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  1. Too scared to ride The Cliff.....so my favorite would have to be Aztec Adventure. I love the jaguar tunnel, and that last drop! Fun! I also love Watusi. Small but sweet.
  2. It's a way better summer spot. Although I think going during the fall would be great, because it wouldn't be too hot. Today it's 96 and a heat index of 107.
  3. I am in a place called "Tan-Tar-A". If you have never heard of it, you will learn about it here and find a place your family should go visit next year! Tan-Tar-A is in Osage Beach, Missouri. Whenever I told my friends that, they would say, "You're going to Missouri?". I guess that's not the best travel state. You'd be surprised though. Tan-Tar-A is on Lake of The Ozarks. I think I read somewhere that the lake's shoreline is longer than Florida's. It is really clean, and there are tons of hills and cliffs that add to the excitement. We got our own house instead of staying in the hotel, and the house includes two bedrooms with a kitchen. So, onto the actual trip report. If you want to read it, feel free to, I'd be happy. If you don't, I don't care, just....do something . So, I left on Saturday, and drove six hours away to St. Louis. I stayed the night at the Crowne Plaza near the St. Louis Airport. On Sunday we had another three hours of driving. We were driving in farms and plains, then all of a sudden the roads twist and turn into the hills. We see a sign that says "Tan-Tar-A" and a little waterfall. We're excited already. That night we went to the "Arrowhead Pool", which had a 3 foot area and then a four foot area with waterfalls. Up above there was a nice five hundred foot long waterslide that was just a fun relaxing ride. There was also a whirpool and a little kids play area. We had gone there the next four days, and had more fun every day. On Monday was lake time. We took our rental pontoon boat out to the lake, then met up with our other friends (there were 10 people in all) and me, my friend Will and Danielle, and my dad went on a motorboat. I did waterskiing first, and after five trys I got up for two seconds. . Then I went kneeboarding....I went on that for fifteen minutes, over so many waves, and learned then how to do tricks like spinning and going over the wakes. Then they took us tubing all the way back to the resort (we had gone out about two miles). That was the best day of the week. On Tuesday Will's dad took us to the go-karts on State Road KK, which reminded me a lot of Gatlinburg or Myrtle Beach. I came in fourth out of ten people. After that we went to Bears Den Arcade, which was in the hotel. I stayed there for about three hours and got a bunch of different prizes. The rest of the day we spent at the pool. On Wednesday we went to the indoor waterpark, which was almost exactly like Great Wolf Lodge. It was connected to the hotel and was called "Timber Falls". They had a body slide and tube slide, both were pretty fun. My four-year-old sister rode the "big-girl" slides a bunch of times. There was a hot tub, activity pool, fort, and lazy river. It was a nice little waterpark, but the tickets were seperate from the hotel/houses. Today, (Thursday), we went to Big Surf Waterpark in Linn Creek, Missouri. It was great! Better than Boomerang Bay. It was tiny, which I loved, because my feet don't like being burnt and blistered from Boomerang Bay. There was Space Bowl, which was a toilet bowl ride without a tube, Zoombezi Falls, which was amazing - a half pipe slide you go on tubes. I rode it with my dad, and we made it all the way to the top because of our weight together. There were two body slides, one that was open and one that was closed. My sister rode the "big-girl" slides there too, which included a small straight drop one (well like 70 degrees) and a turn around one, which landed into an activity pool. There was a nice little kids area with a little slide and a bunch of different water activities. The last one I rode was The Rapids, which was like the one at The Beach Waterpark. Tomorrow (Friday) is just going to be a relaxing day at the house, and Saturday I'm leaving. Thanks for reading!
  4. The only roller coaster at KI that scares me is The Beast. The whole ride it feels like the train's going to fall of the tracks...the helix especially....oh wait, I'm supposed to help him overcome his fear.....
  5. I hate how cold it is in there - even after getting back in after 90 degree weather, it's still too cold. Same with all the other rides at KI that are indoors. Too cold!
  6. Wow, you really love Call of Duty! I haven't played MW2 in so long. :/

  7. I use Twitpic sometimes, it takes a lot less time than Photobucket.
  8. My grandpa flew planes on aircraft carriers for the Navy, so he says "roller coasters are boring compared to the thrill of going 150mph on a plane". He rode Diamondback and when he got off, he just was like "Fun."
  9. I just sent you a virtual oen.


  10. In your opinion is it worth to drive 2 hours away to go there for 3 days?
  11. Yes, I did not lost it. Of course this is passed and I didn't even go...but I can use your answers for future.
  12. If it's between $1 mil and $10 mil, I'll buy it, and put it in my....uh...backyard?
  13. Picture from July 4 at the park on the fan photos on Holiday World's Facebook. Anybody noticed this if they went? Looks like they're getting a head start with all the Timberliner stuff.
  14. Okay. I don't go on as much as I used to, but I'll try and get on tomorrow. What games do you have for PS3?

  15. Flight Deck in the front is seems the most fast ride out of the whole park IMO. The wind makes your eyes tear up, and you lose your breath on the drop and the second turn. Flight Deck is an intense ride for me. Still not nearly the best though .
  16. I always love the front, just because you can see the track, and I love that! Plus the wind blowing in your face....even on Diamondback I love the front. Even on Vortex I love the front.
  17. Okay, that's what I had thought about, my sister not being able to hold on. Thanks!
  18. In RCT3 there are CTRs called Wing Riders and they are just like this! So cool!
  19. But can they just search your name instead of me buying a whole new replacement pass?
  20. I'm at my grandparents house and tomorrow they were going to take me to KI. But I forgot my pass. So, that leads to my question. Can the people at the front gate search for my name instead of scanning my pass? Or do I have to buy an extra pass.
  21. I'm going in August and I am VERY excited, especially from looking at other people's TRs. Can't wait!
  22. This also applies to the waterslides - some of the heights for them are 36"! I don't feel like my sister would be safe on one of those, due to holding on. Which reminds me a question I would like to know. Why are restrictions based off of height instead of WEIGHT? Such as me riding Diamondback...it freaks the crap out of my because I'm so small. But my height doesn't make any difference. Why is it like that?
  23. ^That's not the point, it's just so hidden. At least put a bigger sign somewhere in the front of Action Zone, showing where it is.
  24. I don't mean the actual coaster's location, I mean where the line starts. It's very hard to find. The location of the ride is great, with the hills and woods, but not the start of the queue.
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