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  1. Rivertown * It has some shady spots to sit, great food choices and it has a nice flow of people to watch. My 3 rides to ride all day would be: 1) **The Beast** Beast Morn, Noon & Nite: bring it on 2) **White Water Cannon** different ride everytime 3) **Eiffel Tower** great view anytime of the day
  2. Okay. Here's another clue: Thinking back about two/three weeks ago, I spoke to pcc about riding The Beast at night because we discovered we were in The Beast queue line about the same time for last ride on The Beast. I rode it about 1:10am and she rode it about 15 min later, but also stated that they had roped off the back car on the train and kept her from doing the same. Soooooo, coincidence? I'm sniff'n out a cover-up. lol. What could they possibly be covering up? If you wish to deny every explanation you receive then why do you continue to ask? They have a reason to close it, they don't do it to make you angry. Although you may feel that way for some reason. OMG! Back down there tiger. I was just being funny. Honestly, I really don't give a WHOOT! Just a little writing humor there. What's a forum for if you can't post a question about what you want answers too? I was reminded that I had this same conversation with another KIC Member a few weeks ago, so, I brought it up. How would you know that if I didn't bring it up? Geeeesh! I DON'T THINK WE HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT A CONSPIRACY OR COVER UP. IT'S JUST A RIDE. LIFE WILL GO ON IF I NEVER FIND OUT. Did you miss my.....(lol)?
  3. Okay. Here's another clue: Thinking back about two/three weeks ago, I spoke to pcc about riding The Beast at night because we discovered we were in The Beast queue line about the same time for last ride on The Beast. I rode it about 1:10am and she rode it about 15 min later, but also stated that they had roped off the back car on the train and kept her from doing the same. Soooooo, coincidence? I'm sniff'n out a cover-up. lol.
  4. I agree with PKISecurity here. The 3D effects with the glasses (which glasses is a funny term since they're really paper!) makes the attraction! Maybe it would have been more financially doable if they would have bought 3D specs like the ones used in Spongebob and just recycled them every so often. Then you would have to turn them in at the end. OR, since Spongebob is closed during Haunt, why not just use THOSE??? There's an idea for you. Anyone think that might be something to consider? By the way, I need to clarify an earlier comment. I said something to the effect about Boo Blasters being a bad ride. I did NOT mean it was bad as in it stinks, I meant bad as in good like we used to say in the 1970's. I think the ride is a good ride, I just don't think 3D specs would enhance it at all. Everything is 3D in there without 3D specs. I think its a rip off to buy the specs for that ride. I am not sure how many really think they add to THAT particular attraction. What we need to be specific about here is what the "3D" glasses really are. To define they are: 3D ChromaDepth® glasses htat creates striking 3D images from normal 2D images by pulling forward the color red to the foreground and sorting the remaining colors according to their position in the rainbow. So, If you ever look at Boo Blasters or CarnEvil, colors of paint are laid out on top of one another in an effect that brings RED COLORSS closer to your EYES and pushing back BLUES/VIOLETS further away giving you a perception of "Depth". So, these glasses play an important part in the Maze AND Boo Blasters. Without it...you're staring and a wall with colors in a basic/weird pattern that would ONLY manke sense if you were wearing the 3D glasses.
  5. I was in line for the last ride at night on The Beast Saturday Night at 12:45am. It was a FULL STATION and last seat/car rides were being offered when I arrived at the back of the Station. When I made it up to the last lane in the Queue Line, (I didn't think to take a picture) the line for the last car was blocked off with red straps attached to a trash can. When I asked a ride op what's up, I was informed that it helps speed up the queue line to empty out The Beast House. Now, if my math is correct, taking away 6 seats at 3 trains equals 18 riders less a cycle. MarkHudson17 was in line with me to witness that statement. How does that speed up the process. THE WHOLE FUN OF RIDING The Beast AT NIGHT IS TAKING THE LAST SEAT OF THE TRAIN AND WE'RE BEING DENIED THAT. WHY?????
  6. I have film footage from the Queue Line in CornStalkers. I just reviewed my video and it rotates as of last night.
  7. I can not believe all of you who say that "3D Glasses" don't add to the Carn*Evil special effects. You must be blind! The glassed are 99% of what makes this a GREAT ATTRACTION! And for them charging for glasses, if they start off FREE then they should be FREE the entire night. I "usually" carry my "fannypak" and use my recycled glasses every year. BUT last night I didn't have them and had to pay because IT WAS WORTH IT. I have thrown huge Halloween Parties in the past and spending and entire summer designing and building a Haunted House for my guests. I've investigated how much these glasses are to possibly re-design my Haunt, I couldn't possibly pay for the small quantity of about 200 glasses. It came out back then to about $2.00 a pair. I know that, like anything in life, the more you buy the less you pay. But, I didn't need 100,000 pairs of glasses to get it down to $.40. Here is a website and you can use your glasses to check out the free demos. http://www.chromatek.com/
  8. Here's my go at this...Enjoy! That's all I have from my Big Whoppin' 3 Visits this year. More to come Tonight as I'll be in the park 9/4 in the PM. I'll be looking for all of you with cameras. lol.
  9. So posting things that are true will damage the reputation of the park, well maybe if the park did things the proper way then if certain things were released then it wouldn't damage there reputation. I have many many many stories to tell about KI that could ruin there reputation as being the "Fun And Only", oh only if you knew how they treated the employees I bet your jaws would drop, but heres the thing I love the park too much to do such a thing also when I was hired I was signed to secrecy and even though I quit I still am signed to that secrecy, integrity declares that rule though I do not work for them any more, its the proper way to treat such situations. Just know you might want to hold back on backing up the park, if you knew what I did that wouldn't be to wise. "Never be loyal to something that is not loyal back" (I'm sorry guys...I can't resist jumping on the action) PizzaBaby027...Seeing your words posted here makes me sad! I'll announce I've worked for PKI (hence my name), and to tell you the truth...I loved 'my' park. I'm sad that you're sad in every way about your ill feelings about KI. Even after the day I walked through the doors and never worked for them again at the end of the season, I still upheld my integrity, honor and pride knowing I came to work and did my very best. Day after Day, Week after Week...and so on. That's right I said it. I came to work everyday believing this was "MY" park and I was here to provide an honorable service. "To protect our guests, park employees and its' assets." That's right, everyday I took this code of arms to serve my park well. Believe-you-me. I saw things I wasn't proud of...not so much in my department but in many other depts in the park. Think about it. I got around. I walked everywhere, everyday....at all times. There is always room for improvement. Even for myself. Should I have another opportunity to work here again, which I would die for that chance, I would want you to think about what kind of damage you were causing between you, the employee who share the info and KI. But what gets me you ask...is that you were 'signed to secrecy?' What?!? Not to blab about the "secret sauce" used in the pizza? or How about the mysterious Blue Dye No. 1 used in the blue but tasty ice cream cones? Everybody has secrets within that aren't to be told by companies you work for, whether you're still employeed with them or after you're long gone. (would you share dark secrets shared by a loved one to you alone on their death bed to everyone after their gone)? I hope that YOUR integrity would kick in...just like with whatever snuff you got on KI. Really, why would you harm KI and others who work for KI? I hoping that you didn't roll the head of your friend as I'm sure you might not have been thinking before you posted. C'mon. I worked the park. I was security and one would think I should have had the "in's & out's" of this place. I'll tell you. I WASN'T SWORN TO SOME SECRET OATH. It's part of the honor and integrity that comes with your job. There were countless times we had celebrity guests in the park, but you didn't see me or any of my co-workers announcing it publicly. There were countless times that I didn't even know we had visitors until after they were long done and gone. I didn't even go home to tell my wife about who I met or whatever. We were let in on a "NEED TO KNOW BASIS"! Friend...I still have secrets AND pride in "MY" park because I loved it, took care of it and everyone within the perimeter because that's what I chose to do. Just like I'm sure you wanted to serve the perfect cone or the best cooked pizza. It's all the same. It seems the grief you're holding deep inside friend is not to healthy, or you need to let it go or get some help. There isn't a perfect job, but when it came to KI, everyone I worked with from my position on up the chain, took pride in doing the right thing for the right situation. EVERYTIME. Take some time and think about what you are doing to yourself. Don't let this get you in trouble. Please. If you made up the info, announce it. Clear your name. If you didn't, you could possibly get someone who told you in some BIG trouble. Make a good decision about what you expressing. Can't we all just get along?
  10. Okay...I shoot photography and I'm on my laptop which doesn't have my photo editing software, so, the free paint will have to do. LOL. I wanted to put my two cents in. I think that they'll redevelope the land and give it a more open feeling. 1. They'll put up a security fence by racers. 2. They'll move the bathrooms closer to the midway. 3. They'll fill in the area with grass and hills, just like they did Stunt Coaster, which was flat for antique cars. 4. They'll have you enter close to the Midway but exit toward the back near SB queue line. Maybe you'll go there next and those going to SB will walk past the ride. 5. They'll make the WS queue line large enough to keep crowds off the midway and moving back and around. 6. They'll move Eurobubble up and either keep it or make up for it somewhere else in the park and use that space for an observation area for those waiting for friends and love ones. DON'T SHOOT ME DOWN YA'LL. I JUST WANTED TO HAVE FUN AND GIVE IT A TRY. I'M EXCITED LIKE THE REST OF YOU. ENJOY.
  11. I was just using BING to check for Kings Island map of the park. They still have the Great Wolf Lodge under construction and DB is still being cleared out. The picture seems to have been taken in Late Fall or Winter. I thought it would be worth mentioning because they provide a Beautiful GREAT 3D Birds eye view. I can't seem to get a snapshot of the area by racers and Vortex. There must be a copyright program from keeping me from using this picture. www.bing.com
  12. Right above that, in the description, it says that 48" is the minimum to ride. They didn't proofread before throwing the page up. "Riders must be at least 48 inches tall to ride and will be secured with individual over-the-head lap bars with interlocking seat belts." Ooops on their part...and thanks for catching that for me. I thought in a way that sounded outrages to be able to take your three year old up. lol. But anywho, I'll take note!
  13. It states on the KI website that there is NO Height Restriction. What about that? Nice Family Ride. Good for KI!
  14. Uh Oh....the crowd is getting restless! So many people became disappointed when the music stopped....and started back up again. All the groans! Every is starting to clap! clap! clap! This is awesome!!!!
  15. Okay...I've been fishing all morning long online about debunking the mystery that awaits us behind the curtain. Amazingly, I'm surprised we missed this announcement that took place early May of 2010. Here is the link: http://www.rctlounge.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5595 And, here is an excerpt from this article I found. SANDUSKY Next year, the thrill is back. Cedar Point’s new ride for 2011, which already has been ordered but not been announced publicly, will be aimed at thrill seekers, said Dick Kinzel, Cedar Fair’s CEO. The amusement park’s long-term plans for new rides is closely veiled. But during an exclusive Register interview with Kinzel, he pulled the curtain aside a bit. When asked if Cedar Point plans to maintain its status as the world’s leader for roller coasters and rides, he said: “Let me just put it this way. We went after the family market this year ... We’re going to go after the thrill seeker next year.” Kinzel wouldn’t give more details. “There’s more thrill rides than roller coasters,” he said. “I can’t tell you what it is. It’s a very exciting ride.” More details may not be forthcoming until Cedar Point makes its official announcement later this year about what’s new in 2011. Robin Innes, Cedar Point’s spokesman, said that in recent years new attractions at Cedar Point have been announced in the late summer or early fall. Now that my wife is awake, (she's a nurse and worked a late 2nd shift last night) my search has concluded with wonderment of what all of the world's theme parks are getting for 2011. From England: Thorpe Park's water rapids to Universal Hollywood's: Transformers ride, it looks like we're all in for a great year at our favorite theme parks across the world. Well, I'm off to lunch. I will be back AT 2:00PM, like the rest of you to await the new news. I'm excited for anything new at My Favorite Park....Kings Island!
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