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  1. happy birthday Daulton!

  2. Yep its your birthday haha. :D

  3. lmao i just realized that like 2 years ago =X
  4. Why is Diamondback 80mph and Behemoth is only 78mph when they are almost identical coasters?
  5. that was fun reading. haha and yes the tunnels on AE smell like a porta potty! one of them almost makes you gag! haha but glad to hear you had a good time. =]
  6. it still goes almost upside down. i just rode it yesterday
  7. i would spend a lot of money on theming. and upgrade Flight of Fears theming and Backlot Stunt Coaster and def. Adventure Express. I would for sure paint Top Gun and i agree with what everybody else is saying pretty much haha.
  8. I love "The Beach" we go every year once. i think its worth it. we always have fun you should try it
  9. i'm going too. i went on fathers day last year and it wasn't to busy so i hope its like that this year haha
  10. i wanted a comment haha

  11. i think its funny how similar they are. I must say I like Diamondbacks much better though. not just cause I like it but its catchier than the Behemoth one. run for it? or your first ride could be your last!
  12. haha i thought it was interesting when i first went to Kings Island i thought that the Flight of Fear inside where the ufo is was a huge room and it was a fully round ufo. i thought this for many years until i discovered the mirrors. i think that was very clever of them haha how lame i know haha
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