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  1. well we all know x-flight was originally slated for PKI the year after Stealth opened. Those plans were scrapped by paramount and Six flags put the coaster close to the park it was orignally inteneded for. Same with Batwing i believe. Anyone know where in the park the coaster was orignally supposed to be installed? if so, that could be a hint as to where it may end up now. i mean the surveying and such was probably already done when this coaster was planned for pki, since we know its a long process of planning, purchasing and constructing. is there something else wehre the coaster was suppsoed to be placed? if not, we could probably assume that if it is coming to PKI it will go there. honestly, i have heard nothing but bad things about these coasters. there are only three in existance from vekoma, so stheres probably a reason for that. sure i'd love the addition i'm sure, but it cant be that great of a ride, or the concept woul have taken off, and we'd see a lot more of these things around. p.s... also laughing at maureen's sig: "soaring through the offseason" oooo... fuel to the fire.
  2. why would ride names change when the paramount theming was part of the sale? I believe it was a 5 year deal between Paramount / CBS and Cedar Fair for naming and theming rights of the paramount properties. at this point, i dont see any name changes anytime soon. it just wouldnt make sense to pay for the theming and then do away with it all.
  3. did you get an answer? i have the same problem... dont want the pass to go to waste, but at the same time i dont knwo when i'll be able to make it to the park before the end of the sason...
  4. quick question... dont know if anyone knows the answer or not... dont know if this is in the right place or not... but here it goes i havea 2006 gold pass. i have not yet gotten it processed since i am working 60 hours a week and have been unable to make it to the park... since it is not processes will there be anyway to renew my 06 pass since with limited operation is kinda stupid to process it now? or should i go ahead and do it should i make it to the park sometime this year???
  5. huss filed for bankruptcy.... so we''ll see if they have any giants left in their warehouse they might sell cheap.... ha ha
  6. Hey Everyone.... Just wondering if anyone has an update on Strickers Grove out State Route 128 in Ross. Its a small park that i know we've discussed on this site before. I used to spend all kinds of time there as a child / teen. now i'm 21 and heard last year that the park had purchased the old spinning lady ride from Cedar Point that was closed after the 2004 season. upon hearing this rumor, i drove out to the park and did see the parts on site, however i havent seen or heard anything since then. Anyone know if Strickers Grove still plans on opening this ride in the park? Or was it purchased to just sit and die? I was really lookin forward to having such a great ride so close to home....
  7. maybe i'm way out of the loop.... but hat happend to avtar being a Disk-o coaster like SURVIVOR.... what happend? What kind of car is that on the track? does it do anything special or just go back and forth?
  8. www.dementofilms.com thats my friends production company, got a few short films up on the site. check it out! - shameless plug, but well worthwile in my opinion! ha ha
  9. hope your idea of having fun sitting in an empty parking lot.... CP does not open until may the 6th, according to their website.....
  10. "Hit the bullseye on the air conditoner by Vortext steps with a penny. collect $1000" anybody know what i'm talkin about? i'm sure you do!
  11. "Caught Line Jumping" Go Directly to jail. Do not stop for any attractions, do not collect dippin dots or potato works fries...
  12. look at the festival of lights at the cincinnati zoo. This has been a huge success for many years, a few decades even. there is nothing more to do at the zoo than look at all the pretty ights, ice skate, and see the maybe 5 animals that arent curled up inside.... yet still the guests come pouring through the gates night after night, year after year.
  13. you're probably thinking of the "CONGO" movie experience, which was housed in the large bubble (laser tag arena) next to the old flight commander site.... it was here i beleive in maybe 1997 and featured a lot of props and mechanics from the movie, based on gorillas, if you've never seen...
  14. shaggy, you never cease to amaze me. i have never once read a post of yours that i did not agree wtih, or get some very important message out of. i applaud you for your knowledge and insight. you are clearly the most inteligent, reliable source on these boards on a near daily basis. i salute you
  15. what time does the park close sunday? no way i'm missing the bengals game! ha ha.... (i guess i could bring my little mini tv for waiting in line)
  16. first of all.... listen to shaggy. as someone that has been around these sites almost since their creations, and well before the merge, shaggy knows what he is talking about. if he says it isnt a mack, then it isnt a mack. second... noting the first point, shaggy seems to have confirmed it will be one of the new disco coasters. hopefully with a nice layout, maybe with some banked turns and airtime.... not just a bunny hop and hill like the prototype pictures seem to show.... thats what i'm going with, but as we all know, nothing is certain until an official announcement!
  17. from the enquirer: "Parents and grandparents can all ride them together. For example, the Phantom Flyer - where you lie on your stomach or on your back next to mom, dad or grandma - simulates you flying just like a super hero." sounds like the "chance aviator" to me... there is one just like it at PKD, seein in the photo here: theFlatrides.com PKD Aviator as for the avtar, "a first of its kind coaster"?? i wonder what kind of coaster it could possibly be.... let the speculation begin. do we think we are lucky enough to get two coasters in one year? could spongebob be the wild mouse we've been waiting so long for??? I hope so, but i doubt it. and last but not least.... why no mention of the nicktoons car wash! why do we still have the tiques sitting around???
  18. i got excited when i erad "next week" thinking i might actually be able to take part in one of these.... finally then i realized i was misled by ryan and it will actually be 2 and a half weeks..... by which time i am already back into the swing of school at UC.... BOOOO!
  19. people people, stop the speculation, i the one and only special K know exactly what this "holiday announcement" will be.... cant you see.... its pretty obvious! remembmer when everyone thought pki was being sold? well, it was. the conference on the 25th is to annuonce that the Koch family... owners of the most wonderful park in the world "HOLIDAY WORLD" Have completed their purchase of Paramounts Kings Island... They have wanted that "worlds longest wodden" record for a while, and finally realized this was the only way to get it! HAHA
  20. i watched too... though it does look darn impressive, you never know till you ride.
  21. i'm just glad The Beast is still the king... wth all the rumors floating around i was afraid we were gonnna lose our record!!! shows that parks have respect for our coaster.... they cuold have easily taken it away from us!
  22. sorry chef.... the first is my 21st birthday.... as much as i would love to make it to the park, i beleive i may be slightly intoxicated....
  23. i'm curious myself as to if Schwabinchen has been installed yet. i remmber seeing pics of it on site sometime last winter. can anyone say for sure wether or not its up and running? if so, i need to get there for another spin on the lady!
  24. wow... i must be a real addict... You scored: 25 / 25 Total points: 250 and i didnt even read any of the posts before mine ha ha....
  25. hnmm guess i've been living in a bubble.... i'm so used to the park opening for daily operations starting memorial day.... guess that changed this year. either way, it was an awesome day in the park!
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