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  1. The park is indeed getting new shows this year, but unless they are doing casting differently for it, Illuminate isn't one of them.
  2. Have you seen the proposed model for the 12-inversion coaster, though? It truly does look incredible. (And I'm not really a fan of inversions...just for the sake of going upside down.)
  3. I'm auditioning to be a show performer this year. Unfortunately, the competition is outrageous.
  4. I would say one of the biggest reasons for going with Mondial was capacity (WindSeeker- 64 riders, Starflyer- 24).
  5. So it's operating at about 11% more downtime than usual, then?
  6. I would like to echo these sentiments and add that I think it's GREAT how the park/crew is actually putting the extra effort into RACING trains on The Racer! It completely changes the ride--for the better--and everyone I've talked to who has ridden it this season agrees.
  7. I'll support Jaspers statement. With the exception of WindSeeker, I didn't see a single ride "down" all day and all the coasters were running extremely well.
  8. I just got back home after a 3+ hour long drive from Kings Island. Five of my friends and I decided to head up for opening day and we had an awesome time despite the far-less-than-awesome weather. With the exception of WindSeeker, which didn't run at all (or look like it would be ready to open next weekend---but what do I know), just like it hasn't run the past three visits I've had since last June, everything was running extremely well. HOWEVER, the shocker of the day was definitely The Beast. I hesitate to use the term "butter" because I feel like it might cause me to lose credibility, but I'm going to use it anyway. On April 28th, The Beast, throughout the entire ride, tracked "butter smooth-ly." It felt like a completely different coaster than what I rode last year, or any year before, and every one of my non-enthusiast friends agreed. There was new track everywhere, most notably the turn after the second drop/before the brake shed, the approach to the second tunnel, and the scattered throughout the section leading to the second lift. We were able to get one daylight and two nighttime rides in--the second because I lied to a ride-op that another had previously told me we could have a reride, which I sincerely apologize for--and while the latter rides were obviously beyond mind-blowing, the former was incredible as well. We were all extremely impressed and I just hope that the coaster continues to run in this condition. However, I'm not extremely confident this will be the case, so please, I beg you, get out to Kings Island and experience the early-2012 Beast SOON! I hope I'm not overhyping it, but I'm not sure that's possible at the moment. You will not be disappointed! Thank you Kings Island for an amazing visit. We had a great experience on our first Opening Day and you can count on seeing us again soon! (But please get the big swing ride working. )
  9. Made sure to eat at 1:30 today to catch the public debut of the show. My five (18 year old) friends and I really enjoyed it. The songs are great and very recognizable, there is a ton of energy, and the performers are unbelievebly talented. I'll definitely make a point to watch it again next time I'm at the park.
  10. Let's just hope new Cedar Fair President = new rain policy!
  11. If you read the original post you'll see that isn't the case. (Unless her husband is unable to differentiate between a very small steel coaster and a larger wooden coaster in pictures.)
  12. How do opening day crowds usually compare to the following few Saturdays? The last early-season Saturday visit I had was the weekend after Diamondback opened...so I'm not sure if that's a great crowd guage.
  13. I'll be crushed if Kings Island removes The Crypt. I love indoor rides, and this is by far the park's most unique flat.
  14. It was fairly rough today, too...but not unbearable by any means. Flight of Fear, on the other hand? THAT was rough.
  15. I am a huge fan of The Crypt...and I always will be. I think the improvements look great, and I'm sure I'll take multiple cycles on the ride tomorrow...even though the latest program truly does, well, suck. What is the music that plays while the ride is going?
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