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  1. Instead of using a poll, just post your opinions to the question. What rides can you put your hands up on, and what can't you? (at Kings Island) I can put my hands up on Diamondback, and honestly...that's about it. Diamondback is the smoothest, and I can easily put my hands up. Any wooden coaster I will not put my hands up, just because it's too rough. Including Woodstock Express!
  2. I'll be riding Pilgrim's Plunge this weekend, and that's something that looks better than Shoot The Rapids. ^Like you said, I'd rather ride a flume that goes up then goes down.
  3. Today as I was passing by Kings Island, I saw Invertigo go up the lift hill (the second). Then, it stopped. I waited for about 3 seconds, waiting for it to go down, but it didn't. The whole time I was driving past it it hadn't gone down. Does anybody know why this happened or if it stayed this way for awhile?
  4. Just a quick question. Why is Diamondback any better than Behemoth? They both have the same kind of seats, and pretty much the same speed. Opinions?
  5. I don't know if anybody's said this, but this is one of my opinions on line jumping. I HATE when there's people that get out of line (the other lets say two people stay in line) and then they come back 5 minutes later, cutting everybody. I know there's his family there, but still...just don't get out line. It's like the saying when you get up out of a seat: You move your feet, you lose your seat.
  6. I'm so mean to my family. But these two things are funny. Today, my mom points to Son of Beast and says - "Is that The Racer?" even when she's ridden The Racer before. I think the heat made us feel weird. Several years ago, my dad was waiting in line for Rock n' Roller Coaster at Disney World (I wasn't tall enough to ride), and my Grandma was watching me. The guitar that goes out from the logo to the entrance was right above us, and my grandma says, "Hey, we'll be able to see them come out!"
  7. I felt so bad for these kids "Let's go ride Son of Beast!" The other two were so enthusiastic, sprinting towards it (this was right next to Delirium). I didn't see what they did when they found out it was closed, but it made me feel bad
  8. Does this mean three years in a row they get a new ride? Come on Kings Island, we need a new ride!
  9. $8 million is a lot of money for a roller coaster? Wasn't Diamondback $14 million more? I'd much rather spend money on a fun, small wooden coaster than something big that Cedar Point already has. Enough with the big, let's go for fun and mild.
  10. Yep. My eyes were blurry...uh oh.
  11. Completely random thought, but did the fonts for the forums change or are my eyes just getting messed up?
  12. This is definitley a Mega Trip! The most parks I've been to in a week were Disney World and Sea World, and that's it.
  13. ^Actually, they're expecting the very weekend I go to be the best day to visit, mainly because people are going to school and are done with Holiday World for the summer.
  14. I'm getting more and more excited for Holiday World in late August! When I first looked up Liberty Launch on the website, I thought "This will be stupid" since it's not too tall and fast. Yet, you said it packs a punch! Now I'm excited for that ride so much more. I do hope it's not as crowded when I go. It looks like the crowd didn't ruin your day though. Seems like a great place to visit!
  15. Does anybody know when they usually put the Haunt site up? Beginning of September possibly?
  16. This just makes it worse. He keeps saying these roller coasters make you inverted. Can someone please tell me what that means? http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=6753030n&tag=morephotovideo
  17. It seems like we're just trying to bash this article now...but the stadium-style seating has always been the description of Diamondback. Nothing against the writer there.
  18. Let's see if the news business can write one more stupid article. First, Drop"Zone" gets stuck at top. Second, Diamondback is considered a hypercoaster because it has a lift hill rather than a launch. What's the third one going to be about? Edit: It also sounds like the writer of the article was very hungry when he wrote it!
  19. Another thing they said about Diamondback being a hypercoaster was the fact it used a lift hill. Okay, so The Great Pumpkin Coaster is a hypercoaster?
  20. I think I may just go to the waterpark for about two hours, and check everything out. Ride the Wildebeest, and some other highlight attractions. My plan is: I leave on Friday at 1PM and get to my hotel at 4PM. Stay the night. On Saturday, wake up at 8AM and get there at 8:30AM. Ride Raven, Legend, and Voyage. Around I'd say 10:30, if not too busy, I'll be done with that. Go to the waterpark for about two and a half hours, until 1:00. Eat lunch. Spend the rest of the day (until closing) riding any other rides at the dry park, with my family.
  21. Has anybody stayed at Santa's Lodge? If so, give me a review out of 5?
  22. Disney World! Which, I did live an hour away from Disney when I was very young, and we had annual passes.
  23. ^They do? Oh my gosh, my mind is going insane.
  24. People shouldn't brag about riding a coaster a lot. I don't see how anybody would really care. Honestly, it doesn't seem like an accomplishment at all. No rudeness towards Gary here, but I'm just saying, it seems kind of a stupid thing to have your goal to hit 3,000 rides on Diamondback.
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