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  1. 10 minutes ago, flightoffear1996 said:

    Wonder what the reasoning is?  Was it close to Volcano?

    Their Crypt was close to Volcano (same park area) but I'd imagine the reason for this removal would be the fact Top Spins in general are vanishing from parks as they get older and their reliability decreases. The fact these rides likely have tons of moving parts that needed maintained/replaced cannot help.

    The rumored (and probably leaked) B&M Wing Coaster wouldn't need more space than what Volcano gave it, so space isn't really a issue. I would imagine in the coming years Cedar Fair will likely do a whole refresh of this entire section of the park, especially if Anaconda is also removed in a few years (given what happened to Vortex I imagine Anaconda will eventually meet the same fate).

  2. Having gone to Banshee's opening day in 2014, as well as Passholder Preview in 2018 & 2019, I think I can give a decent estimate on crowd levels:

    -Orion will have a 4 to 5 hour wait regardless of weather, unless it is truly pouring rain all day or something (in which case it may just be closed). Flight of Fear, being right next to Orion, will also likely have a huge wait too.

    -The rest of the rides will depend on how the weather is, most likely. In 2014 and 2018, the weather was very nice when I was there on Banshee Opening Day and Passholder Preview and everything had pretty long lines- on Banshee opening day, I only rode 3 rides all day, though that was mainly because I actually stood in the 4 1/2 hour Banshee line. But I also had to wait 45 minutes for Backlot Stunt Coaster and about a hour for The Beast at Night. On PPN 2018, I didn't wait nearly as long for anything but that was because we rode mainly less popular rides (my first ride of the day was Adventure Express) and we bought a few spins at the "Wheel O' Fast Lane" near Diamondback and got lucky to get Diamondback and Banshee on 2 of the spins. However at PPN 2019 (and Opening Day 2019), it was cold and rainy and there were very light crowds- most rides had next to no wait, save the brand new Kings Mills Antique Autos and Beast during the T-Shirt giveaway which reached 2 hours...I waited in that line too BTW. Got my shirt. :P

    -As King Ding Dong said, people are gonna be getting their season-long drink vouchers processed, which is gonna make drink lines long. Food lines are also gonna be long, and ride operations won't be as good as later in the year for one main reason: a bunch of the employees are gonna be brand new, and this is gonna be their very first day at work.

    -Also: almost all the rides will be "waking up" from at least 4 months of "slumber", even moreso for the ones that didn't run during Winterfest and closed in November. There will likely be some breakdowns- even Orion will likely go down a few times, since this will be the first day it is going to have actual people on it. Banshee was shut down a few times on its opening day due to breakdowns as well as...uhh...vomit trains. Standing in a 4+ hour line and then riding a roller coaster will make some people barf.


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  3. Well, the Ellocoaster Poll results are in! Here is a link to the results page- there is a full top 25 for both wood and steel, as well as downloadable Excel files for the full results:


    Now, to answer the questions I asked above first...

    #1- The best new ride of 2019 is...Untamed at Walibi Holland (it ranked 22nd overall of 921 ranked steel coasters)! Wow, I forgot that one. Zadra @ Energylandia didn't get enough votes, but would have beaten Untamed if it did. Best new in North America is...Hagrid @ Universal Orlando! Wow, I forgot that one too. I guess being more of a family coaster didn't hurt it all, it placed 71st out of 921 steel coasters. Of the coasters I did list above, Yukon Striker ranked highest at 79th with Copperhead Strike right behind it in 82nd. The only new for 2019 wooden coaster that got enough votes this year was Kentucky Flyer, so it was the year's best new woodie by default.

    #2- Vortex placed 422nd out of 921 coasters, so a little above mid pack- it mainly beat a lot of wild mice, kiddie coasters, and Vekoma Boomerangs and SLCs as well as a bunch of smaller Arrow Loopers and Corkscrews. It was the lowest rated non-kids coaster on the steel poll at Kings Island.

    #3- Could Wildfire @Kolmarden Zoo defend its title...NO! Wildfire actually drops to 5th! The coasters that beat it were...#4 Outlaw Run...#3 The Voyage...#2 El Toro (SFGadv)... and the new #1 is...Lightning Rod at Dollywood! LR has been getting rave reviews since it opened in 2016, so it will probably win more polls like this in the future, but the other coasters in the Top 5 could make a charge in the next few years.

    #4- The winner of the all-new steel poll is...STEEL VENGEANCE. (My prediction was spot on, but I imagine no one is suprised) Taron, Helix, Hyperion, and Fury 325 round out a elite Top 5 of the first Ellocoaster steel poll.

    #5- Fury 325 was ranked #5, as said right above. Leviathan was a bit further back, at #27- which is still great considering there were 921 coasters on the steel list that had enough votes to get ranked. As for other gigas: Intimidator 305 was #21 (2nd only to Fury 325 among the Gigas), Millennium Force was #35, Steel Dragon 2000 was #51, and Red Force was #158 (if you count that among the Gigas, it is more of a Mini TTD). I would say Orion has a great shot at at least being Top 50 in the world when it opens in 2020.

    #6- The MOST SUCK (ranked 921/921) steel coaster is... Grand Exposition Coaster at Silver Dollar City, apparently. It's a kiddie coaster. Viking Coaster at Energylandia is a Wild Mouse that was ranked very low as well. Of the "large" coasters, T3 at Kentucky Kingdom appears to take the cake ranking at 906th and still being clobbered by numerous kiddie coasters, wild mice, other SLCs, Boomerangs, etc.

    As for "most suck", on the wooden side we have a ride related to a defunct one at KI...RCCA's (the makers of Son of Beast) Coaster Express at Parque Warner Madrid has the disgrace of finishing 174th out of 174 wooden coasters ranked.

    And finally, here is how all the coasters at Kings Island did:

    STEEL (of 921 Ranked)
    Diamondback- 52nd, 94.74 win % (#4 B&M Hyper, #6 if you count the 2 B&M Gigas)
    Banshee- 72nd, 93.12
    Flight of Fear- 214th, 79.99
    The Bat- 235th, 77.45
    Backlot Stunt Coaster- 361st, 64.65
    Invertigo- 400th, 60.85
    Adventure Express- 404th, 60.49
    Vortex- 422nd, 58.25
    Flying Ace Aerial Chase- 771st, 26.78
    Great Pumpkin Coaster- 858th, 16.54

    WOOD (of 174 Ranked)
    Mystic Timbers- 13th, 90.27 win % (Top Rated GCI!)
    Beast- 48th, 69.25 (Good but controversial- it ranked about the same in the old Mitch Hawker polls too)
    Blue Racer- 120th, 29.94
    Red Racer- 122nd, 29.41
    Woodstock Express- 165th, 6.14

    Note: The wooden coasters tend to have much lower win% because there are a lot more kiddie steel coasters for those to "beat up on", versus kiddie wooden coasters.

    For the full results, I would suggest downloading the excel files. You can even sort them this year- look up what the best rides by each manufacturer were, by year, etc. that way.

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  4. 11 minutes ago, Waltny said:

    You are probably close on ride time, but of course with loading/unloading the cycles will be close to that golden 3 min mark.  

    I do expect a full ride on Orion will end up taking about 3 minutes:

    -About 1 minute just to climb the lift hill: Orion DOES just have a chain lift and not a super fast cable lift like Millennium Force does. You will actually have some time to think "Oh crud this is actually really tall" during the ascent.

    -1 minute of actual ride section

    -1 minute of brake run until you return to the station

    Granted this was likely by design, as it also gives the ride crews about 60 seconds per cycle to dispatch trains without too much stacking. With the fact Orion is likely not gonna have loose articles (will probably use lockers) this thing is gonna have awesome capacity (probably similar to Banshee's), which it will probably need on opening weekend as well as on busier days like July Saturdays and Haunt.

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  5. I have only been to Kings Island & Cedar Point among the Cedar Fair chain, so my options were a bit limited...

    Arrow: Magnum XL-200

    B&M: Diamonbdack

    Note for B&M: Fury 325, Leviathan, and Orion all seem like I would enjoy them even more than Diamondback but I have not ridden any of those yet. Diamondback just edges out Raptor & Banshee of the B&Ms I have ridden as my current favorite from the company.

    Intamin: Maverick

    Wooden: The Beast (why isn't this a option? It is one of Cedar Fair's most famous and popular wooden coasters!)

    Vekoma: Firehawk (better than its only challenger, Invertigo)

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  6. Before 2018, I didn't see a single show except maybe snippets of ones I walked past when going through Festhaus or something (save Blood Drums during Haunt 2016- I saw that and actually stayed for the whole show because I liked it so much), but in 2018 due to bad weather I ended up watching a dog show in the International Showplace (was fun but not epic), as well as Gravity in the Kings Island Theater- which I fell in love with (saw it 2 more times in 2019). While I generally am just going around from ride to ride at Kings Island, now I may stop once or twice and see a show if it sounds appealing.

  7. 2019 was a pretty good year for me, not quite as epic as 2018 was but last year was really epic and I dunno if I will surpass it anytime soon. Here are how my 2019 Trips went:

    Passholder Preview Night (April 19th)

    This day kinda sucked- not because the park did anything bad or wrong, but because the weather was awful. It was cold, and very rainy at the same time. Lots of usually awesome roller coasters like The Beast and Banshee were made unenjoyable due to rain bullets (and Banshee actually DUMPED WATER ON US!). We did get some dry rides towards the end on Mystic Timbers and Diamondback thankfully, but it was so wet and cold I just couldn't enjoy it very much. Luckily...

    Opening Day (April 20th)

    We came back the very next day, and while it was still a bit cold, it was MUCH drier and that alone made everything much, much better. The threat of rain also kept crowds away, so I was able to ride pretty much every big ride in the entire park save the 3 Arrow coasters (it was too cold for them). I actually managed to tie my personal record for most rides ridden in a single day, in spite of waiting 2 hours for The Beast in the morning to get one of the free T-Shirts (though the ride I got- which was from 6-3, the very back row of the last car- was awesome and probably the best daytime ride I have ever gotten on Beast). I also joined up with other KIC Members for the first time and rode WindSeeker, The KI & MV Railroad, and Boo Blasters with them (getting my best score ever on Boo Blasters!). The day ended with some incredible night rides on Mystic Timbers, Diamondback (which was giving stronger than usual airtime for some reason), and The Beast.

    Memorial Day Weekend: Sunday (May 26th)

    This trip was kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision made on the Friday before, but it was a good one! Made sure to ride the Arrows on this trip as they were closed on Opening Weekend, and also saw Gravity for the first of two times in 2019. I got a new coaster credit- Flying Ace Aerial Chase. It was quite rough, even worse than a lot of the bigger rides! We also got tricked into thinking there was a cat trapped in a locker at Soak City- it wasn't, it was behind the lockers. A few storms also passed through, causing some brief ride closures. I ended this day by riding Banshee and The Bat at night, and then we saw the updated for 2019 fireworks show. I also broke my record for most rides in a day, riding a whopping 27 rides (includes re-rides) in a single day!

    July Summer Trip (July 13th)

    This was my final trip to KI in 2019, I didn't get out for Haunt or Winterfest this year like I did in 2018. This trip was hot and crowded- I actually had to wait 30 minutes for Vortex at one point, and this was before it was announced that the ride would be closing (I got 3 rides on Vortex on this day- they were, I did not realize at the time, my final 3 rides). Then again the crowds I was kind of expecting, it was a July Saturday and the park would be open until midnight for a reason. I was also able to take pictures on this trip as I had my own phone finally. I also saw Gravity for the 2nd time this season (3rd overall) for the final time. We stayed until Midnight, missed the fireworks cycle of WindSeeker by just 1, and then we rode Beast twice at night- including the last ride of the night- to finish the trip.

    Cedar Point Halloweekends (September 14th & 15th)

    Taking advantage of the Platinum part of my pass, we headed up to Cedar Point in September to celebrate my sister's birthday. And oh lord, did it get crowded on Saturday- even the less popular rides like Rougarou or Magnum XL-200 were pulling 30 to 45 minute waits, and popular rides like Millennium Force were over 2 hours, with Steel Vengeance hitting 3 hours plus! We did get a few rides in, but not a whole lot for obvious reasons. I felt smart for doing Millennium Force around opening and only waiting 20 minutes then. I also got my best ride ever on Raptor, after waiting 45 minutes for it (it was re-opening from a breakdown and had a 90 minute wait afterwards). We ended Day 1 with a night ride on Steel Vengeance, thankfully as everyone tends to leave near park close the wait was "only" 75 minutes then...not great, but a heck of a lot better than THREE HOURS.

    Sunday was much better, the big rides still got big hour plus waits at peak but everything else was 15 minutes or less at least. Save Top Thrill Dragster, which was broken all day. Typical TTD- it and Cedar Creek Mine Ride were the only 2 coasters I didn't ride at least once on this trip. We knocked out Valravn and Maverick early, so we avoided the huge waits for them. I also got my first ride on Power Tower, which felt like Drop Tower in reverse as you shot up 240 feet in the air. At the end of the day we took a awesome dusk ride on Millennium Force, ending this trip on the same ride we began it with- also because I wanted to experience and get used to a 300 foot drop because Orion was announced not long before this. :P

    And that was my 2019. It was great, though I still think my 2018 was better (In 2018 I went to CP twice for a total of six days instead of 2 total, went to Holiday World, and also went to Haunt and Winterfest at KI) but I do think years like 2018 are gonna be rarer and thus hard for me to beat. But hey, maybe 2020 can beat 2018... :P

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  8. My favorite personal memory from the 2010s actually happened fairly early on: October 16th, 2010. It was my first time to Halloween Haunt and I was with a group of friends, and we waited 90 minutes to ride The Beast at night (everything had monster lines as it was a Haunt Saturday- Beast was actually overflowing nearly into the main Rivertown midway!). But the ride we got was EPIC. The park had fog machines along the track, and even a Beast "monster" prop in the woods before the 2nd lift.  And the ride was running about as good as I think it ever has. My friends screamed so much in the cool air (it was in the low 50's) that the next day, when we went to a local short race track for a race, I was the only one of the group who could still talk. :P

    As for my favorite new addition to the park, while Mystic Timbers is great, I would personally give the nod to Banshee. Waiting 4 1/2 hours to ride it on its grand opening- and not be disappointed at all- is another memory I vividly hold from this decade. Though that same day we got in a minor car accident because someone decided to car line jump us before we even got in the park, which is a low point from this decade IMO. (Thankfully our insurance covered it and yes, the idiot who wrecked into us got in trouble for it)

    I also have to agree with KIGhostguy, Kings Island improved a LOT this decade to the point where I can easily say the 2019 version of the park is far superior to the 2010 version. At that is in spite of losing 2 roller coasters (3 if you could SOB which didn't operate this decade), including Vortex which was a ride I am really gonna miss.

    And now, in no particular order, are some "honorable mention" memories as I think of them (besides The Beast one that I feel "won" the decade):

    -Waiting 4 1/2 Hours for Banshee, and still enjoying the ride enough to feel it was worth it (as stated earlier) in 2014

    -Visiting Kings Island on my 27th Birthday in 2017 and getting my first ride on Mystic Timbers that day

    -Kings Island saving our butts because the car we drove to the park had a faulty gas gauge and we ran outta gas, so they gave us some to get to a gas station in 2010 (Thanks KI!)

    -Diamondback going crazy on Opening Day 2019 and giving what felt like SUSTAINED EJECTOR AIR. I feel the weather may have been a part of why- it was cold and had been running all day. It felt more like Steel Vengeance than the usual Diamondback ride!

    --Waiting 2 Hours to ride The Beast for a 40th Anniversary T-Shirt, riding in the very very back, and getting a epic ride that felt worth it even if they were out of shirts...but they were not so I got one! :P Also Opening Day 2019.

    -Also getting to meet with KIC members and ride a few rides (including my best ever run on Boo Blasters!) on Opening Day 2019

    -Conquering my fears and riding Drop Tower for the first time in 2010 with my best friend (happened same visit as the above Beast night ride, but much earlier in the day)

    -Discovering how much better Vortex was from 5-1, also in 2010

    -Red Racer giving a glass smooth and airtime packed ride the morning of May 5th, 2012 (usually Racer is at least a little rough so this stood out to me a lot) and then it happened again on Blue Racer in 2018

    -Riding Flight of Fear during Haunt 2016, and the MCBR being OFF, resulting in one crazy intense ride

    -Watching Gravity, my favorite show of the decade at KI, in both 2018 and 2019

    -Enjoying all the Christmas lights and riding Flight of "Cheer" and Mystic Timbers with minimal wait times during Winterfest 2018 (didn't get to come to Wintefest '17 and '19 sadly)

    -Too many epic Beast night rides- including the one above- to list.

    And I am gonna stop myself here but I think the point gets across: I had a ton of fun during my first decade going to Kings Island regularly (first trip in the "modern" era was 2009 when I got over my fear of big roller coasters). Hopefully the 2020s are just as good, if not better. Orion does look like it's gonna be a promising start to the decade...



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  9. I shall join in this. For my review, I choose the ride that made me fall in love with roller coasters in the first place...

    The Beast @ Kings Island

    Experience: 6/6 (5/6 if Daytime)

    The Beast is a epic ride experience. It feels very fast and out of control, as the train bounces around the track, feeling at times like it is going to break loose and fly off- especially in the double helix. The wooded setting of the coaster makes it feel like you are far from civilization at points, and gives the entire ride a horror movie vibe. Especially at night when everything becomes nearly pitch black. You even get some epic views from both the lift hills.

    Layout: 3/5

    The layout of The Beast is very unique, and it is massive and sprawling, and the double helix finale is super epic. But it does have a bit too much straight track so I can't say the ride's layout is insanely good.

    Capacity: 3/4

    While the ride doesn't have the fastest dispatches in the world, they are OK, and the 36-passenger trains really help the line move at a solid pace.

    Theming: 2/3

    While there isn't much as far as theming goes on the actual coaster save that one Mine Shaft you see when exiting the station and heading for the lift hill, the signs in the station, the station design itself, the entrance building, and the returning-for-2019 paw prints are all great touches. The ride also has a nice backstory behind it, something I think more rides should have.

    Restraints: 1/2

    Standard PTC Lap Bars. They aren't the greatest, they aren't the worst, they are just OK.

    TOTAL SCORE: 15/20 (75%)

    Note that while I only give Beast a 75% overall here, IRL Experience matters a bit more to me than a lot of the other factors and I adore this ride. Thus just because another coaster may earn more total points doesn't mean I'd like it more than Beast.

    I may also do more of these this off-season. :P







  10. 4 hours ago, VortexBFForever said:


    Great Trip Report! Also, this photo is awesome: I know you were just going to try for a Vortex Panorama most likely, but I love how in a ironic twist you can see Orion to the left and Diamondback to the right, and they look like they are facing each other (and they appear around the same size) with Vortex stuck in the middle of them.

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  11. 1 minute ago, pkiridesmaint said:

    The three ring bell was only when a train was stopped at the C block brakes right before the corkscrews 

    Oh- oops. My bad- now that I think of it, I don't think I ever saw or heard Vortex stop there, so all I ever heard was the "Cleared Lift" bell.

  12. This is awesome- it is nice to have all these classic Vortex sounds archived. (I had a idea for a use for it in No Limits 1 but it didn't work like I'd hoped- I'll still enjoy just being able to listen to Vortex's sounds again)

    Also I had heard that bell ringing noise dozens of times while in line for Vortex, and never realized until now it was for when a train had crested the lift hill or if 3 trains were stacked on the brake runs. :P

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  13. I perfer "The Darkest Day"- though TBH while it is listed here under Paramount, they played it until at least 2010- 4 years into Cedar Fair's ownership. I remember vividly it playing on my first ever Beast night ride back in 2009.

    I have heard the 2nd song (Wanna say they changed the Song in 2011), but feel like I haven't heard music on the lift hills in a while. Just the usual "Welcome To The Beast. Please keep hands and arms inside the ride. Thank You." spieling.

    Though a song I will associate with Beast is this, as when I was waiting for the ride on Opening Night 2014 (aka when Banshee first opened- it was a 90 minute wait which was peanuts compared to the 4 1/2 hour Banshee wait I did earlier in the day) with my sister this played on the then-new FunTVs in the que and I thought it fit the vibe of the coaster we were about to ride perfectly (especially because it was a night ride):


  14. Reading this, I noticed it is just for Membership and Season Pass holders and is considered a "preview". Since the last day for this is January 5th, 2020 I imagine regular ticket users would be able to ride on the 6th of January 2020 if everything goes smoothly.

    So the soft opening may be in 2019, but the full opening is likely in 2020. THIS COASTER'S OPENING SPANS TWO YEARS! :P

  15. 4 hours ago, TheFloppyDisc said:

    I follow a few of the Youtubers who are coaster enthusiasts and ElToroRyan posted this video recently about The Beast. I thought people would be interested in seeing what he had to say about it.


    I saw this video the other day. I agree on how he calls Beast "The World's Biggest Backyard Coaster"- it kinda does fit that bill when you think about it. Also while I had connected Beast's "lineage" to Dinn Corp., CCI, GCI, and Gravity Group he pointed out how RMC's rise is also, in part, due to The Beast. So my current favorite coaster- Cedar Point's insane Steel Vengeance- likely would not even exist if not for The Beast.

    Plus, even though it may not have a crazy intense layout (minus the final helix- I really wonder how intense those early rides pre-1979 opening day must have been with the reduced banking AND no trims there!) The Beast is still an incredibly fun ride and my favorite coaster at Kings Island as well (not sure if Orion will dethrone it or not). I like the bouncy feeling the ride gives (well 99% of the time- some wheel seat rides went from bouncy to actually rough), how immersive the ride is with the wooded setting (I hope Orion doesn't hurt this too much), the fact it is actually a LONG ride so you feel you get something worthwhile after a long wait, the views from both lift hills are epic (the 2nd lift has my favorite view from any lifthill I have ever been on so far- though Magnum XL200's first hill comes close) and of course the super intense double helix is probably my favorite element STILL on any coaster ever. Add all this up, and in spite of the straight track and trims, you still have a amazing ride in my book.


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  16. ^

    I would say yes, all 3 of the last big coasters (Diamondback in 2009, Banshee in 2014, and Mystic Timbers in 2017) opened with the park on opening day and Orion will likely be no different. I would avoid actual opening day though: Banshee and Mystic Timbers both pulled 4+ hour waits on their opening days (I was there- and waited for it- when Banshee opened). However, weekends afterwards should be MUCH better, at least until around July when the summer crowds start to kick in. And I expect even Orion will have pretty short wait times on most weekdays before local schools let out.

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  17. 1 hour ago, Ben43065 said:

    No way they announce a coaster imo 

    Yeah, if they were adding something like a roller coaster, there would have been land clearing and stuff during the 2019 season: I went during Halloweekends in September and there was none of that.

    The big rumor I have heard is that in 2020, the beloved former family boat ride Paddlewheel Excursions is supposed to return. I would also not rule out some sort of dark ride.

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  18. 37 minutes ago, coastergirl24 said:

    Question are Fast Passes available during Winterfest? We are planning a trip for the first time to Winterfest.

    As far as I recall from last year, no. The normal Fast Lane line for Mystic Timbers was turned into a single rider line, and the same was done with Flight of Fear (which won't be open this year due to its que getting modified and Orion construction).


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  19. 31 minutes ago, BeastForever said:

    Six Flags Great America is the only park with a truly plausible chance to (re)capture the record with another woodie, but I just don't see it happening. 

    And rumor has it, SFGam may not be looking to add another woodie, but might RMC American Eagle. If that happens, bye-bye 9300 feet of wooden track (since RMC Eagle would be Steel I-Box) and suddenly Kings Island is way out in front in terms of total wooden coaster track.

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  20. This is not my poll, but I do love these head-2-head type polls as I feel they are more accurate than popularity polls as representing how well-liked a roller coaster really is (plus this method is great at revealing hidden gems at parks that never get any attention). So I figured I would post about it yet again.

    The ElloCoaster basically replaces the old Mitch Hawker polls, which ended in 2013 for some unknown reason (I fear something bad may have happened). This year, ElloCoaster boasts a new poll: THE STEEL POLL IS FINALLY HERE!

    Here is a link to the ballots for wood and steel:


    Note that coasters RCDB lists as kiddie on the steel poll don't count. Granted, this is a bit odd since Great Pumpkin Coaster is listed as "Family" for some reason, but Wilderness Run (formerly Junior Gemini) at Cedar Point is listed as kiddie (and thus not in the poll).

    I'll also give a tip for this poll- especially for the steel part. My suggestion is to use Control+F and look up the parks you have been to, and then mark all the coasters you have ridden in those parks. Then when you have done this for all your parks, delete the coasters you have not ridden and then begin your rankings. I imagine most people are gonna be deleting well over 2,000 steel credits they don't have.

    BTW, here is what my personal ballot looks like- my entire wood Ballot (have only ridden 10 Woodies even counting Racer as 2), plus my Top 10 Steel (out of 27 that counted towards this year's ballot):


    1. The Voyage @ Holiday World

    2. The Beast @ Kings Island

    3. Mystic Timbers @ Kings Island

    4. The Legend @ Holiday World

    5. The Raven @ Holiday World

    6. The Racer (Blue) @ Kings Island

    7. Blue Streak @ Cedar Point (Blue Racer ran so well over Red IMO in 2019, there was a big enough gap that Blue Streak sneaks between them!):P

    8. The Racer (Red) @ Kings Island

    9. Hoosier Hurricane @ Indiana Beach

    10. Woodstock Express @ Kings Island

    STEEL COASTERS (Top 10 out of 27 Ridden that Operated in 2019)

    1. Steel Vengeance @ Cedar Point

    2. Maverick @ Cedar Point

    3. Millennium Force @ Cedar Point

    4. Magnum XL-200 @ Cedar Point

    5. Diamondback @ Kings Island

    6. Raptor @ Cedar Point (Surpassed Banshee and others with some epic rides a month or so ago)

    7. Banshee @ Kings Island

    8. Top Thrill Dragster @ Cedar Point

    9. GateKeeper @ Cedar Point

    10. Valravn @ Cedar Point

    BTW, here are some things I am looking forward to in this poll:

    -Where will Steel Curtain, Copperhead Strike, Yukon Striker, and MAXX Force end up ranking as these are the new-for-2019 coasters?

    -How will Vortex rank in its only year on this poll (should give a good idea how loved/hated the ride really was)?

    -Will Wildfire @ Kolmarden defend its title as the #1 wooden coaster from last year? Or will El Toro or some other coaster steal the title?

    -What steel coaster will win best steel coaster 2019? (My guess is: Steel Vengeance @ Cedar Point!)

    -How will the B&M Gigas, Fury 325 and Leviathan, rank- as to give us a realistic expectation for how Orion may do in 2020?

    -What rides will be "MOST SUCK"?




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  21. 2 hours ago, malem said:

    According to Kings Island via Twitter, Vortex's final rider count is 46,030,685. That works out to an average of 862,117 riders per season over the past four seasons.


    Based on that- assuming the other rides held somewhat steady to 2015- Vortex was still one of the more popular rides in the park in terms of rider numbers. It probably dropped one spot- thanks to the debut of Mystic Timbers, which from everything I have heard is in the million riders club (which would put it ahead of Vortex).

    Also 862,000+ riders per year would actually be the most ridden ride at a lot of parks- I think I even read somewhere that Kings Dominion's MOST RIDDEN coaster, Dominator (at least I think), only gets like 850k-900k riders per year (though I imagine a lot of this is probably because Kings Dominion is a park that generally only gets 1.5-2 million guests per year or so, Kings Island gets 3-3.5 million)!

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  22. Le sigh. And it's officially over. Sadly I was unable to come get 1 last ride in on Vortex, things kept getting in the way of visiting the park during Haunt so my final memories of the coaster are from July 13th. At least for the most part, they were good memories: I got kinda beat up on the last ride in 2-2, but I also got some epic rides earlier that were actually quite smooth in 7-1 (complete with ejector air). I have kept track of my rides ever since my first one in 2009 (like many on here, Vortex was my first looping coaster) and I managed to get 23 rides total over a 10 year span- considering I only got to KI once a year until recently and even missed a few years, 2.3 rides per year average isn't too bad I'd say.

    While I am excited for Orion, I am gonna miss Vortex- unlike Firehawk, which I only rode 4 times because the line was almost always too long, Vortex was a staple on many of my Kings Island visits: with short wait times, it was my go-to coaster for crowded days or if I just wanted to kill a bit of time (say if I wanted to do a Beast night ride and it wasn't 100% dark yet).

    Whatever replaces Vortex (I expect 2023-2025 range to be when this happens) is gonna have some big shoes to fill. Then again, Vortex itself replaced The Bat, one of the most famous defunct coasters ever created. Hopefully KI can pull off the hat trick, and the 3rd coaster (I do think a coaster will go in Vortex's spot- it is very uneven and thus would not really work flat rides and stuff) to occupy that plot is as epic as Vortex must have been when it opened in 1987.



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