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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I think people are over thinking this. I'm 99.9% sure it has absoloutley nothing to do with SOB. It's obviously, to me, a new jungle/prehistoric/dinosaur themed amusement of some sort. I would doubt it's a new roller coaster or thrill ride.
  2. I am extremely jumpy... I remember going through a tiny maze at a wax museum with only one actor and I was terrified... I won't be going in any mazes at all. So I assume it will be really packed even early before Haunt?
  3. Ok thats good to know. And too bad it'll be packed tomorrow I wanted to go on Sunday but the person who I'm going with wanted to go tomorrow. We'll be getting there early so hopefully it won't be too crowded to early...
  4. I'll be going tomorrow and just to say, I am completely terrified. I'm not quite sure what to expect, because those creepy actors really do scare me like, A LOT... So just how creepy is it? No mazes or anything just walking around? And how crowded would you think it would be tomorrow?
  5. Diamondback will give me a throbbing headache...
  6. I think Flight of Fear is the smoothest ride in the park.... even smoother then Diamondback.... Its not bumpy AT ALL.
  7. Sorry, I forgot a ton of details. But for sure, The Beast at night was an experience!
  8. Lets see if I can remember everything! We got to the park at about 2:00. We went directly to Flight of Fear, which was the usual 25-30 minute wait. Then afterwards, I considered riding Firehawk, but the line was about 90 minutes. So next we headed onto Vortex, and I was excited to try out "the magic seat", 5-1. And I was pleasantly surprised! It was amazingly smooth! Well, at least it didn't knock my head around as much as it usually does. After that, we took a ride on Diamondback, the wait being about 7 minutes. We then took a ride on Delirium, which did seem to be going a little faster I
  9. Kings Island, because it has a great selection of rides it offers, but it doesn't have enough to make myself drive there if it wasn't my home park. Hopefully that makes sense O.o
  10. Thank you for answering! Too bad the person I'm going with likes the water park, we'll probably be in there the first half of the day- But maybe I can convince them. I hope I can get in a ton of rides its my last trip!
  11. I might be going today or i might not. I'm assuming because of the heat advisory and a high of 96 the park will be empty but the waterpark will be full. Am I right on this? How do you expect crowds to be for today or tomorrow?
  12. Oh I hated Invertigo... it does make you pass out xD It was very nauseating. But I think Flight of Fear is actually a good right to start with since you don't have to go up a hill real slow or anything. Plus it's an AMAZING ride
  13. I'm surprised not more people voted for Flight of Fear for structure
  14. Sorry about adding the crypt in there.... I tried to include everything. For structure I meant the roller coaster's structure. And I completely agree about Vortex... I love everything about it, though I'd prefer to just observe it than ride it
  15. So I searched and didn't seem to find a similar topic. At King's Island, which ride looks the best? In terms of their paint, It can include what it was in the past, not just now, for example The Racer looked super nice, so you could vote for that Then in terms of structure- I can't decide between Flight of Fear and Vortex! And one last one, kind of over all: If you were coming to King's Island for the first time, which one would you be most excited to go on, or which one would look the most appealing? And, oh, again, another one: Which rides of the past that are no longer here would you
  16. I went on Monday and it was my 5th trip, and so far the best! My friend made me ride Drop Zone, Face Off and The Crypt. We were going to ride Firehawk but the lines were too long
  17. Do people with regular season passes gain early admission for The Beast and Diamondback?
  18. Well maybe The Beast is my favorite.... I like them equally maybe a tad bit more FOF. 5-1 on Vortex? No. I've only been on it twice because I'm afraid I'm going to get a permanent headache...
  19. In the very back. To me it's the fastest. I haven't tried the very front yet though, as the lines have been extremely long for it, but I really want to. I've sat in the front, just not the very front
  20. So I went to Kings Island with a good amount of people from my school, and we rode FOF once, but no one liked it or wanted to go back on, even though the line was only 20 minutes! Whoever I go with doesn't seem to like it or never wants to go back on, and I think they're crazy because I love FOF! Am I alone? I mean it wouldn't have such long lines all the time if no one liked it. So does any one else consider Flight of Fear their favorite ride?
  21. Kid in line for Diamondback: *points* This is the tallest roller coaster in the world Other Kid: Really? It doesn't seem like it.... _________________________________________________ Coming out of Flight Deck Mom to her kids: *Points at SOB* Lets ride The Monster! Kid: I've been wanting to ride the monster for ages! _________________________________________________
  22. Oh great I didn't want to go on Saturday but I have too... How about Friday?
  23. I happened to be going those days and would just like to know how crowded you think it would be on Friday and Saturday.
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