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  1. No its definitley boobzilla
  2. We have other Intamin's, such as White Water Canyon.
  3. When was the last time you saw ship full? I have not seen it full.... EVER so uh yea Ok one more thing. Ship can hold 84 people, and it constantly has full ships every single day from about 1130-130. On busy days...it does a full ship almost every cycle until close. On average...during peak time where you are sending full ships..the wait is about 15 minutes...especially for the higher seats. so uh yea
  4. AE is definitley in octoberfest, and has been rated the number one mine train in america next to Disney Worlds mine train ride. It is consistently the most ridden ride every year...so what is so bad about it?
  5. Excuse me, but you are wrong. There was QTV in the queue's down by top gun on poles. They were removed at some point...i believe after the first season, that i am not positive on. Go out to the queues and look you can see where they filled in the cement holes. And who do you think you are anyway saying I'm wrong??? How much do you know about that ride? There is a picture of this floating around somewhere...if someone finds it..post it or provide a link. (ie sobrider or azkindaguy - i know you guys are full of pictures)
  6. Yes they did but they were removed after the first operating season.
  7. If memory serves me right (as Monroe would say) i believe the name of the color was trademarked, Eiffel Tower Blue or Eiffel Tower Green.
  8. The yellow tape is there to help simplify the final visual check given by the ride operator, considering the bars are black and the seats are usually. EVERY single coaster will not let you dispatch a train until the bars are locked, wood coasters are no different. Every single ride with electronicaly controlled lap bars is the same way to the best of my knowledge.
  9. Haha, see im really a nice guy.
  10. Before PKI he worked for Americana/Lesourdsville lake.
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