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  1. Its 2019 I come to expect that hahah.
  2. Im just amazed at how talented all of you are at this! Its made it very enjoyable for myself and I'm sure many others. This definitely isn't my speciality, but I enjoy learning from you guys.
  3. Thank you for making this. These are always my favorite threads!!
  4. KICentral is a great place to waste time for school/work. Thank you! @Maverick44
  5. I believe they would show the remaining footers outside of the brakerun/transfer track/station area.
  6. What is there to be angry about I’m really puzzled as to why people get worked up about this stuff. I resprct everyone on here here but sometimes I leave here scratching my head as to why people get genuinely angered about stuff as insignificant as coaster blueprint a leaking and the design being subpar. In the grand scheme of things there is 1,000,000 things in life more important than rollercoasters. Yes I enjoy them, but to get angered about stuff this insignificant does create a toxic environment. I’ll speak for myself and say that I really enjoyed when the blueprints leaked. It was really exciting and the thread was popping. You can’t look at it from the grass is always greener side.
  7. The blueprints for Mystic Timbers were posted in June on the decoding thread. I remember that vividly. The blueprints for Banshee were not posted until maybe a week before the announcement. But we had the blueprints for MT early as well. There is no reason to argue about what should/shouldn’t have been done. There is no reason to be negative.
  8. Yeah people on here need to take a chill pill and not be so rude and stuck up. It gives off a bad vibe on the site. Just food for thought, no one thinks you are better than any one else if you come off stuck up and a know it all. That seems to happen quite often on this thread and I'm sure it turns a lot of people off (including me). Just be nice and if you don't like what you see just don't click on this thread. Literally everything in life is more important than this thread and site . No offense to anyone just take a breather The whole purpose of this site is to connect people with similar interest; let's continue to do that positively!
  9. I would assume they would just add it to the existing lineup.
  10. That exact thought was in my head too.
  11. No I'm sure that it wasn't going 40MPH. There would have been significant damage, more news, and more people injured. But I wasn't there, just have serious doubts about 40MPH.
  12. Glad everyone was okay. Reading the comments on that tweet made me lose even more hope in humanity. People saying it came in at 40MPH... Cedar Point has had some bad luck with coasters bumping into each other in the station.
  13. I think both a floorless or a dive machince would look great at Vortex's spot. I just don't see that many new floorless rollercoasters being built at this moment. Dominator at KD is one of my favorite rides though!
  14. I am not familiar with this at all. Is there significant land clearing at BGW?
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