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  1. Hey you're ride count says you rode the Red racer more than the Blue! Obviously the Red is run more than the Blue.
  2. Then what's the point of the other train then???
  3. Yeah, I was going to say the same thing - if Son of Beast isn't gone, they should take out Firehawk - that's not really that scary of a ride - personally.
  4. I wouldn't care. I love Peanuts - besides, almost every other Cedar Fair park has a Peanuts area or don't have any theme at all. The only bad thing about leaving Nick is that it was unique. I don't think any other park had a whole Nickelodeon area.
  5. Whenever I go to Kings Island, I always ride The Racer after everything else. When I ride it, every time, only the Red train is going. Why is that? I thought that maybe it was because there were not enough people to have two trains going, but three times there was at least a 10 minute wait and the whole Red train was filled up and there were still leftover people. I just want to know why they won't run the Blue train! It's no fun when you ride something called The Racer and there's no trains racing each other. Why?
  6. I just rode The Beast last year and it made me really excited when I heard the scary music and the roaring of The Beast on the lift hill. I got so excited about it - then the whole ride I was screaming "Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap!"
  7. Oh man, I forgot to actually ask the question!!! I'm so stupid... Yeah, reply to what your favorite coaster is all time and your favorite at KI
  8. I forgot to publish the poll on here....whoops. Just reply to my post.
  9. I bet someone already has this question already posted on here, but I'd like to see people answer this one!!! Personally, my favorite is The Beast. My second is Diamondback. Do not think I'm crazy. lol =)
  10. Yeah, I would love to have a ride like Sheikra from Busch Gardens Tampa or maybe a Maverick kind of ride. I still don't get why Kings Island won't use up their acres, I mean, I think they have at aleast 100 acres left of their park.
  11. Not all of that land is as rugged as some claim, there is a good bit of nice flat land out there in that area. Developing this area of land will also call for an expansion of track and stations, possibly even to the point that the train will have a station and ticket booth at GWL. Imagine how much easier it would be to get from one side of the park to the other if the train covered the whole park. Or even just a nice train from GWL to BB and places in between for the water fans who want to get out of GWL and go over to BB for awhile. Parking garages I forsee might eventually become a reality at KI, and perhaps even at CP, but I predict it will be awhile for that. Even GWL needs a parking expansion, sometimes you have to wait 30 minutes to find a spot over there, including their overflow lot. I can only hope if KI or CP ever gets parking garages that they take design tips from Baltimore's Airport, and other garages. I love Baltimore's advanced parking system, that has red and green lights above each parking spot, letting you know at a glance from the end of the aisle if there is a spot available on that row, and count display boards that direct you to empty spots in the garage. But new editions to KI or CP for 2020 or 2022? I don't think so. Especially since the world will end in 2012. Radar -who just had to. You better have been joking about 2012.
  12. Of course they'll have something big 13 years from now....at least I think it is. And it's their 50th anniversary!
  13. I'm really just wishing for a new hyper coaster. There's really not that much more they can build, you know, with all the crazy roller coasters these days!!!
  14. CincyMan98

    New Coaster?

    Don't get your hopes up. A new coaster probably won't be up until 5 years from now.
  15. I know Diamondback rocks, but I think Kings Island should have waited to add it, on their 40th anniversary. It cost $22 million, so I doubt in 2012 they would have a big, expensive ride.
  16. Everyone of you are thinking wrong. Just because an amusement park comes out with a new coaster, it doesn't have to be bigger or badder. I would just consider maybe another hypercoaster or maybe bring back something like King Cobra (the stand up coaster). It doesn't HAVE to be something big. I don't even really think an "adult" Avatar ride would be great at all. I would just like the fact that KI would have more roller coasters! They could even make a new wooden coaster if they wanted too. I'm hoping for a new section maybe 5 years from now, with several flat rides and a stand up coaster.
  17. Hope you don't care bout me advertising but, please, join my Kings Island fan site.


  18. Yeah, an X-Base expansion would be nice. Maybe a smaller coaster, like a regular steel looping coaster that has a future theme to it. Maybe like a 150 foot tall, 7 inversion floorless coaster...I really don't know! I'm just hoping for something, since it's the 40th anniversary.
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