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  1. As a joke of sorts, here is an even more updated map. PS: This is no slam to SOB fans. It is just a joke about how the coaster is not running right now. Some people, myself included, are upset about that. I have yet to ride SOB myself, and it was shut down on May 16th. KI trips are rare for me, my family isn't rich, and if a major ride isn't running, odds are I'll miss it for over a year. After Diamondback and Beast, the ride 3rd highest on my hit list was SOB- and I couldn't ride it and won't this year even if I return to KI.
  2. Yep...not sure why though.
  3. Interesting yet stupid poll ahead. What do you think of the current park maps? Here is a picture of the 2009 map for you:
  4. No mention of SOB's "repoted" 5/31/2009 accident on that second site...weird. I also see some clear fake accidents in the un-verified section. This is getting off topic...
  5. I don't blame the ride, but it still "counts" since it did occur while on Flight Deck. Had it happened on any other ride, that ride could still be attributed no matter how non-intense. I wonder if the park billing it as a family ride affected her desicion to ride it, it's the only larger coaster with a rating of 4/5 on the 2009 park map now that Racer was upgraded to a 5. It has still killed more riders than all of the said rides combined, however. Spoiler: In case you didn't know, all of the listed rides have spotless records when it comes to fatalities. Injuries? Of course. But not deaths. Even SOB has yet to kill someone...
  6. OK, it's been a month or so, so if I am going to keep this up for all the KI coasters, I had better get back to these. With the popular rumor that Flight Deck is going to be removed, I chose it. Rate Flight Deck! Fact: Flight Deck has killed, indirectly, more riders than Beast, Son of Beast, Diamondback, Invertigo, Flight of Fear, Vortex, Drop Tower, Delirium, The Crypt, and Firehawk combined.
  7. Note: Some rides were given more hype than others. You can consider this when making your vote. DropZone99 probably did this. Example: Beast, SOB, and Diamondback were given far more hype than BLSC, meaning they have to be AAA or its a dud.
  8. A while back, someone made a poll about the most underrated ride at KI. Now here is the opposite. In the list above I give you 12 of Kings Island's most famous and bragged about rides that we are told "you have to ride this!". Note the lack of non-heavily promoted rides such as Adventure Express and Flight Deck, etc. While those rides are great, a typical park guest doesn't even know they even exist until they look at the map. Of the rides listed, which of them underperforms the most? My pick: Crypt. Too short, boring, end of story.
  9. I think pkiruler meant that the current trains were not meant for SOB, and were designed for another ride. I can agree somewhat to this, I think new trains might help the roughness issue a bit. If anything, they should make cushioned trains, it would cost more but would absorb some of the roughness (although giant+high speed+non pre fab wooden will always equal some level of roughness, the ride will probably never be perfectly smooth even by woodie standards). They might even have to test SOB often with multiple trains to find out what works best, but that is still better than throwing away a $20 million investment. SOB probably won't be thrown out just yet, I could see Cedar Fair trying a couple things before doing that. At least, as long as SOB has those world records they will. If it loses them, which I doubt will happen in the near future, then I can see them not trying as hard to fix the ride and removing it, but only after they attempt to fix it a few more times. If they get desperate enough, the ride could see a total overhaul in a few years, like Texas Giant is getting after this year. But the destruction of SOB is probably not happening...for now at least. As for using heavier trains, they won't do that. That's why the 2006 accident happened, remember? This one pales in comparison (1 injury versus 27) though any injury or death on a coaster is serious.
  10. Speculation over: Cedar Fair finally coughed up what really happened- a woman was injured on the ride on May 31st. Cedar Fair did the correct thing and closed the ride. So much for my "new trains" theory, although that could still happen because of this accident.
  11. Thought of and added a new option. It's the one about the loop. Unlikely, but you never know.
  12. I have only logged about 15 "laps" on coasters, but already I have a few "Zen" moments! The 1st Drop on Diamondback, my very first time. I felt like I was going to fly out! Then came the corkscrew at the end of FOF...later, on the same day. But the one that takes the cake was my first night ride on The Beast. During the day I liked Diamondback and FOF more, but that night ride shot The Beast all the way back to #1. I have yet to ride DB at night, or Voyage, or Millie...but if anything surpasses that night ride on Beast, I will let you all know.
  13. A week or so ago, Son of Beast closed down and has yet to re-open, and will possibly remain closed for some time. The park is not responding and thus we have no idea why the coaster is shut down. So...of the choices above, what do you think caused SOB to close? PS: Some of the above choices are for comedy. But still.
  14. Roller Coaster Tycoon is the easiest, but NoLimits is the best as far as realism is concerned. Almost any existing, or even former roller coaster can be built in No Limits, and then rode. I have seen some awesome coasters on youtube made with NoLimits. I also tried the demo and the recreations of rides such as the Crystal Beach Cyclone are amazingly well done. But I doubt I could ever make a coaster using the program. But you can create one in RCT then import it into No Limits.
  15. Sorry, I forgot the date of this article when I made this poll, this is old news...but not that old, only a few months.
  16. http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dw...t.3f612dd1.html The Texas Giant as SFOT is getting some serious work after the 2009 season to both increase the ride's speed and decrease roughness. It will re-open in 2011. Bonus Poll Question : Son of Beast is known to be very rough. Will it also eventually get a total overhaul?
  17. Oh, I can handle the Spider Rides. I like them a good bit. But why theme one to Paul Revere? That's kinda weird. But alas, weird can sometimes be good.
  18. Hmm...I probably shouldn't overlook the flatrides either, though. Any of them at Holiday World stand out? I know of Liberty Launch, which looks fun. And they have a bunch of classic flatrides like the Spider Ride, Scrambler, Tilt-A-Whirl...wait, I just figured it out myself. I should ride some of those timeless classics. And that's NOT counting the water rides.
  19. That is what truly matters. I doubt there is a ride in ANY park that has zero people who like it.
  20. OK, 2 awesome wooden coasters in Voyage & Raven. Those alone justify the price of admission. Heck, Voyage alone does that. Sounds like Holiday World is going to be AWESOME. Could it get any better? (Remembers the free drinks) It just did.
  21. Thanks for the advice, but I'm pretty sure we're going on a weekend...I'll see if we can go on a weekday, however. And if Voyage makes Beast a "snooze fest", It will easily become my new #1 coaster! I've seen POV videos on youtube and such, it does look awesome. I can't believe wooden roller coasters managed to go sideways! But what about Raven & Legend...
  22. Hello everybody! I just found out earlier today that a friend of mine(yeah, I went to KI with him, rode The Beast at Night with him)is taking me to Holiday World with me later this month (June 2009). I simply want to know: -Are the 3 big wooden roller coasters as good as I have heard? -Will Voyage surpass Beast and become my new #1 coaster? -How long are the lines at Holiday World, compared to Kings Island? -What rides, apart from the coasters, are worth riding? -Where is the best food at HW? That's about it. Thanks for any advice. And I will post a trip report when I return!
  23. Wow...I overlooked that. Silly me. I expected at least a few non-ultra thrill ride lovers...then again, I don't think anyone can ride mega-thrill ride after mega-thrill ride non-stop all day...can they?
  24. My latest poll asks what level of thrills you perfer in your rides. Here are some examples for the levels, to help you out: Level 1- The gentlest of gentle, such as The Grand Carosuel or some of the weakest Nick-U rides. Level 2- Gentle Rides such as the Eiffel Tower, or some of the normal kids rides at Nick-U. Level 3- Thrill Rides that while thrilling do not induce mega-thrills. Monster, Scrambler, Shake Rattle & Roll...this category applies mostly to the classic flatrides. Level 4- Big Thrill Rides that deliver the thrills and could scare little kids. Stuff like Flight Deck, The Racer, etc. fall into this category. Level 5- The meanest, biggest, baddest thrill rides in the world! The Beast, Son of Beast, Vortex, Delirium, Flight of Fear, Diamondback...that stuff. Me: Before my May 16th visit to KI, I would have rode Level 3 rides. But after, I now seek as close to Level 5 as possible!
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