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  1. i love the idea of a ferris wheel and a screamin swing. two great rides that would add a lot of punch and a lot of fun to our park, which imo lacks in the flat dept.
  2. these wallenda walks have been very popular at the parks from what i have seen / read. i for one cannot wait to see him at the park. 260 ft on the Eiffel Tower has got to dominate the Cedar Point skyride, or the wire between dorney's "possessed" coaster. apparently this tour is helping him build up momentum and publicity for a walk across the grand canyon, for which he has already secured permits. no date for that has been announced yet.
  3. i'm still betting on something like pilgrims plunge.... only bigger.
  4. actually portable rides are inspected on a weekly basis at every location by a state certified agent. in the 6 years i worked with my company, we never had an accident. sure there are some that cut corners, but i assure you, carnival rides are safe. look into it. when was the last fatality or major injury related to a carnival in cincinnati? when was the last fatality or major injury at a park in cincinnati? i do believe that you would be shocked to find the results.
  5. i actually work for a carnival company... or at least did, till i graduated college (still help them move rides on sunday's)...... that is actually a roll-o-plane, not a rock o plane, and honestly, that company is not exactly the best in the city. their ride selection is very slim, and the ones they do have are mostly from the 70's. they also have a reputation of having shoddy rides and poor maintenance records. still love me a ride on their roll-o-plane though! sorry you did not enjoy it!
  6. its still going to be the same ride, its not like they are changing the elements on the coasters or anything.... sure i will miss pyro and ice, however i can olny imagine what kind of theming universal has up their sleeves for the new incarnation of the ride. i despise all things harry potter, however i am really looking forward to experiencing the new aspects of the coaster!
  7. If you rode with her, then you must be an employee. That's because the employee rode with her. So, if your name is not Bryan Miller, then you didn't ride with her for her 500th. EDIT: And it wasn't Don, it was Scott. why is everyone here so sarcastic, literal, and outright mean? honestly, is that necessary. he could simply mean that he rode on the train with her. often times i ride behind my friends, or they sit in the front, and me in the back... i still consider it riding with them . geeze. why don't you douse that flame thrower with some ice cold water?
  8. carrowinds is also offering a 4 pack of tickets for $99 right now. not good on saturdays though. guess the parks are really trying to bring in the guests in this struggling economy.
  9. i miss the changing colors of the sky-flyer arch. this to me added a great deal of beauty to the parks skyline at night. its something i wish would return.
  10. i was in 5-1 yesterday... didnt even think about reading here that it was the best seat.... after riding however, i even looked at my friend and said that "that was the best ride ever on Vortex". (maybe excluding my first ever when i was 9). seriously, i dont think i have ever gotten the feeling i got in my stomach going down the first hill.... it was awesome!
  11. haha i wasnt saying you were teenagers... i know better than that! i was just saying that i rmember going up there in like.... 8th / 9th grade with not a care in the world, just there to enjoy ourselves in our own little world. we would sing, dance, scream random things in lines and not really care what other people thought about that! i miss those days..
  12. chang at SFKK is the only ride i can recall ever blacking or greying out on. it was the year it opened and when it broke all of mantis's records. i do not have that problem on mantis.
  13. you all look like you ahve such a good time. reminds me of my mid teens, when i used to go up there with no worries about what anyone around me thought. i miss those days. one of these times i'm gonna have to meet up with you guys at the park and we can all just go crazy! haha. whens the next get together?
  14. i dunno.... i mean Drop Tower is in the center of the park, and volcano is on the left hand side of the park... not really "close" enough to "encounter" one another... okay, i apologize, that was pretty bad....
  15. who cares? its only $10 here in cincy... i usually dont pay to park anyway. if you don't mind walking, there is always street space available!
  16. this is going to date me.... even though i'm not really that old... its also going to embaress me. haha many years ago... very early 90's, a nickelodeon show called "the elephant show" (think the wiggles today) was having a live performance at timberwolf. i was very excited about this, because it was my favorite childhood show growing up. my family had got me tickets. the day of the show, severe storms hit the mason area, and a very weak tornado destroyed a maintnence shed somewhere behind what was then waterworks. no damage to anything major, and thankfully, the show still went on that evening... even though my older brother kept telling me that elephant was sucked up into a tornado and that i would never see him again.... haha, honestly, i'll never forget that day.... anyone remember this? or that show? haha
  17. so i came across something on you-tube tonight that i think is awesome. memorial day last year, santa monica pier replaced their old solar powered wheel, with a new state of the art brand new pacific wheel. i watched this thing in action on the web and i must say, i would loooove to see it in person, or better yet something similar here at ki! the lighting effects on this thing are just amazing! check out the video and let me know what you all think!
  18. out of curiosity, "scanned your pass" does this mean tha even with a platinum pass, i no longer have to go to the front entrance to sign a sheet, and all that junk i had to do last summer at guest services? will my platinum pass, purchased at ki work at the gates at cp? i'm headin up this weekend, so i'm wondering... thinkin i might use the marina gate entrance to get to millie quicker as well....
  19. why didn't you submit those designs for the offical t-shirt contes? that is totally the most awesome shirt ever! i would soooo buy one of those!!! haha... going tothe park all day tomorrow.... anyone heading up? hit me up on my cell, 503-0146!!! you all rock.
  20. so bummed.... i made it up for about 3 hours this afternoon, but had lots of work to do, including a work meeting this morning... ugh. i did manage 2 rides on db (thanks to being a single rider) one on BLSC, two on Vortex and one on Beast. i also got my potato works fries and used my free drink armband quite a few times.... too bad the park was crowded, and too bad i could not make it in time for the beat tour i'll be up after the reds game tomorrow, probably for the last rides on DB. hope to meet some of you then?
  21. unfortunately i was not able to get off work. i am very sorry, have a good time, and enjoy the legend for me! i hear its pretty amazing!
  22. i'm very interested. i have been trying to get to holiday world for years now.... all i have to do is work on the financials.... AND GETTING OFF WORK.... grrr it would be awesome to have a group of people to go with!
  23. who cares???> i always thought that was a bit of an eye sore anyway.... not to mention there was never anything entertaining in there, as long as i can remember.... bigger question, we knew Vortex was getting a paint job, since ryans post yesterday... but are those black supports? or just an optical illusion from the clouds / rain today?
  24. i dont know about new restraints, but i would like to see a new ride program.... a bit longer. i've been on maxair at cp, and i'm sure many of you have as well... its a much longer, much more enjoyable ride... so lets hope for the best!
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