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  1. Ive attached one below, but I really really really doubt (positive but I'm avoiding the word) that Project X has this. Honestly that video that @ethancoaster posted is going to be this coaster to a T. I think it looks great!
  2. Im hoping that that implies its going to be coming into that brake run at a decent speed!
  3. Guessing what the ride entrance/queue/plaza will look like is always one of my favorite parts. I look forward to seeing what this will look like. I also find it funny how they are reusing FHs queue and photo stand. I thought there was no way in hell this would happen. Shows how much I know!
  4. I would assume they just thought they should plan for the worst and assume it will be very crowded back there next year. It really doesn't affect them if they never use it. It reminds me of the queue lines closer to DB's splashdown that are hardly ever used. On really busy days next year they can open up FH's old queue so the midway isn't packed. I'm sure they will have temporary queues for Project X setup all over the midway at least for the first few weeks.
  5. No man you're missing what he is saying. The top of the hill to the ground at that same point is 285.9 feet. A straight line perpendicular to the ground from the top of the lift hill is 285 feet. This is how I am interrupting it and I think it is correct. Adding the distance of where the ground drops gives a DROP of 301 feet or something close.
  6. Yeah dont listen to me I'm not familar with how others got it. I was just answering Boddah's question!
  7. I'm pretty sure they were the heights listed on the blueprints found today. People subtracted the height of the ground (740ft maybe?) at the top of the lift hill from the height listed at the top of the lift hill. I'm not explaining this well but to answer your question from numbers listed on the blueprints, people were able to get the height of the lift hill and the drop.
  8. Does anyone else find it odd they pushed FoF's entrance to the back of that area? When I was envisioning this area before today I imaged the entrance to Project X back where the "new" entrance to FoF will be.
  9. ^Yes it is. Reminds me of TTD. The queue reminds me of Banshee's how it is between the stations and the barrel roll and loop.
  10. I'm so excited for this! I have an exam tomorrow, but I've been procrastinating and reading this all day. I'm interested to see how the midway will look after all is said and done!
  11. "Both the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have a rebuttable presumption not to build any antennae over 2,000 feet (610 m) above ground level. This is to prevent those structures from being a hazard to air navigation.[18][19] In recent years, the FAA has requested that height limits within 10,000 feet (3,000 m) of an airport runway be lowered from 250 feet (76 m) to 160 feet (49 m), as development near airports has increased." Found that online. I don't think it has anyhting to do with the airport, but I'm not saying I'm right. 10,000ft is just a little under 2 miles.
  12. How close is it to the airport? This coaster could at least be as tall as the tower which is around 315 ft. if that logic is true? Right?
  13. I would expect them soon honestly, but then again I thought they would be up by now. So i know nothing!
  14. No I know they can be different. I didn't know that anyone would rather have a taller hill than a taller drop in a coaster. That's what I was saying.
  15. I didnt mean it bad to you all. But people are acting like we are getting Little Bills 2.0. I think its fair to be harsh if the layout was not a giga, but from all I've seen I'm pretty set on it being that. People are getting angry about a 310ft lift or a 290ft lift. I don't really think that is something to get angry about. I understand that everyone wants the park to get the best it can, but we are assuming aspects of the ride that we literally no nothing about at all. All I'm saying is it seems a bit premature to complain! Nothing bad at all.
  16. Yall are getting way to frazzled about this before we know anything. Your minds are thinking the worst thing possible. Try and sit back and enjoy the process. Who knows the next time KI will get a coaster of this magnitude.
  17. I didn't even think whether having a higher hill or a higher drop would be debatable. What makes the ride is the drop height!
  18. Thats life in general too. Every job you have, you will have to deal with grumpy people. Whether it is at a fast food drive-though, or a physician. I just try to not take it seriously and laugh it off
  19. Late July early August. Anytime from like July 25th to like August 15th I'd say. Total guess though. ^MT was announced July 28th, and Diamondback August 6th 2008 I believe
  20. I do find it odd that in the alleged plans that more of FHs area isn't used. That is the one thing that I don't quite understand at this point in time.
  21. I respect that opinion.You could very well be right. I've thought these have been 100% real since I've seen them. I'm excited for the next few months to see how this plays out.
  22. @sixohdieselrage sitting here like...
  23. I answered custom because I believe the name will come out of left field like normal. These trademarked names have came up in the past (i.e. Mustang for Diamondback) that seem like they fit perfectly, but end up never happening. Maybe once signs start popping up like the Banshee signs I will change my opinion.
  24. People are getting a little too worked up about this. I understand where everyone is coming from, but at the end of the day it's just a rollercoaster. It will be fun. It will be new. It will be big. It won't be "just like Diamondback". Don't get too worked up, because everyone is overthinking this 1000%. EDIT: But I love the debate just don't get too frazzled
  25. This made my day!
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