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  1. Perhaps he was kidding around. The problem with written communication is that half the time a person can't tell if another person is joking or being serious, especially if a "lol" or "haha" does not follow the sentence. The world may never know lol
  2. And you call yourself a Kings Island Fan. First, it seems Kat was joking around, and second of all Son of Beast is a tricky situation. Many people who love Kings Island would just rather that problem go away. It doesn't mean they are not fans of the park.
  3. And isn't the Top Gun logo underneath the Flight Deck stickers on Flight Deck's trains? Someone could peel one off and see... but how without being caught doing so lol
  4. Racer's hill is really that big? Come on now...
  5. And as long as it wasn't harming the company, what company wouldn't be happy about free advertising?
  6. Ah business, it is beautiful. I for one want to see Big K grape soda on the show
  7. @PizzaBaby027 I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the idea of Glee shooting an episode there. And yes I realize they mention Cincinnati things to make the setting seem more realistic, and that Cedar Fair as nothing to do with it. Considering the fact it has been mentioned before on the show of people in the cast singing there, I wouldn't doubt the possibility of them having a "competition" of some sort there for an episode. If the producer is fond of KI, then he may push for an episode.
  8. I firmly believe Glee will shoot an episode next season at Kings Island. There is truly no reason for Glee to continually mention KI, unless they are planning something. Plus it makes me so ecstatic that it is Kings Island, not Cedar Point receiving the attention from the show. Cedar Fair clearly thinks of Cedar Point as the best park, and I think it is time for Kings Island to be recognized on an equal scale compared to it. Not trying to sound like a fanboy, but KI IS NUMBER 1!!!!!!
  9. Perhaps the reason for the different speeds listed of KD's and KI's is that maybe the ride will occasionally crank out 60mph, but mostly 54 mph. The difference being KD decides to advertise 60, while KI advertises 54. Maybe they both aren't lying?
  10. I guess the ride would look more intimidating to everyone in line for the ride if they thought the people before them just peed themselves .
  11. Yeah I meant anything not visible while on The Vortex, like anything that might be in storage
  12. Does anyone know if there is any part of The Bat beside the concrete footers or the station in the park, like the old sign or a train?
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