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  1. Most days, working didn't feel like work. Getting paid to do it was nice too.
  2. Relocation isn't cheap. Some new things were added during the move. Just a fun ride experience.
  3. I believe that Firehawk is one of the best additions we have seen by Cedar Fair thus far. A quality ride with a rich history all rooted here in Ohio. Firehawk was Cedar Fair's initial investment in thrills at Kings Island, and was the charter for their commitment to making KI a world leader in entertainment.
  4. Yeah I wouldn't bet on any type of public transportation taking you from Hamilton to Kings Island. If you can find rides to and from Kings Island for the first couple of weeks, you should be able to find co-workers that live near you and ask them to take you.
  5. Why would Kings Island want a "less functional" ride?
  6. It looks like some of the rides look like carnival rides.
  7. I'll take a guess that the On Location Shop will be transformed into a "New Ride" Giftshop. Sent From Home Computer
  8. Complementary food and drink for 6 hours? I think I could get my money's worth. Plus it's for a charity. Then some gifts. I think it could be worth it.
  9. With all of the evil and scary type teasers, I was hoping they would announce the attraction at night. Wish Granted!!!
  10. Possibly the orange lap bars stick out better, and ride operators can see them better?
  11. It's actually because that is what a Diamondback rattle snake typically looks like. It's to make it resemble the snake.
  12. As well as California's great America.
  13. Sitting on the hang rails. Tisk tisk tisk
  14. Man I feel lucky, my 8th grade class went to Chicago, Washington D.C and Kings Island!
  15. Monster, Scrambler (Family Party). I expect them to "Dodge" all the hard questions, it will "Bump" them up in the polls.
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