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  1. First off, attended the event and absolutely loved it. What a great time, great atmosphere and great cause. If the event is held next year, we will be attending Secondly, there was an incident at Banshee. So, I'm curious if anyone knows the guy. If you are unaware of the incident, I'm not detailing it here, but I did happen to be *right* there when it happened and rendered first aide (RN is never off-duty, it seems). I'm just curious how the guy is doing...Feel free to private message me with info.
  2. I have always heard what a wonderful event/time this is at the park, but, have never been able to attend due to work. Thankfully, my current job allows us to ask time off in advance of schedules coming out. Hopefully things work out and we can be in attendance this year.
  3. I may have shared this already, but...Once visited the park and posed for a pic. We really wanted to commemorate that particular trip and decided to purchase the photo at the end of the day. Well, we could not buy the photo. The lens of the camera had fogged over, so, it was a picture of white with faint hints of 5 people. Disappointing. I now walk with my head down and press through the WAIT WAIT! JUST ONE PIC! Nope. No thanks.
  4. Once upon a time (two years ago, to be exact), I was taking a joyous ride on The Beast with my middle daughter. Going up hill was great. At the top of the hill, we began our descent and 4 people in front of us got out their cellphones. The rest of the ride, I feared for my daughter and I's safety on the ride. Phones were not only out, but up in the air. Did I enjoy my ride? Absolutely not. My eyes were on the phones at all times, just waiting for one to become a pain inducing projectile. The phones were turned around to film the 'on ride experience' and back around to get the track. Very scary. Upon return to the station, many security personnel were awaiting the would-be, uh, photojournalists. At this point, my daughter (who at that time was 10) looked at me and said "I'm glad they'll get punished for being so stupid". Some people have no regard for the safety of others. That said, I'm off topic a bit, but yes, if this is something we can purchase soon, I'd love to do so when my youngest conquers the ride for the first time
  5. I love every coaster there, but least favorite is Vortex. I'm short, so I end up headbanging like I'm at a metal concert. \m/
  6. I gave credit where credit is due I also have to say, kudos to KI for having a large security presence in the park. I've also noticed the efforts into keeping the park clean (and the addition of landscaping to various areas). The park looks beautiful this season.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I had a wonderful time. I was at Beech Bend Thursday, Holiday World and Kings Island on Friday (and KI today). KY Rumbler was great. Zero G, that was a rough stop. I popped up out of my seat and my shoulders hit the restraints. Pretty sure that wasn't a proper ending. Moby Dick was great, as was the mouse coaster. I really REALLY went for a spin at the end. Unfortunately, I could only last 2 hours at BB. It was so hot, I was getting ill. I made a huge mistake and got on Starship thinking it would be cooler in there. Nope. Holiday World went above my expectations. So much so, I am taking my kids in a few weeks Voyage is FANTASTIC. I rode twice. The second time, we were stuck in the safety stop area for 20 minutes. The maintenance people were great to us. Raven and Legend ...wow. Liberty Launch is an awesome ride. That little ride really packs a punch. I was suprised with Sparkler too. KI, of course, that's my happy place. Great time there yesterday. Today was a bit more crowded than I like, but, I took the opportunity to people watch. This turned into a trip report. Oops. P.S. If anyone knows Kyle from Beast..tell him thanks again. I managed to get a night ride on Beast, last train. Workers rode with me. It was great and he hopped in with me
  8. I'm heading to Beech Bend and Holiday World this week. I've never been. What are my 'must do' rides? Keep in mind, I can ride anything that dips, flips, twirls and whirls. Also, best places for food in both parks?
  9. My question? Why the sudden witch hunt for my happy place? Put down the pitchforks and flames, media.
  10. If it makes you feel any better, most bins are now locked with a key.
  11. Imagine my surprise upon visiting KK's website...I'm not tall enough to ride a ride. Himalaya has a 60" height requirement :-/
  12. I tried this tasty treat. It won me over, quickly. This is my new 'go-to' when visiting the park
  13. Vortex. The name alone should tell you it isn't a smooth ride. Now, if it were named Silk...
  14. I meant participating in A Kid Again events
  15. What a wonderful night it was! I didn't recognize some of you, but some I did. I'll be participating in this event again.
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