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  1. Does that mean be at Cedar Point...or on my computer?.....
  2. Wow, you must love waiting!
  3. It took me an hour and a half from NYC two weeks ago and it is an easy drive. Good luck. Oh believe me I wasn't planning a trip. I was just thinking ahead of time, like in fifteen years when I move to NYC and live in a high rise apartment overlooking Central Park. I'll also be working in the Empire State Building, so if you can give me any better distances from that exact point it would be nice. But remember this is in fifteen years.
  4. I honestly didn't know there were so many stand up coasters! For some reason I thought there were only three. Mantis, Riddler's Revenge, and Chang.....
  5. This is completely random...but what does *P*TR stand for? And what's the difference between TR and PTR? Back on topic, nice (PTR OR TR ). I tried to get my parents to take me to Dollywood last year when we went to Gatlinburg, but obviously that was a no.......
  6. It would be nice to close this topic, and forget about SoB until another announcement is made. No rumors. I'm tired of them!!
  7. Manta does look at lot smoother. Firehawk just kills you with the transitions and it's not really fun.
  8. Oh, I actually thought Britain watched American shows a lot. Hopefully then they have good shows! POST 200! Yay!
  9. By the end of this summer I bet you this will have as many pages as the long gone Son of Beast Discussion thread.
  10. Too bad Nickelodeon sucks now. I mean, what good shows are there running right now? Spongebob....and.....uh......... They're turning into Disney Channel. Which means, would this Nickelodeon Land have things like iCarly in it? Or do you think they'll stick to cartoons?
  11. Can you hit your hands on the drop tunnel?
  12. Cedar Fair (or Kings Island) is thinking too hard about all this. They're not releasing any updates on the ride, and they're just letting it sit there. There's really only two solutions: Destroy it or keep it. Why can't they just make up their minds?!
  13. I'm too wimpy to put my hands up on The Beast anyways!
  14. I'm still 36 away...but thanks anyways!

  15. My least favorite is Twilight Zoom. I know I'm just randomly complaining, but why do I hate it? #1. It's not dark. #2. It's as slow as the lazy river. #3. The tubes don't even fit! I mean, at least make it fast (ZOOM) and make it dark (TWILIGHT).
  16. ^Huh? Do you mean "you might see through SOB's structure?"
  17. Do you think you'd be able to see the land clearing while riding Thunder Alley?
  18. I have a video camera that has 60x optical zoom. Is that a lot? If so, I'm going to take pictures of it too!
  19. There are too many topics like this one.......
  20. I'm a wimp so I haven't ridden TT. Next time I go I'll have to try it out. I've never done SRR either. I love Awesome Aussie Twister.!
  21. My mom says Diamondback is the tallest/fastest ride she will ride. It's too much for her!
  22. She won't be quiet now about how proud she is she rode these rides....it's getting to her head!
  23. ^She's not scared of the roughness. She's scared of wooden coasters in general - she thinks they're going to fall apart.
  24. She doesn't want to ride The Beast. When she last rode it (in the early 80s) she hated it, because of the roughness. So I didn't make her go on it.
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