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  1. Sorry, I just cant get over them being considered not wooden. Does The Beast have wooden everything? I don't pretend to be a coaster guru but everyone I know, considers them to be wooden coasters. Even if they are technical a hybrid, they are still 99% wooden. When you look at them, you seen nothing but wood. I will always consider them wooden coasters and so will 99% of all other people. And since you guys like getting technical, if they are hybrid, means that they are wooden and steel, so my statement is correct. No need to take something out of context and nit pick. For the Cedar Point homers, notice how I did say Cedar Point is better. It may of sounded like I favor Kings Island, but that is just because I was just there yesterday for the first time in a decade and it really impressed me, it was nice to ride some different types of rides. I will remember never to try to add anything to these forums seeing how people pay no attention to the point and try to correct or flame you for your opinion. I really thought that you guys would enjoy my optimism for Kings Island, seeing how this is a Kings Island board, but I guess not. Oh and I never called anyone a idiot or a moron. I said people who say someone's opionion is wrong is an idiot and moron. You took it personal, so I guess if the shoe fits, then you're going to wear it. HA This will be my last post here, deleting it from my bookmarks. The Beast HAS .... NAILS = 375,000 LBS. BOLTS = 82,480 WASHERS = 5,180 CONCRETE = 2,432 Square Yards
  2. one more thing for KAT you trying to tell me Gemini and Mine Ride or not Wooden Coaster and are steel? ?????????? Am I missing something? I rode Gemini the most of any coaster. To be honest I didnt read much of anything you said because your very first sentence is just plain wrong. And the idiot who agrees with this person just because they are their friend isignorant too. What is wrong with you people?
  3. Oh and I just joined this board a week ago, so I have no clue how many times it has been compared. So if this is one of those board's, full of idiots who like to run new people off, then your well on your way. I don't waste my time on ignorance.
  4. Well I am no professional reviewer. I live smack dab between both parks, 100 miles from each. I normally go to Cedar Point and yesterday was the first time I been to Kings Island in almost 10 years or so. The reason I always choose Cedar Point was because Kings Island was considered a theme park. But after visiting Cedar Point last week and Kings Island this week, It was hard for me not to compare the two, especially after feeling Kings Island was no longer just a theme park. Also considering I am 31 years old and do not ride the kids rides or pay much attention to the small themes on rides at KI, except I did notice quite a effort for Flight of Fear. But Cedar Point also has some kinda small theme to some of their rides as well. I was totally amused yesterday and it sure in the hell wasn't the rides props or music that did it. Kings Island has some great rides now and has closed to gap considerable. One thing I noticed lately is that Cedar Point is trying to be more themed and kid friendly like Kings Island and Kings Island is trying to be more like Cedar Point. I think in a handfull of years that both parks will be equal and Kings Island will even surpass Cedar Point because it seems it has more room for development. As I said, I am not a profressional reviewer, these are just my opionions, so your a idiot if you try to tell me I wrong. Im not going to tell you that your opionion is wrong, that just moronic. If you don't agree with me then fine, but don't tell me I am wrong.
  5. Firstly, here are my rankings for each ride at both parks. Please note that some small coasters are not included. ----------------------------- Cedar Point 1).Millennium Force 2).Maverick 3).Raptor 4).Mantis 5).Magnum XL 6).Top Thrill Dragster 7).Corkscrew 8).Wicked Twister 9).Gemini 10)Disaster Transport 11)Mean Streak 12)Blue Streak 13)Mine Ride ------------------------------ Kings Island 1).Diamondback 2).Son of Beast 3).Firehawk 4).Vortex 5).The Beast 6).Flight of Fear 7).Flight Deck 8).Invertigo 9).Backlot Stunt Coaster 10)The Racer 11)Adventure Express ---------------------------- My Final Grade = Cedar Point 10/10 Kings Island 9/10 Kings Island does not have anything to compare to Top Thrill, Maverick, or Magnum. ---------------------------- Millennium Force vs. Diamondback Diamondback is a slightly lesser version of the Millennium Force, but for me the Diamondback's state of the art seating and water splash, make up the difference. EVEN ---------------------------- Mantis vs. Firehawk This is a tough one to call, but Firehawk is unique , in that your laying down the whole time, switching back and forth from facing the ground on bottom of track or facing the air on top of the track. ADV - Firehawk --------------------------- Corkscrew vs. Vortex Corkscrew is one of my favorites and it rides alot smoother than The Vortex, but The Vortex has alot bigger loops and corkscrews. ADV - Vortex ---------------------------- Raptor vs. Flight Deck I love both these coasters, but Raptor has alot more to offer. ADV - RAPTOR ---------------------------- Wicked Twister vs. Invertigo Invertigo is pretty much a Wicked Twister upgrade. It has a nice loop and hairpin. ADV - Invertigo ---------------------------- Gemini vs. The Racer Both have two trains racing side by side. Both are kinda rough. ADV - GEMINI --------------------------- Disaster Transport vs. Flight of Fear Both are inside coasters but Flight of Fear is twice as good. ADV - Flight of Fear --------------------------- Mean Streak vs. The Beast I quit riding the Mean Streak years ago because it is too rough. The Beast is a legend. ADV - The Beast --------------------------- Mine Ride vs. Son of Beast Son of Beast is shut down for awhile, but with it's loop or not it's still better than any wooden coaster from Cedar Point. ADV - Son of Beast -------------------------- Blue Streak vs. Adventure Express Neither are that great. EVEN -------------------------- Power Tower vs. Drop Tower Power Tower is 240 ft. Drop Tower is 310 ft and spins you on way up. Drop Tower is way better. ADV - Drop Tower -------------------------- Max Air vs Delirium Same exact ride. EVEN -------------------------- Skyhawk vs. The Crypt Skyhawk alot taller and faster and dominates The Crypt. ADV - SKYHAWK -------------------------- Demon Drop vs. Backlot Stunt Coaster These two are nothing alike, but I like them both the same, so they cancel each other out. EVEN ---------------------------- Camp Snoopy vs. Nickelodeon Universe Kings Island is the Kid Capital Of The World. Nickelodeon Universe has been voted best Kid's area in the world 8 years in a row. ADV - NICKLEOEDON UNIVERSE -------------------------- Challenge Racing vs. Thunder Alley Thunder Alley a Joke. Both Of Cedar Points tracks are better. ADV - CHALLENGE RACING -------------------------- Soak City vs. Boomerang Bay Boomerang Bay is including with your ticket price. Soack city is not. Boomerang Bay is alos bigger. ADV - BOOMERANG BAY --------------------------
  6. Hi, my wife and I are headed down to Kings Island tomorrow, Friday July 10th. We have been going since we were 10 years old but it has prolly been a decade since the last time. I bought a Platinum Pass this year and go to Cedar Point a few times a year. So I thought since I am smack dab in the middle of CP & KI ( 110 miles to each ), I would go check out Diamondback. I just have a few questions since its been awhile. 1.) Will they let me bring my wife in for ERT if she don't have a Platinum Pass also? 2.) Is the BBQ Meal Deal worth the $12.99 ? 3.) Is there any rides we should avoid due to the ride being too rough or other reasons? 4.) What exactly does the Crypt do? 5.) Is it buy one get one free for Go Karts if you have a Platinum Pass, like it is at Cedar Point?
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