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  1. Thanks to the heat, I'll be able to be home for the announcement.
  2. But we paid for the rides, we didn't pay to get harassed.
  3. I agree. Plus, I know I'm not the only one who got bored very quickly of TTD. I would love to see a dive machine or invert. Either would make me really happy.
  4. Maybe they're going to convert Dinosaurs Alive! into a whole other area... or maybe not... either one.
  5. I've always hated spinning flats, but I might give this a try next time I'm at the park.
  6. People are freaking out because "Diamondback and The Beast are shutting down forever." Wow.
  7. Everyone was complaining that its been testing too much, but now that its about to open, that testing doesn't matter. Its too dangerous. I love Facebook people. They make me laugh a lot.
  8. I've made the mistake of riding water rides with jeans and shoes too many times. I'm miserable for the rest of the day. Either do what you were thinking, or bring a change of clothes and hit all the water rides at once.
  9. I've seen that before, but it still makes me chuckle.
  10. I'm not sure if its that kind, but there is blue ice cream. It is found in Planet Snoopy. Just look for a sign with a blue ice cream cone on it.
  11. Hey, you're right. Its neither. Pretty much everything is saved to a memory card now.
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