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  1. More pictures are on the the Kings Island website! Edit: I dislike you Andrew
  2. I think that some work will be done overnight tonight. I see this by looking at the webcam.
  3. Is there an area like that still at KD? I was watching roller coaster the other day, and I had seen something just like that.
  4. I'm so stupid, I thought this was the foundation for FoF for like ten minutes. I realized that Son of Beast was there.
  5. Probably only one piece at a time will be in Coney mall until they are done. There would not be enough room for those pieces.
  6. I am 15 I get dropped off, and leaving it at home my mom would mad if she couldn't get a hold of me she's afriad I will fall out of a coaster or get kidnapped (like anybody wouldn't notice any of those two)! Yes because if you fall out of a roller coaster, you will be able to call your mom.
  7. Do you think there are pieces of wood from 1972 on The Racer?
  8. I don't think Woodstock Express will leave anytime soon. It's a kid favorite, and unlike adult rides kid rides don't get bigger and better. Also, it looks almost new with the new paint job.
  9. Here's My 4 and Why. 1) Backlot Stunt Coaster-Can have a long line some days, and I just really like this ride. 2) Firehawk- always has a long line, and a great ride. 3) Beast-Great Morning ride. 4)Diamondback- Amazing ride in general, and great morning rides. Rides I might of put before these under circumstances Vortex-Really Fast line anyway FOF-Only line I don't mind waiting in. The Racer-Short Line Flight Deck-Short Line
  10. I'm happy the park changed it up. I wish they would have ERT on SB3D
  11. Yes, It's one of my most embarrassing moments at Kings Island. Probably in my top 5.
  12. But memories will last forever.
  13. Anybody else see that on Knotts website, their WindSeeker is a different color?
  14. You label Iron Dragon one of Cedar Points Premier Coasters, but Vortex is not one of Kings Island's? :?
  15. I can't remember, but I think the Closet Shops are Attitudes and DB Post?
  16. I'm surprised nobody has thought of a WS store or Merch booth in their concepts.
  17. I just watched Gabriel Iglasius, and he said this is the only ride in the Park he can ride. Now, sadly he can't ride a single ride.
  18. I assume there will be more. The can is labeled WindSeeker cam 1.
  19. Why would they remove it unless they had a plan for the area?
  20. 1. Maverick - Cedar Point (beastfan26) 2. Millennium Force - CP (coasterguy15) 3. Diamondback - KI (Indyguy4KI) 4. The Beast- KI (McSalsa) 5. Prowler - WoF (thekidd33) 6. Top Thrill Dragster - Cedar Point (Centurey) 7. WindSeeker - Kings Island (jcgoble3) 8. Intimidator - Carowinds (Coney Islander) 9. Magnum XL-200 - Cedar Point (LordSkippy) 10. Dominator-KD (TylerRider)
  21. Yes, it was...from Coney Island to Old Coney to Coney Mall....it's been called them all... I can't see why they did'nt change it. Diamondback was listed on there, and that was built only 2 years ago.
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