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    I simply love theme parks, and kings island i consider my home park. its 2 and 1/2 hours one way away but ive made the trip several times this year and plan to make several more.
  1. I have a cup from 1995 will that work? lol...... I would love free Pepsi products, Especially DEW! it prolly would ive seen people walking around with cups that look a heck of a lot older than mine.
  2. we have 3 of the refillable quart cups. we bought one last yr. recycled one that soeone threw away(sanitized with a three day soak in bleach water) and one that was given to us by some friends. we always bring em back with us and we share. so we average maybe $4.00 - $6.00 dollars a trip to ki which i feel isnt so bad
  3. Fathers day was simply horrible last year. u could barely move. may give mothers day a try this yr though
  4. To be honest i didnt know what to plan for. My wife and i had bought some peanuts dvds so our 3 yr old could become familiar with what was going to be different. All i can say is that Planet Snoopy is a hit with him. he wouldnt leave the snoopy character alone i know he hugged him several times, and prounounced his love for lucy during charlie browns hoe down. Overall i think that Planet Snoopy was a great change. I hope they do some things to jazz up what used to be bikini bottom it was one of the better themed areas of the park and is very bland right now. True it was cold but the water didnt have to be on for theming to be in place. this was one of my only disapointments. We had a great time saturday and are looking forward to an "adult day" at the park. Dexbomb ride count for 2010: Diamondback 1, sallys seaplane 1, kite eating tree 1, and woodstock express 2. not impressive i know but was a day for little man
  5. counting the minutes to sat and the blue goodness that waits after spending a day with my family in the new Planet Snoopy. We've been craving the ice cream since closing day last fall
  6. we live about 2 hours away which isnt to bad. made the trip several times last season, plan on doing it again this yr.
  7. this is a great idea i would definately be interested in it. Kings Island means so much to my family and i. it would be a great addition to our christmas decorations
  8. my absolute favorite memory of this season which may never be eclipsed is when i stood next to little bills giggle coaster and watched my barely tall enough 2 yr old and wife ride. Heaths face lit up from ear to ear he smiled the entire time and talks about wanting to go to the park all the time. we're raisin him right
  9. thanks we really enjoy ki
  10. Well here goes my first trip report. After making the mistake of going to the park on the sat of spiritfest my wife was pulling her hair out and ready to take some time off from ki, but being the great husband i am said "why dont we go up on the 19th" after some bargaining and whatnot she said ok. My wife (Melissa) picked me up from work at 7:00 and we headed north to ki. We arrived at 9:30 just in time for some sweet db ert. we rode it twice and then made our way to what i would have to say was the most disapointing ride on The Beast that i ever had. between the slow up hill and horrible trim brakes the most exciting thing about it were the helixes and and us joking about how they had neutered The Beast.(it would later redeem its self). From there we made a quick stop by the rivertown larosa's for a powerade refill then a potty break before heading over to x-base. Melissa and I both enjoy Firehawk as long as we can avoid the horrible 2 hour wait that accompanies it so we make it 1 of our first rides of the day to avoid the wait. While walking back into x-base the line appears to already be out passed FoF que line i muttered a mild obscenity and thought no way, but great news for us the que line hadn't opened yet due to testing. We waited this out and had a very good ride on the second running of the red train second to last cart, back seats are our fav but were already taken. FoF was next we had maybe a twenty min wait wasnt bad for what i find to be a good but underrated ride. while waiting a lady standing in line asked me if i knew what this was. and playing on the space idea from the que said "it spins you around at like a 100 mph then shoots u up in the air and you freefall straight back down" i got one of those really scared and concerned looks. I then told her the truth thaat it was a great coaster and told her to make sure she did hold her head back when it launched. we had an excellent ride in the second row. By then we were getting hot. we had planned on it being a cooler day than hat it was but we were prepared so we made a trip to the van to change clothes. on the way we stopped by the emporium because i had been waniting a beast 30 yr anniversary t-shirt with the blue trim and had absolutely no luck finding one in extra large. we looked at several stores including the gift shop in Action Zone.(which sadly isnt carrying any sob merchandise). we stopped by festhaus for some larosas and a vault refill. happily leaving before the county line began. We made the trek from there to our van and after a quick change came back in. Invertigo was next it like Firehawk is a good ride but the wait can kill the enjoyment for us. While standing in the que line a group of what looked like pree teens started spitting on the floor of the queline after so many times i just had to ask the not to do it. not only is it disrespectful to the park but to the rest of us riders nobody wants to get that on their shoes. We had a great ride on Invertigo then made our way back to flight deck.(still topgun in my book). As we made our way past SoB Melissa made the statement that it "looked sad without anybody getting to ride it" and i would have to agree i miss the old boy. the wait for Topgun (flight deck) wasn't horribly long even for the front seat we discussed how it was being neglected paint wise but apparently had been greased some because all of our rides this year have been pleasently smooth from any seat location. Just fyi we skipped Congo falls Dropzone and Delirium because one we didnt want to get wet and melissa hates dropzone and she can take or leave Delirium so we didnt ride. On our way to AE we stopped by Lt. dans and shared a shocktop and some peanuts and basically discussed what an awesome day we were having and how beutiful the weather was. The wait for AE wasn't to bad and the ride was exceptional.cant help but move our fists up and down while int the tunnel chanting 'you will pay" kills us everytime. We then waited for the front seats on the blue racer got some serious air time and had a blast we discussed how more people should ride it. but the almost always walk on or short line for a good coaster is always a plus. I cant wait till our son is big enough to ride. Speaking of our son we were both starting to miss him so we decided to ride Vortex, BLSC, Beast and DB one more time eat then leave. the wait for Vortex wasnt bad what so ever and the ride was one of the smoothest Vortex rides i have ever had we rode in row three which was a pleasant surprise for both of us. as we made our way around to BLSC the park was starting to fill up the ques for it were to long for our taste. we enjoy it but we're in the process of winding the day down so we decided to have another go at The Beast. The wait for The Beast was back to the division zone where u decide front or rear. after the horrible middle of the train debacle that occured on the 11th there was no way i was going back there we waited on what is is our go to seats that being row 2. i call these our go to seats because you can almostalways get them with a minor wait once you get into the stationand get just about the same effect as the front. This ride was total redemption for one of my favorite rides. the speed was there even with the explicative trime brakes the helixes were awesome and i came off there remembering why i love The Beast so much. We waited for probably an hour to ride Db but this was the epic ride i was waiting on. i Know what happened to me belongs in another topic but its also part of this tr. When we got to the seperator i asked him if we could ride in the very back row he said sure as we went to row sixteen there were 2 others waiting to ride. i knew after they got on that the one on the right knew what she was doing because she had a good amount of space between herself and the restraint i even commented to the riders that they were gonna have an awesome ride. Through the grace of some really cool ride ops i had the ride of my life they let me duplicate her locked in position. i had plenty of of the most amazing airtime i have everhad and the utter most amazing ride that i hope to duplicate.short of riding DB after dark i couldnt imagine a better ride. after that amazing ride we stopped and got a refill of barqs red creme (which by the way is awesome out of a fountain) we went back to the festhaus and shared some panda express i love the kung pao chicken and melissa likes the mushroom chicken. we also tried the mandarin chicken its ok but definately not my favorite the mandarin sauce a little smokiness to the flavor. after one more quick trip to the potty we made our way back out the front gates then home we had a most enjoyable day at the park and cannot wait till we get back Dexter
  11. why remove when the kids might enjoy put something for the growed ups in its place in rivertown just a playin hope its gone soon
  12. no need to repaint timmys air tours just replace it with the crypt
  13. all kidding aside i agree bring back hb and The Beastie.
  14. How about pbs world we could have barney and sesame street characters running around everywhere. as annoying and insane as that sounds my little one loves cailou. at first i was just joking but the more i think about it it may not be a bad idea. I just ask one thing in the retheme if it happens bring back The Beastie
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