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  1. Is there such thing as a roller coaster completely on water? That would be cool, if they could add a little boardwalk that stretches out towards a roller coaster on the lake.
  2. Today I was proud of my mom. Why? She hadn't ridden a decent coaster since 16 years old. Actually, she hadn't even ridden The Racer since then. Last night, my mom was planning our trip to KI. I thought it would be a good day for her. I kept begging her, "Please please please ride rides with me!" She thought about it over night. In the morning I woke up, and I knew - this was the day my mom conquered. At about 9:30 we left to my grandparents house, who live 5 minutes away from KI. Emily (my four year old sister) went to ride Planet Snoopy rides with my Grandma and Grandpa, while I was about to ride Diamondback alone. My mom finally thought herself through, and got in line with me. I was happy! . It was about a half hour wait (today was an unbelievably crowded day, 30-45 minute waits for everything). I could tell she was shaking. We got the very middle - good idea for a person who is afraid to ride! Going up the lift hill, my mom was looking side to side, muttering, "It's high...oh my gosh....". Then the drop. She was laughing so hard, especially over the hills. On the camera I posed as I was yawning. My mom had a huge smile on her face and her hair was flying backwards. After it, she was still laughing and wanted to ride it again (HAH! I'm not waiting in that line again). I knew if she rode that, she could ride everything at the park. Next was BLSC. My mom didn't like. She didn't like the quick transistions on it (sounds like Maverick), and I the same. I don't really like that ride. Next was X-Base. We rode Flight of Fear. In line, my mom was asking me a ton of questions on what the ride was like. She said she was "scared of the unknown". I gave her my sinister look, and my evil laugh. She heard the launch of the coaster, and wanted to leave. I told her it wasn't that bad! On the launch, she was laughing once again. The whole ride she was screaming and laughing. Obviously she likes roller coasters! After that she was disoriented, but I wasn't done. We rode Firehawk, which my mom HATED. She said it was way too disorenting and made her queasy. On the first drop she loved it, but once the loop came, her smile turned to a frown. Oh well. That was the end of our riding, by 12:00. It was way too crowded for anything else. We ate lunch at the Festhaus, and watched all of Way Too Much TV. Good show! I may have been growing up in the 2000s, but I love most theme songs to 70s and 80s shows! This is how my mom rated the rides: Diamondback - 10/10 Flight of Fear - 8/10 Firehawk - 4/10 Backlot Stunt Coaster - 4/10 This. Was. The. Day. My. Mom. Conquered.
  3. He scares me...especially in the commercials.......
  4. That sign beneath that picture is exactly why I don't want to go to Six Flags.
  5. ^All you have to do is just hop out of your seat a little, and you'll feel the pleasure of airtime without going any large speed!
  6. Is Great Adventure near New York? Like at least within 1 hour?
  7. Oh. I didn't know there was a hotel right there! Scratch that idea. Yet I still like my parking lot idea
  8. Right when I hear the words no shade or unshaded, I automatically think of Boomerang Bay. Which leads me to my question - does Splashin' Safari have enough shade you won't die?
  9. I just hate how Kings Island (along with all the other Cedar Fair parks) have the same theme song. Why not give originality to each park, and let each park stand out in their own way? Instead it's all Fun and Only, which doesn't make sense anyway, because if it's the fun and only, why do the other parks say that as well........
  10. I don't know if somebody said this, but they can get rid of the parking lot, then expand from there, out of the peninsula, then rebuild the parking lot...is that too much? I felt like making this I was bored. Notice there's also the beach, get rid of that area and add a small coaster/ride.
  11. Has anyone considered adding a wild mouse to the park? I've never been on one, but they seem fun. It would be a nice family addition to the park. Or, if you've ever been to Disney World, there's Primeval Whirl which is a spinning wild mouse...I haven't ridden it, but it looks fun!
  12. Reminds you of a coaster close by, doesn't it?
  13. I've always wanted to go to Hershey! I would also like to go just to the city and check it out, go to some chocolate museums....I know, I'm so exciting!
  14. Well, you know, my mom let me drive the car about five minutes on the side roads, she was supervising me.
  15. Well actually I've driven down to Florida six times, which is about fifteen hours.
  16. Back from vacation. Yesterday instead of relaxing, you know I had to go on the lake! I finally learned how to water ski, for about a minute. I kissed everything in my house to say goodbye, then today was the nine hour car drive back. :'( I miss it already.
  17. www.kingsislandpark.com..........would be way better.
  18. I know why it leads to I305! Son of Beast is actually I305 in disguise, and they're trying to keep the secret from the public by saying Son of Beast is closed. Son of Beast was never an actual roller coaster. Ever since it was built, it's been called I305 to the employees, then this year they opened I305 to the public, therefore closing Son of Beast. So, Son of Beast is actually I305, which means that's why it redirects to I305'S website. I'm smart.
  19. B&M does what B&M does. You can't just say, "Make Kings Island have an inverted coaster" and they'll make one. It takes a lot of work out of the park itself and all its employees...I bet you the employees right now are thinking of something totally different than an inverted coaster.
  20. Hopefully somebody can get some pictures? I'm a big fan of signs!
  21. It may not be fast, but it's still too fast. According to KI's old ride list, Adventure Express has "fun-filled tunnels" with "cobras and living creatures". Either that's not true, or it's too fast for me to see.
  22. ^^No! Flight Deck will go nowhere! Now, Son of Beast on the other hand.......
  23. ^True....very true.....maybe they could have root beer stands
  24. I think St. Patrick's Day would fit better. Leprechaun Leaper (taller Liberty Launch), Pots of Gold (tea cups ride, but themed to pots of gold), The Other Side of the Rainbow (if you've been to Krazy City, kind of like the Skyscraper ride), and Lucky's Looper (steel coaster!! )
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