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  1. I am confused as to what you think is being alluded to here? Can you explain? Maybe I am a bit lost.
  2. It will be a sad day when The Bat comes down.
  3. I am not trying to cause a fight. I do not think I owe anyone an apology, but if I do please let me know and I will be happy to apologize to anyone I have offended. Also, I believe I do have the whole story. If there is a part I am missing please let me know. I don't want to be incorrect in my thinking, @Oldschool75.
  4. I don't mean to be attacking, but notice how there has been no "whoops I was mistaken. My apologies" post. This person never sees the other side. People like that are very difficult to work with. If this WAS a big project, I would be the first to say I was wrong and he was right. Its not a big deal at all, and that's how normal human beings interact socially. It is aggravating when someone continuously says things, insists they are right, refuses to acknowledge opposing opinions, turns out to be 100% wrong, and then disappears. It shows they are weak. Learn from it and move on. No
  5. Live look at some people on this forum rn
  6. I understand that. You know more than me regarding construction that is for sure. That being said, you cant say the road is being removed. That is blatant false information. I dont know how you dont see the problem here.
  7. So its not being removed yet? Is it currently being removed? Or is this you extrapolating information? Serious question btw.
  8. Let me add on and echo what @SonofBaconator has said. I agree with everything that he has stated. I do not want to get mad at @gforce1994 and I want to respect his decisions and have a cool and interesting debate with him. Yes I agree markers are interesting especially for an amusement park, but you cannot just say things and follow it with "I know what markers mean and trust me". That is not how life works. I also know that there are much bigger, more important things in life than KIC. Posts like his make people not want to continue to read, and it will ultimately drive down traffic to the si
  9. @gforce1994 so is the only vertical construction possible a nice new mega coaster? Also what is your experience? And what specifically are you seeing that you know leads to this? I would love to learn and believe you. Just show us what makes you feel that way. When you just state random thoughts and say you are right, you lose a lot of credibility. It is the equivalent of me telling a patient I know they have lung cancer while walking out of the room and saying nothing else. No. You show images, test results, etc. to support your diagnoses.
  10. I agree that there are a lot of markers down. I just think there are other things that can warrant a lot of markers. Ill be the first to say I am wrong if it turns out to be a coaster; I hope you are right!
  11. I wasn't questioning if there were markers or not, and I don't think others were questioning that. I don' think anyone would blatantly lie about markers. I think the debate or questioning was about what they are for. It was being said confidently that these would be for a coaster. I and others put our opinion in the forum that we find that unlikely. Also, no need to drop the "feel lucky I shared these". These aren't special secrete pics. That being said, thank you for sharing them, but there is no reason for talking high and mighty.
  12. I am not one to defend the park or defend Don or any other associate; I think a lot of people on this site hold them to a god like standard that is quite creepy. I also did not get offended by what Don posted. I think it was to be taken light heartedly. I'm not here defending him, but I am also not here chastising him. Quite frankly, I'm not like sally that complains about everything, and I am not like you, gforce, that would say the park is doing a fantastic job after they commit a mass genocide. I don't think this is that big of a deal. On the other hand, I do agree with @BoddaH1994 th
  13. I definitely think Kings Island has areas to grow in (i.e. marketing department), but I will give them the benefit of the doubt about stuff this year in reagds to park hours. Im confident they did it as any easy way to cut cost, and for that I cannot blame them.
  14. I truly think it is safe to rule out a significant park expansion for this. That is like comparing apples to oranges. CF has lost SO much money from this. I'm glad they were able to open back up this year and try to make some cash. Comparing this to 20mil in CP over two years during a time where there was not a pandemic with dramatic cash loss is not fair.
  15. I hate to be a Debbie downer, but I doubt this is anything big at all. I would be amazed if Kings Island gets anything big for at least 3-4 years with Orion opening and COVID. I truly cannot imagine the money CF has lost this year with COVID. Im sure we will see that in the coming years with them cutting down on costs. I am not envious of the people in the decision rooms looking at what can/should be cut to get some of this money back. Props to them!
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