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  1. I know this has been said a lot, but I love that blue color. Looks much better than the renderings in my opinion!
  2. Totally agree. Although they both have their perks, I prefer the 8x4 train to the 16x2 DB trains.
  3. Wow look how much steeper Orion is than DB. That is shocking!
  4. I like Wing coasters. We all know KD is due for a coaster. This looks ok. It is a little short in terms of height and length, but height especially. On the other hand it does pack a punch with five inversions in that time. Looking forward to see how this progresses.
  5. To play devils advocate, I sometimes feel this gives off a "talking down to the "others"" vibe that I feel is oftentimes common on this site. I do not rate your knowledge or credibility based on an online forum about Kings Island. I do respect you and the mods, but I think that is a dangerous path to take in regards to how to deal with the credibility issues. I do not consider myself someone with "elite credibility" on this site, but I do know my post count or connections to people on this site do not adequately represent my life success and trustability when it comes to knowledge. I feel like that is a very dangerous path to go down when it comes to who needs to provide a source. I do not think mods need to provide a source, especially when it is a statement from the park, but other than that, I am weary.
  6. I am not surprised by this. What is Orion's lift hill height? 287? That's only about 50 ft taller than DB. Orion also is on lower grounds than DB. It will not look much bigger compared to DB next year. I don't expect it to have the look that Intimidator and Fury have on the skyline of Carowinds. Driving down 71, Fury looks like a beast. On the other hand, I think it will FEEL a lot bigger than DB.
  7. How about you take the lead and stop talking about it. I understand what you are trying to get at, but you are severely contradicting yourself by your continuous responses to this thread.
  8. Indeed, and it looks like most/if not all of the lights for Winterfest are up too.
  9. Who is saying they know what’s what for the park? I’m just stating the thoughts going through my head. Trust me I’m not in the fetal position refreshing the webcam. It doesn’t bother me. I just find it odd. Also not saying I know what’s best, I frequently say I don’t know much at all on topics discussed on this site. I have a life and a lot of activities in my life, but also one of my hobbies is this. So insinuating we should go outside makes you look like a fool.
  10. I think it’s now clear why these are down. After the weather bug (or whatever the camera name on I Street) was turned off, and what six just said, I don’t think Kings Island wants pictures of Orion at the moment. I don’t understand this strategy at all. @Fishleehooker if that was the case, I don’t think a camera would be directed toward construction on the first place.
  11. Im not throwing a fit over it, but I assumed they would be more present online. Even for their own sake, more publicity = hopefully more sales for them. And from a marketing standpoint, there is always more excitement to be built up. The whole point of Orion is to make money. I guarantee you next year Kings Island's commercials will feature Orion, and based off you statement, that wouldn't be necessary.
  12. I clicked on this thinking it said "Great Pumpkin Coaster to give its final ride" and I was going to get mad.
  13. I am also surprised Kings Island hasn't been more active on their social media with pictures of the construction progress. I gave the park the benefit of the doubt about the webcams being down, assuming it was out of their control (probably foolishly so). But if I were them, you best believe I would be active on social media sharing the progress. Have to admit I am a little disappointed with the effort it appears they are putting in from our perspective.
  14. Where do you see the second lift hill support and track? Maybe Im blind.
  15. I wonder if they will move the webcam when they are building back by the turnaround and the rest of the ride. My gut says they wont.
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