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    On-Ride Photo

    Keyhole photo is run by a firm called Photogra. i think thats how you spell it. if you have the right computer, you could print off your picture from your house, because you can look it up on the internet, which is cool. you're supposed to want to order it off the internet. My old machine wouldn't let me right click, they had it encoded so you couldn't but my girlfriend could, so she saved all our entrance pictures. great fun i do say.
  2. you have to use your ID to log into a register? like swipe it through the credit card thing? thats weird. it wouldn't work for an NCR though, because those are older then dirt.
  3. I think that our nametags are so lame, because they say paramount parks... its so stupid. the only thing that says Kings Island is the stupid hat, and most of us dont even wear that, so... we're just generic paramount employees... how stupid.
  4. well go and get specific why dont you. just because i work in food... i swear... no i'm kidding. shows why uneducated people should shut their mouths.
  5. TR:TR needs no locking device, so naturally, Delirium needs no locking device. they arent very similar, but i'm sure their motors are programmed with reference points as far as where to stop and whatnot.
  6. I didn't particularly like the fish philosophy
  7. I've said this before, long ago, but they should sell the video they have thats like a history of the park. They showed it before they did the training when i went last year. It was a great video, showed all the additions and whatnot right up to 2001. If they put that much into making it, then you'd figure they could sell it, because it was cool, having the ads for The Vortex, and SOB, and even The Beast. thats something that would be very cool to own.
  8. It won't be a jump 2, paramount may have bought the whole package, but distributed it. One of the other paramount parks is getting a J2
  9. coney's good if you're looking for an uncrowded day... it's pretty cool. and if you catch the right concert, riverbend is a great place to go... i.e. warped 2002
  10. there are comp games in coney, like my girlfriend worked in coney 3 last year, and there was dog pound and turbo blast for comp games. and at the end of the year, they made high striker into a comp game.
  11. Hardly any carts have their own cement landing, and not a one i worked at had a drain... Only 1 even had its own garbage can. And the caddie shouldn't be draining throughout the day, because if there is water in there, the pop is going to stay cooler then if it just sits on ice... there is runoff, i know that, but... Carts do need more permanant placement, thereby defeating the word cart, but... I do agree that the water and stuff looks bad, along with the way some of the carts are placed.
  12. A good reason to have multiple names is when you think you're about to get banned and you want to protect yourself... but personally, i wouldnt have any experience in that department...
  13. they were selling jumpsuits last year in wardrobe... personally, I bought one of the bureau of the paranormal shirts
  14. Bob Dole

    Ticket Prices

    no, head honcho parking is right by the employee entrance on the other side of the fence gate thing, back by wardrobe and whatnot. i've always wondered what vip parking was for... maybe the family of the head honchos. or like famous people.
  15. I wonder where the parts come from... like did they put them on a ship from germany? Is it the same trucks bringing the parts, so that they have to keep going back to the port and stuff... very curious stuff I tell you.
  16. That was a nice story scoob... i mean yogi... I never really had a problem with anyone at Kings Island. People are pretty nice about that. But sears... people have problems with everything there. anyway... Almost all the people are really nice, or indifferent, which is cool. so yeah... no heart touching stories from me.
  17. 02- 41-005 festhaus 41-301/41-607 AZ Carts/ Ice Scream Zone 03- ?
  18. Its just you... last year opening day was the first saturday in april... i think... and the park had a special event thursday night and season passholder night on friday before that saturday.
  19. is that scooby props though? why would they unload in front of the Eiffel Tower? you'd think that would be the new pump/filtration system for the fountain.
  20. You, shaggy, of course, would know better then I, (no sarcasm intended), but do they answer all the emails? or is it their secretaries or interns? and even if they do, i doubt they would type all that out.... i would assume its a form letter of sorts.... if they take that time, then... thats cool... but i doubt it.
  21. this, imo, should be a no brainer. the record has nothing to do with the height of the tower, or at least it shouldnt.... the important statistics are height of drop and speed, both of which will be greater at PKD, therefore... draw your own conclusions
  22. instead of fixing the fiberglass, they could replace it with polyurethane or whatever it is that they use on saturns and new corvettes... dent resistant, more than likely easier and safer to work with, and i have no idea about the price, but it cant be huge because saturns are obviously not luxury cars.
  23. I got an idea from a KI security guy I was talking to at sears yesterday... he said he hadn't heard anything about a third ride... and also suggested that possibly it could be something announced this year for 04... Nothing has ever said that the third announcement would be for 2003... so...?
  24. you can still see the trains, theyre all set up on the tracks that are the storage building
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