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  1. OK, a very obvious poll that has yet to made- which of KI's coasters do you think was/is the best? This includes former rides such as The Bat, King Cobra, etc. too. Roller Coasters only, no flatrides like Delirium or Drop Tower, etc. are included.

  2. I overcame my fear of big coasters yesterday by riding The Beast, Vortex, and Diamondback. Now I love them! In fact, 90% of my day at KI, I was either on or in line for a roller coatser. Sorry flatrides!

  3. I was there that same day. Most of the rides I rode were good (sans Crypt), the food was excellent, the park was clean...I got hit on (I'm a guy BTW)...it was almost perfect. The cherry on top was a night ride on The Beast, which was simply incredible. But it wasn't perfect. We got rash because we were soaked on Congo Falls and White Water Canyon, Son of Beast was closed all day :angry: , and the line for Firehawk, a ride I really wanted to ride after experiencing Vortex, had a HUGE line I wasn't willing to deal with. But overall it was a great day. :rolleyes:

    My favorite rides were...

    #1-The Beast (was #3, but the night ride was so good!)

    #2-Diamondback (Awesome Ride, great airtime, first drop is :lol: )

    #3-Flight of Fear (Long Line, but worth it!)

    #4-The Racer (Lots of airtime=fun)

    #5-Vortex (Fun, but dropped to #5 due to the pain of the OTSR)

    Worst Ride: The Crypt. 30 seconds is just lame for a ride like this where I had to wait over 30 minutes.

    PS: This was my first trip to KI in 9 years, and most of the people with us rode big coasters for the first time.

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