latest opening date for its first year?

    For roller coasters, looking at RCDB, we have a tie: Firehawk and Son of Beast both opened on May 26th of their respective seasons, 2000 and 2007. Firehawk because construction started late and Son of Beast because, well, Son of Beast had numerous issues and they clearly started early on. Orion is probably gonna break this record, not due to any design flaws or construction delays (it is a B&M after all and construction appears mostly done, and test runs looked great) but because of COVID-19. Unless KI doesn't even open in 2020, in which case Orion could open sometime in April 2021 and thus not take this record.

    The earliest coaster opening was for TOP GUN, now known as The Bat. It opened on April 9th. The now defunct Vortex was not far behind on April 11th.

    RCDB didn't have a opening date for Flight of Fear, Great Pumpkin Coaster, Scooby's Ghoster Coaster, or Flying Ace though.


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  18. I got this video in my Youtube feed a while back. It explains a lot about these Intamin prefabs, and also explains likely reasons parks have not bought any new ones since T Express in 2008:

    My big takeaway from this video: HOLY COW EL TORO WOULD COST $35,000,000 ADJUSTED FOR INFLATION!?!? (This is more than B&M Giga Coasters!) Err, as much as I would LOVE to see a 200+ foot version of one of these at Kings Island, a ground-up RMC Topper Track/I-Box would probably be much cheaper and achieve similar results. Wildfire, a RMC Topper Track woodie around the same height and length as El Toro, cost around $12 million when converted to USD and adjusted for inflation. Considering Wildfire is also considered one of the best "wooden" coasters ever built, it seems like the RMC is a much better value for money as you could get almost THREE Wildfires for the price of a single El Toro!

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  19. 1 hour ago, MDMC01 said:

    Yes, I remember one Opening Day in particular (2018, I think, because Firehawk was still around) where all three of the Arrows didn't run as it was too cold.

    EDIT: Speaking of Firehawk, look how red the newly painted track was its opening year: https://rcdb.com/3793.htm#p=19045

    That was last year- I was there. It did not help that Cedar Fair had just updated their policy on Arrow coasters needing to reach 50 degrees to open, versus 45 in years before that. It also rained a decent amount on passholder preview and a bit more on Opening Day (though Opening Day was not as bad). Because of the "bad" weather though crowds were very light for opening day standards and many rides were under 10 minutes, save the new Kings Mills Antique Autos and The Beast when the 40th Anniversary T-Shirts were being given out.

    2018 was warm (70s), sunny, and crowded. I was there for PP 2018 too- my sister didn't even fill me in that we were going until we were halfway to the park!

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  20. First up, I wanna thank @collin.klopfstein for showing me that phone app- I found it awesome and just spent a few hours digging through my old trip reports to try and log my ride counts. :P

    Based on that app, here is EVERYTHING I am missing from Kings Island, including Planet Snoopy...plus my reason why I have not ridden them yet. :P

    Kings Mills Antique Autos (Wanted to try these in 2019, but they were always a 45+ minute wait when I went past due to the fact they were brand new that year)

    UPCHARGE ATTRACTIONS: I have not ridden either of these, due to their extra charge nature and the fact you are held up by just some skinny cables terrorizes me.

    Sling Shot
    Xtreme Skyflyer

    "KIDDIE" Rides (Haven't ridden these due to their kids centric nature)

    Charlie Brown's Wind-Up

    Joe Cool's Dodgem School

    Kite-Eating Tree

    Linus' Beetle Bugs

    Linus' Launcher (of all the non-ridden kids ride I would be most likely to ride this one in the future as it looks decent enough)

    Peanuts 500

    Peanuts Off-Road Rally

    Snoopy vs. Red Baron

    Snoopy's Junction

    Snoopy's Space Buggies

    Woodstock Whirlybirds

    If I have been on a kiddie ride, it was probably because it wasn't THAT kiddie (see: Woodstock Gliders which I found pretty fun) or I rode it as a 10-year-old back in the summer of 2000.

    And finally


    NO ONE (save maybe some KI Employees perhaps) HAS RIDDEN ORION YET- it has not opened yet!




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  21. I had a Kings Island based dream last night: I went and rode the Blue Racer, and had fun on it- good airtime and pretty smooth. I was killing time in the dream so afterwards, I got back in line but found there was a short wait (10 minutes or so) for the ride. I also decided to switch to Red Racer to see how it was comparing. While in line, I met some girl who was supposed to be my cousin or something, but I had never met this girl in my life so I dunno who she was. She was also kinda scared, but I got her over it, and after we rode Red Racer we went and rode...Invertigo for some reason. Then I woke up.

    I also a long time ago had a very weird dream: I got in line for Flight of Fear, but the que was a dark haunted Victorian mansion thing and there was no one in line, and it was crazy long. It also seems, every time I dream of Flight of Fear, there is always something different in the building and I never actually get to the ride.

    Also, a month or so ago, I did have a dream that included Orion. I didn't ride it in that dream because the line was too long (it was 1 hour). :P Later I had a 2nd dream that included Orion that was weirder: instead of myself, I was Don Helbig and it was media preview for Orion (this was before it was delayed due to Coronavirus). Suddenly I got a message on my communicator of severe weather, so for whatever reason I (as Don Helbig) went up to the 275 foot level of the Eiffel Tower to look and I saw a huge Tornado coming towards the park. I ordered the "tornado bunkers" (not sure if these actually exist at Kings Island) under Backlot Stunt Coaster and Orion to be opened, and as I was about to go back down to enter myself, I told the Eiffel Tower operators to come too but they had to evacuate more people there. I headed down and got in the Orion Bunker (which was filling with people) and then woke up before the Tornado actually hit.



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