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    Son of Beast

    No I don't, how do I do that? I found out how, but this doesn't seem to be a good multiple choice topic...unless SOB is a inconsistent coaster (smoothish one day, crazy rough the next)...uh-oh, that could be a problem.
  2. McSalsa

    Son of Beast

    No I don't, how do I do that?
  3. McSalsa

    Son of Beast

    Son of Beast is, without any doubt, one of the most famous and controversial roller coasters in Kings Island and one I wish to know a little more about, so I created this poll. If this becomes popular enough I may do more of these for the parks other coasters... PS: I cannot yet vote as I have never ridden SOB myself.
  4. So, it would seem that this awesome loop is the reason Firehawk has such long lines... ...or it is just that bad on capacity.
  5. Then vote for it...I still see a "0" in the votes for Invertigo poll!
  6. What should be another interesting poll, which Kings Island coaster has your favorite inversion? For newbies who do not know, an inversion is anything that goes upside down, aka a loop or corkscrew. This IS NOT A BEST COASTER WITH AN INVERSION POLL. This is strictly among which coaster had the best one/s...ala, if you think SOB sucked but still had the best inversion, vote for it. Just an example. I have never rode Invertigo, King Cobra, Demon, Firehawk, or SOB w/loop so I had to choose between Vortex and Flight of Fear. I voted FOF because I loved the final corkscrew in that ride, and how the ride seemed to be over and then WHAM! All in total darkness... Thanks! Comments welcome.
  7. I was just a LITTLE irritated about the LJs at that point. That conversation was hilarious. No Paintball Nukes!?!? LOL McSalsa, being silly...as usual.
  8. Wait a minute, I rode The Beast for the first time this year and loved the ride...and yet it was a neutered, tamed version? It seemed plenty fast to me...although I found it a bit weird, Red Racer and Flight Deck both seemed to OWN The Beast when it came to speed.
  9. Kings Island isn't 100% accurate on how intense and thrilling their rides are...I added AE to the Thrill Coasters list.
  10. Oh yeah...but isn't that marketed as a family ride? Wait, so is Flight Deck...I'll add AE. PS: That "family" rating for Flight Deck is a joke because that ride is very quick and has some good thrills.
  11. Assuming they only included thrilling non-kiddie roller coasters, I have a good idea in which order they should have the POV videos play on the DVD. Of course, you can bypass it and all, but... #1-The Racer It was KI's first coaster. Showing it first makes sense. Then, the park's non-Diamondback steel coasters and AE... #2-Adventure Express #3-Flight Deck #4-Backlot Stunt Coaster #5-Invertigo #6-Vortex #7-Flight of Fear #8-Firehawk Then The Beast and Sonnie. #9-The Beast #10-Son of Beast (gotta show him after the dad) And finally...the new B&M hyper! #11-Diamondback Just an idea.
  12. If it was a thrill video, I don't think they would include kid rides...but Avatar might still make it, you never know. Crypt is billed as a thrill ride, but we know the truth about that one. It (Avatar) would easily make the kids area video though.
  13. By the way, Kings Island, if you do make your 2009 coastermania video, and put it on Super-8, Betamax, or even VHS and not DVD/Blu-Ray, I will be very upset! If they did make a new one, it would be a DVD more than likely...and would feature: Diamondback, The Beast, Son of Beast, Firehawk, Vortex, Invertigo, Flight of Fear, The Racer, Flight Deck, Backlot Stunt Coaster and would throw in some non-coasters for the heck of it like Drop Tower, The Crypt, and Delirium. Mind you, this was a "thrill" video, but if it was a "Kings Island" video overall they would likely make it 1+ hour like the Disney ones and show almost everything...
  14. Yes, I do know what Betamax is. It was a failed attempt at video recording, embarrassed by VHS, like HD-DVD was recently by Blu-Ray. So...Super-8 was really old, yet they made this tape is the early 90s or something. Wow.
  15. I don't know what Super-8 even is. But if these came out on that then yes it does.
  16. Another PS: If you are a true KI enthusiast, you probably have already seen these because you have it...on VHS.
  17. I found these videos on Youtube, they are King Island's star coasters- at least they were in the late 80s and early 90s. They are in order of appearance. They were taken from a Kings Island Promo VHS dubbed "Coastermania: The Coasters of Kings Island". These POVs have music, but it is very fitting music! At least I think so... The Racer (foolishly called "Racers" here. I know Terpy will be ticked off at that!) KING COBRA (Now Defunct) Vortex The Beast Jonus04 was the one who posted these videos. Give him props. PS: Should they make a new one of these with 2009 coasters? It would promote the park to thrill seekers.
  18. Probably "OMG HOW THE HECK IS THAT THING SO FREAKIN' HUGE!?!?" They would also probably think that of SOB...and fear it greatly, thinking it is 10x as intense as the Cyclone, though we know that is not true!
  19. Someone who rode that back in the day would yawn on some of our modern coasters, if not most of them. PS: I would probably have still rode it, but would return...KOed.
  20. Holy Cow! It KOed People! Not even SOB can do that!
  21. Tis okay as long as it is okay with you...I've learned much from detours here... Terpy, who wishes some other people would contribute their five most wanted coasters to your poll...but bets they are off at either Holiday World, Kings Island, in Alexandria, or near a Point or some other great adventure... BTW, after seeing how long some of these coasters operated, I doubt any of them were the legendary "rib busters" of the 1920s. Those did not last. Most of the good ones, however, did...at least, for a while, though some do still exist today...(Coney Island Cyclone, etc).
  22. Oh, sorry. That came up when I typed the name into youtube, and stated in the text box that the Comet was originally the Cyclone. My bad. And boy is this topic getting way off topic!
  23. Terpy...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RteYRmG8HPI Harry Traver's Cyclone at Crystal Beach may still exist! This looks new and was uploaded in 2008. And yes, it looks awesome too! Hold on...just read more, it was changed in 1949. Bummer. But it looks awesome even in current form!
  24. Rye Aeroplane looks fun to me. Add it to the list!
  25. I just hope none of them were the infamous super-rough woodies of the 1920s, the ones that broke bones when working correctly and make SOB look super smooth!
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