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  1. ^Actually, to the quite busy part...they said the day I'm going is supposed to be the least busiest day of the summer!
  2. I'm going to HW on August 22, and I have some questions for you guys! 1. How rough is The Voyage (this year) compared to The Beast? (my dad can't handle too much roughness). 2. Do you think one day is long enough for the waterpark and amusement park? 3. Any reviews on Santa's Lodge? How is it? Thanks!
  3. What I've seen from you guys is that The Voyage isn't #1 like it used to be. Is that true to a lot of people here?
  4. Rivertown. I also have the same reason as everybody else...and POTATO WORKS!
  5. sometimes, goin to a park is more than just the darn ride. i go for multiple things like: *remembering past experiances *to see friends *cause i work haunt *the food *the atmosphere (aka-theming) *the shows why else would i drive over 2hrs to go to a park??? the rides are just a perk. so before you become acute to the rides, obtuse your mind to the full expierance. You just added to my point. Do you really need theme to make it a fun day at Kings Island?
  6. Guys, just be happy with all the rides. If you want theme, go to Disney. You can't complain about one of many amusement parks not having good theme. Didn't we have Diamondback last year? Are you not appreciative of that? Do we have the longest wooden coaster? Yep. Do we have the first six-inversion coaster? Mhm. Do we have a landmark coaster? Yes! Is bad theme that big of a deal? It's an amusement park for thrills, not for theme. You got season passes to ride rides, didn't you? Then be happy with it. Sorry if that sounded rude.
  7. Ugh. I can't stand The Beast in the middle or back, I HAVE to be in the front. Hopefully they won't keep doing this.
  8. How? Does he go everyday and ride it at least 20 times a day? It seems nuts!
  9. Millennium Force 2: Five Feet Higher Edit: I thought we were talking about a coaster here!
  10. Hm. The whole "Strata" thing is weird. Why would a coaster be named Strata, dot dot dot, and not be a strata coaster? I doubt Cedar Point would build another over 400 foot ride though. Too much!
  11. My mom hates California...I went there last year, I asked my dad if we could go to Knott's Berry Farm..and he said no. Because my mom hates California...I don't see me going there anytime soon! But it's still fun, and from seeing these TRs I want to go even more!
  12. ^Kind of old topic...yet I just saw your post. You know I was joking, right?
  13. ^^You are right. Most of these "arguments" are started just by stating a different opinion...one person states an opinion, the other disagrees and starts a fight. A lot of us have been sensitive, including me! (I kept on referring to how young I was and I didn't understand anything ). These boards have gotten better ever since this topic has started, I've seen. I'm glad to be on here and I'll stay on here for many more years to come!
  14. I was reading a lot of pages back, and I think we should rename this thread to "Argue all you want". I'm not referring to this exact page, but others have been...well....let's just say two people got banned because of it!
  15. Dirt is just dirt. If there were cones or something to represent an area of clearing land, it would be there. I don't think just some dirt means land being cleared.
  16. Your name wouldn't happen to be Alex, would it?

  17. Right when I saw the Travel Channel special with that ride in it, I automatically though, "No way." I knew it was unsafe - I honestly thought - what if the net broke? Well, actually my mom said that...... Anyways, hopes and prayers out to that family, does anybody know how she's doing right now?
  18. I dropped to fifth place I will never give up!
  19. It's a good thing they do it every Monday. If I can get a ticket in the fall that would be awesome!
  20. I think Cedar Point has done a really good job with this, a good way to earn tickets. But, you know, in the end it'll be me of course...
  21. Huzzah! I'm #1 currently with 15,000 points!
  22. I...am....so....close...to...winning....tickets.....
  23. I'm #2 high score! I'm going to keep playing all day!
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