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  1. It does seem they either refuse to staff the park with more employees to get labor costs down or they can't hire enough. Lots of the food staff does seem slow, unfriendly and just not interested to even be there. I can't say that for the rides people, they greet you and seem happy to be there. Is it a minor issue or just poor hiring decisions? Maybe KI has to pay more to attract better food workers. I suspect they are only making minimum wage. You get what you pay for. Pay cheap get cheap labor, and that translated to cheap product and cheap experience for the customers.
  2. Cedar Point food is heads above KI. Fast and friendly service, much better selection, and better taste all around. I can't think of one think KI has that CP does not do 100% better. It shocks me they are the same company. I guess no one cares about the food at KI from corporate. As long as it makes money, who cares right?
  3. It is simply very poor quality reheated food from the freezer. Nothing is fresh and seasoned there at all. They did make a great step this year in redoing the candy shop. The freshly made items, and you can see them make it every day, is quality, fresh and seems to be run by professionals. Not sure how food service can get it right there and no where else in the park.
  4. I am sure they hire above minimum wage. You get what you pay for. Also, I am not sure how much food is cooked verses reheated via fryers and ovens.
  5. At which food stand/restaurant does the chef cook?
  6. It is confidential even between employees in the same departments at KI.
  7. I saw a sign at one of the booths this weekend about unlimited photos from any of the 8 rides for the same day. I did not purchase it, but I think for the price of 3 photos at the regular price the day pass would be totally worth it.
  8. This is sold in the Diamond Back Trading Post store right at the exit of the ride. I think they have a few designs like this, they are unlike anything else you can find.
  9. I hope you have a ton of fun. I'm sure you will. Who knows, maybe I'll see you working there at least once! I also hope I can eventually get a job at KI someday. Living an hour away makes for quite a commute, which is part of the reason why I'm not going for it now. I know several people that live an hour+ away and work every day at KI. The commute is a killer they tell me, but they don't mind.
  10. It is a shut down only for the waterpark and they generally do not try to book rooms. This year, it is fully booked for a conference type event, but the pool is shut down for that time.
  11. Guest services would be my thought, if you are unhappy with anything in the park. I did this once with a very very rude ride operator on AE and went to guest services. I told them of my problem and they did not write a single thing down, the person's name or what my complaint was about. When I asked them to take my name and number to have a supervisor call me about this, they told me that was not necessary. I had very little confidence anything was ever said to the employee, maybe they just let me vent. They were all very, very nice as I shared my complaint, and I felt heard. Being this is a potential safety issue, that might be different. I suspect they are doing this to get people through, not to make some sort of quota.
  12. That is a great opportunity. Too bad I will be working tomorrow.
  13. I suspect that it is a matter of early in the season with new employees. Give it a few weeks of regular shifts and I am sure it will be back to fast speed. Last year was indeed quick loading and unloading.
  14. I suspect fast food standards.
  15. Glad you are a new part of the team. Hiring decisions are supper quick once you get the interview call. DA seems like a great place to work.
  16. We get meal plans for about half of the family and enjoy it very much. With only living 10 mins from the park we even go there just for the meal and a quick ride, dinner is served. We found that it is worth it. And now with more choices, I think it is a great deal.
  17. The set up for their POS does not allow for a copy receipt. I don't know why either, but when I asked for a copy of a receipt for a big ticket item, they were not allowed to print a second one out.
  18. Back in the day I went to Great America in Gurnee IL. This was the park of my childhood. My mom simply put me in line and I road ever coaster in one day. She did not give me a choice, I just was expected to ride them. After the first one, I was hooked, but still a bit afraid. By the end of the day, might have been 10, I went on every coaster they had and loved them. Short: My mom did not give me the option, she made me ride them. I did this with each of my kids as well.
  19. Perhaps the employee or supervisor did not correctly understand. You do not have to sign for anything under $25. Also, a receipt is automatically printed for any purchase, no matter the sale price. They are not able to print a copy or extra receipt nor are they able to force the machine to print a receipt to sign. I suspect they thought you wanted an extra receipt or thought you wanted to sign for the purchase, they did not communicate well.
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