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  1. 100% agree. I meant no disrespect to anyone. I was just simply trying to promote a more enjoyable environment, but you are correct in regards to how it is not the right thing to do. Now back on topic
  2. People acting like pictures are their homes and wives. I doubt anyone here is making money off their pictures.
  3. Well they don't move The Beast when fireworks go off, so I doubt that is the issue. I would assume it will close due to the location unfortunately.
  4. I could definitely get behind this, but it has to be #1 like the real BBN.
  5. I'm excited to see what changes happen to Orion next offseason after it's discovered the ride was poorly designed!
  6. I say likely because there is no timetable tied to options. Am i confident we will get one next? No. Am I confident by 2028 we will have one? Yes. I could really see either a Dive or RMC be our next coaster.
  7. "Straddle the thin monorail track".....interesting choice of words. It does look fun though!
  8. There was track up at the announcement I believe.
  9. I can almost guarantee they are gonna make that hill loos massive on the map. For example, look at DBs hill.
  10. IM assuming those numbers are if the coaster is running to its max. I feel like Diamondback often has all three trains stacked, which would decrease its hourly capacity. I'm assuming that DB does not get 1620 per hour over the past few years bc of the length of time it has been taking to dispatch the trains. I think a lot of it has to do with the bins to be honest.
  11. If Copperhead Strike is successful I can see a ride like that coming in next.
  12. I respectfully disagree with a lot of what you said. I am almost certain CF didn't just ask B&M to make a giga and they just gave them a 287ft tall coaster and CF was like "welp okay looks like we have to build this now"! This coaster was planned by CF and B&M gave a design based on the company's request. Also, it is easier said than done to just cut out 30 feet of a hill and add it to the first drop. B&M gets paid the big bucks to design structurally safe coasters. You have to take into account the speed and forces the coaster will be traveling through on every part to make sure it is safe. Simply making other hills taller/shorter is not the proper way of doing this at all.
  13. He didn't ask that question. So I answered with input about the lines for Diamondback and Banshee. He said he expected the lines for Orion to be similar to those rides during their opening season. From my experience, both Banshee and DB had a lot of walk ons throughout their first season.
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