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  1. Your name wouldn't happen to be Alex, would it?

  2. I'm still 36 away...but thanks anyways!

  3. Wow, you really love Call of Duty! I haven't played MW2 in so long. :/

  4. I just sent you a virtual oen.


  5. Okay. I don't go on as much as I used to, but I'll try and get on tomorrow. What games do you have for PS3?

  6. Your 10 years old? Finally, somebody younger than me here on KIC!

  7. Hot Topic Cashier Operator!

    Umm ok......don't respond to that.

  8. May I ask - what does "HTCO" mean?

  9. Haha I didn't even realize my name had changed either. I asked a moderator to change it about 2 months ago.

  10. I found that on here, somebody else posted it, so I use it as my signature now. =D

  11. I love your avatar! Haha!

  12. Well, I'm still here! (Lurking...stalking....) :P

  13. Aah nice catch there; I change it! :P

  14. What are you doing? Haven't seen you in like a week on MSN. I have a favor for you (I sent you an email on your Gmail)

  15. oh i didn't realize you were angryemobeaver on youtube - im cincybengals101 if you didnt know

  16. National Lampoon's Vacation! (your pic)

  17. do you have a youtube?

  18. Awesome you were born on leap year so you're really only 3! That must be so weird......

  19. I haven't updated it and i don't feel like it;. :)

  20. Hey there didn't know you were on KIC. I'm cincybengals101 on YT

  21. Oh come on dude. Well at least you have Diamondback.

  22. Wow how do you not have Beast in your top roller coasters????

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