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  1. Ah I did ride blue streak once. Wildcat however I did not, ive been on it before not really a fan.
  2. First if I want to say I just got back into the thrill ride hobby, mostly due to Diamondback. I haven't had a pass in 3 years. I used to have an account name on here but forgot everything including the email address I had it registered to, oh well. I didn't take a camera or anything so sorry but there will be no pictures. We decided to stay at breakers express because the last three times we have stayed there and its a nice place and right across the street from McDonald's and East of Chicago Pizza Company. The pizza place became sort of after closing traditions as its cheap. So we arrived at the hotel around 3-4ish, checked in etc and got in to the park right before 5:00. Was expecting a decent crowd it being a Sunday. First time in the park for 4 seasons, walked down the midway and rode the first ride of the trip, Raptor, had two wait a whole 2 trains! rode in the back row cause I know it produced some awesome G forces. It delevired and was happy afterword. Then we walked over to Mantis. Now I am a large person 6'4 280 pounds, broad shoulders 38 inch waist. Short story Mantis was the first walk of shame I ever had to make. Luckily the line was only about 10 mins, at the bottom of the stairs. Sad thing is was it wasn't cause I had a large chest, the restraint got stuck on my shoulders and just couldn't get the seat belt shut. No biggie I had ridden it before, not even that great of a ride IMO. So I walked over to M.Force, tried out the test seat, was extremly close and the ride op sitting there said id be fine. Got in line, if you can call it a line, was on that concrete ramp that heads up to the station. Approached the train nervous, got in buckled my saftey belt and away I went. Yep its still a rockin ride. Three good airtime hills, some cool turns, just a great ride. Noticed it could use some paint though. Walked to frontier town as I wanted to ride Maverick for the first time. Again there was, for some reason no one was in the park. Wait time was around 35 mins. Holy crap what a ride, it was rough, tough, fast, and that one large airtime hill is simple amazing. It was definantly a diffrent experience A+. Then I was the newer looking ride called Skyhawk, the giant swing contraption. There was absolutly no wait, jumped on with my brother and we both loved it. We rode 5 times in a row, not making the next rotation once. The ride ops for the ride where very entertaining. I was also a great ride loved it. Way better than maxair/deleruim. Wondered why it had no line at all, most be its capacity 40 riders ever 3 minutes or so. That was it for frontier town. Headed over to celebrate xl-200 birthday and had a 2 train wait. Yep this ride is still awesome, reminds me alot of Diamondback just older. The tunnels near the end thrust you out of your seat. We jumpedback in line 3 times. We decided to turn arond and go ride gemini, it was running both trains so there was no wait at all. They did announce that they where shutting down a side though as we returned to the station. Needing a little break we got some cheese fries from the shop across from magnum, they where good. Not KI potato works good though. My brother and I then headed to the arcade to see if they still had virtual on, which they did and it was only 25cents even though a machine 30 feet away was 50cents. I beat him 6-1 not bad for myself only spending 25cents. We then headed back to maverick and rode twice more. At that time it was late so we took the train back, and then rode skyride to exit the park. Day 2 So neither of us are early risers E.R.T out of the question I thin we got to the park around 1pm. Thinking it was going to be dead since are sunday trip was empty. This assumption was far from correct, bummer. We headed to Millenium Force and the ride was posted as 2 hours. I looked at the line and said no way. Started the timer on my phone we exited the ride at 1hour 18 mins. Headed over to Maverick it was sporting a 1 hour 45min sign. Started timer, end result 1 hour 8 mins. Then went to go ride skyhawk, still a very short line, 3 rotation wait. We rode it a couple more times scared of other waits. Noticed Maverick was down. Then also noticed after a couple skyhawk rides a train had launched. Got in line lucking out, we where in the que building thing about a 30min wait. Rode again this time about an hour wait. Really enjoy this ride and I have bruises on my shoulders to prove it. Went over to ride meanstreak cause it never has a line. It is still trimmed to hell. The ride looks impressive and if they let it run id bet it woud be rough and a great ride. Headed over to dragster. I had rode it before and loved it, this time was a disappointment. It had a short weight for some reason about 25mins. It was a little harder to fit on than M.Force, but a ride op did my seat for me. Went to ride corkscrew just because, then jumped on skyride and headed over to the otherside of the park by wickedtwister. We rode the wheel, chaos a coulple times, and then disaster transportm cause its a bobsled and they are rare. Its a fun ride I love it was pitch black no lights at all, probaly prefer it that way. By this time it was late and time to leave the park since we where near the front. Jumped on Raptor, which became my scariest ride moment ever. I was struggling to fit. So I asked my brother to push down the restraint while I did the buckle, its alot easier. So then after I was seated we went off. So what was weird was we just went of, no one had checked me or my brothers restraint at all. I asked other while exiting if they had been checked and it was a NO. So I headed to guest relations at the front complained. She called the crew and I exited the park. That was the last Raptor ride of the of the trip. Day 3 This was a shorter day we only went to the park aroud 4pm. Ill keep this section short. We rode a couple smaller flats andgot a couple more rides on M.Force which was about an hour in a half. Rode XL-200 wich had an 3/4 hour wait. Rode Gemini again then headed to Maverick, rode once. Headed over to Chuckwagon Pizza because I read it was awesome, which it was. Rode maverick again exited the line it was 9:56 PM so we jumped in line again and was on the second to last train of the night. Went and got some T-shirts then left the park. Probally left out a couple of smaller rides, who cares the park was great. I had fun just wish they had some more shade. Trip Grade B+
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