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  1. That light package is amazing. I thought Banshee's was top notch, but this takes the cake! Props to Kings Island!
  2. I like the blue a lot too. I would have loved black supports, but I think the silver will age much better.
  3. You know you can respectfully disagree with decisions the park makes, right? Like that logic just isn’t how marketing works at all. I’m not one of those “angry enthusiasts who demands stuff”, but I have to agree the marketing for Orion, in my eyes, was subpar. We weren’t in the meetings so I’m sure there is stuff we don’t know, but I think that is fair to say.
  4. See although I disagree with the mask rule, I feel that if you are an employee for the park, who is requiring people to wear coverage, then all employees of all ages should be required to enforce that rule. I can see some difficult individuals causing problems. It will be difficult regardless to be honest. Also, masks that people will be wearing will not stop the spread. It will be very "half assed" and almost required just in order to check off a box. That is the problem I have with a lot of these rules. Masks are helpful to an extent, but when you are at an amusement park, you are gonna be in connect with A LOT of people and objects.
  5. Totally agree. Although with how people attack people on social media for doing activities during this time I can't blame them.
  6. I would be very surprised if management or others haven't ridden Orion yet. I remember they posted pretty early about them taking their first rides on Banshee during winter/spring 2014. I would imagine they just didn't post anything due to the negative connotation of riding it during the corona pandemic.
  7. I hate to break it to you, but there is going to be a second wave regardless.
  8. Yes I would. I respect why others wouldn't, but I would go in a heartbeat.
  9. To be honest, I'm struggling to see how limiting the amount of people in the park will help. You will still be close to people in the queue line, you will still be close to people in line for food. I feel like limiting the amount of people in the park per day sounds like a good idea but is a bandaide approach to prevent the actual spread.
  10. I'm sure it will be! I'm looking forward to that day.
  11. I remember both of those opening days so well. Can't believe its been 11 years since DB opened. It's crazy how fast time flies. Those days are memories I'll have for life.
  12. I think we saw it coming. They were discussing playing all games in Vegas in one arena, but now with the league in China suspending their season longer, I don’t see it happening.
  13. I saw that. Such a shame, but right now I don't see how they can't not cancel it.
  14. He was always very nice to me. We had some good PMs about my time as a Page. He was a good guy in my eyes. Always very nice. I think he added a great taste to the forums. You can go back and look at his posts from years pasts. I hope he is well. Also, I hope all you are well. These are trying times, and we all have a common interest. We turn on each other too much. You all are in my thought and prayers. I hope you all are staying safe.
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