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  1. If this did in fact happen, that person should have denied that request. I'm no Karen, but I would have just laughed in their face to that answer.
  2. Agreed. Ive had type 1 diabetes for 13 years now. Every Kings Island trip, all I have is my pump in my pocket. You could never tell I was diabetic. That being said, if you have a medical bag, it most certainly will be allowed. No ifs and or buts they have to allow that. Some people like to be a little extra and pack a lot extra for their medical supplies. Is it needed? probably not. Should it/is it allowed in the park? 1000%
  3. "The female told officers she had shorts on under her dress and dropped her cigarette pack out of them. She said she bent over to pick them up and her friend helped her." I feel like you could have come up with a better excuse
  4. I also just really doubt we will see a coaster for a few years. Kings Island is normally on the 3-5 year cycle (2009,2014,2017,2020) for new coasters. I just keep thinking back to how much revenue theey had to lose in 2020 and 2021. I bet the ROI for Orion was so bad due to the awful timing of its opening and COVID. All things considered, given how bad the past 24 months had to be for Kings Island, I thought the park was in great shape this year when I returned. I was so pleased. I would really be surprised if we go anything "big" before 2025. This is all just my novice opinion. You all are all much more in tune with the park than myself.
  5. ^Totally agree. I was thinking this last time I was at the park. I enjoy Orion's drop a lot more, but I like the rest of Diamondback's layout compared to Orion. I find myself riding Orion just for that first drop. I love the whole two and a half minutes of Diamondback.
  6. Part of me likes Diamondback more than Orion. Diamondback's airtime is hard to beat.
  7. ^I believe that is the Kings Island app that shows you wait times only when you are in the park. It has not been too accurate for me, but I have a small sample size.
  8. Looks very nice and would make that area look great. I doubt they would do this though because I think part of the reason they have these concerts is to bring people into the park. Drives more money spent in the park. Still, really cool concept!
  9. Crowds were light today thanks to heat. Everything was a walk on. This was my second visit this year, and this year is my first time back in the park since 2015. The park looks amazing! I was very impressed. I thought Beast felt great, MT was a surprise for me! I really really enjoyed that ride, and I did not think I would. I also really enjoyed Orion. I still like Fury 325 more, but I think Orion is a great addition to the park and will bring me back. Great job Kings Island!
  10. I couldnt agree more with this. I think this would be great for the park and The Beast. Do I think it will happen...probably not.
  11. ^ Man that article is rough. It goes in on her. I tried to hear her yell "I have an MD Im an ER doc" but I couldn't hear that in the vid I watched again. Im hoping she didn't say that..
  12. I see what you are saying and respect your viewpoint as well. Nurses provide a lot more than that. She's lucky someone trained was near her at the time.
  13. But does posting it save her life? She should most certainly lose her job for that in my opinion. You just do not do that. That is taught your first year studying medicine/nursing/paramedic or any medical related field. I think that is so inappropriate.
  14. Oof. That's bad. Almost question why they don't just close those days. Poor KD....
  15. Totally agree. Lots of people are hurting. Just sucks for anyone! I don't lose pity for people just because they are successful :).
  16. Still a shame for anyone to lose their job; if you were in their position, I doubt you would be fine and dandy.
  17. My traffic to this site has lowered (I know for a fact multiple other users have lowered their traffic to this site too) because of certain users on this site. Now I'm not saying this site needs me (I know it doesn't, I do not contribute that much), but I do know it is problematic if many users (especially good, quality users who contribute informative content) stop coming here daily. I hate to say it but this site has mirrored the tone of our country. Decisive. Hostile. A you vs me mentality. I know the moderators do not want that. I also know they are trying their best. Its a sad time and I do not know how to move forward and bring back the happy, good feel of the website.
  18. The chain noise was amazing. It filled all of Action Zone. Even if you hated the ride, it was spectacular to look at. Also during the second helix, looking up at the wall of wood on your left was a site to see.
  19. That will not help him either. We have been over this general concept so much that its not even worth being brought up. Nothing ever changes in regards to that philosophy for him. Its a shame.
  20. Thank you for clarifying! My memory is bad!
  21. I bought the SoB plaque. It was what? $250? It looked much nicer than this for 50 extra dollars. That is all I am saying. It doesn't hurt. I understand the park wants a profit off of it. NO biggie. Just not for me!
  22. I am confused as to what you think is being alluded to here? Can you explain? Maybe I am a bit lost.
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