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  1. I think we saw it coming. They were discussing playing all games in Vegas in one arena, but now with the league in China suspending their season longer, I don’t see it happening.
  2. I saw that. Such a shame, but right now I don't see how they can't not cancel it.
  3. He was always very nice to me. We had some good PMs about my time as a Page. He was a good guy in my eyes. Always very nice. I think he added a great taste to the forums. You can go back and look at his posts from years pasts. I hope he is well. Also, I hope all you are well. These are trying times, and we all have a common interest. We turn on each other too much. You all are in my thought and prayers. I hope you all are staying safe.
  4. I am deeply sorry to everyone who has financially and emotionally been troubled by this disaster. You are all in my thoughts and prayers; there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
  5. What happened to no politics on this site? I come on here and instead of Kings Island all I see is people bringing up politics and complaining about leadership. I'm glad you all have your views. Seriously, good for you that's what out country is all about. Me and 90% of everyone else don't want to hear about them. I just quoted you because I saw it but there are many others that should probably take a chill pill. Politics is too divided in our country today. We don't need to bring that here.
  6. Oh good lord buddy give it a break. We can talk about the drone video. He uploads multiple vides. Surprise, when he uploads new videos, things change at the Orion site. It's cool to discuss changes for a new record breaking coaster. I know it's not allowed. It is not posted here, and understandably so. It has been stated that it can be discussed. Also, corona has absolutely NOTHING to do with this. That is the equivalent of saying why are we talking on a forum we can spread the rona. It's all good, I do not mean to sound mean (I know its hard to interpret over the internet).
  7. Although I would advise against taking hydroxychloroquine just because some Joe Bob from online said it worked. It's never smart to just go trying drugs like that. A very dangerous path is listening to people on the internet who are suddenly experts in fields they have no knowledge in.
  8. This was what came to my mind too. Also, Cedar Point got a lot of great additions.
  9. DO we know where the camera will be? If we dont my guess will be right after the last airtime hill.
  10. When someone says Kings Island, my first thought is always me envisioning myself in AZ hearing that noise.
  11. I didn't even notice them enclosing the former outdoor FoF queue until you all pointed it out. Im looking forward to what that looks like.
  12. There is just something about that SoB chain sound in Action Zone that I absolutely loved.
  13. Up where? If you look at the construction plans for the coaster there is 100% a trim there. It may be like the Banshee trim that was installed but is no longer used.
  14. Yes they are on that last airtime hill. So we will have to see how much the trim affects the speed coming off that hill. My gut says it will slow it down at least a small amount.
  15. Do we know if the trim is installed yet either?
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