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  1. I feel like DBs capacity has dropped a bit. Banshee hardly ever has lines I feel like.
  2. If anything it may just have a trim like Banshee does to keep it at a consistent speed going through a certain portion of the ride with varying weather conditions etc. I doubt it will be anything too harsh.
  3. People said the same thing about Fury and Intimidator. Most people really just dont know what they are talking about and sadly most people are more negative than positive. When it opens I'm sure people will love it. Also see MT. People weren't excited about that. It is a rinse and repeat cycle, and I am sure the park knows this.
  4. My final guess is that the name will neither be Orion or Polaris, and that the stats that we have come up with are correct. Excited for the next few hours!
  5. Just two different opinions, and nobody is right or wrong. That is the good thing about YOUR money; you can spend it how you please.
  6. Diamondback was late morning early afternoon I believe. But like @JonahWilliamson said, both MT and Banshee were at that time, which I like a lot to be honest.
  7. Oh yes. Always unfortunately.
  8. I'm sure it will be streamed. Banshee and MT were both streamed online.
  9. Next Thursday it is!
  10. Throwback to YoungStud.
  11. I'll just shoot Matarese a DM.
  12. If I didn't know any better i would think this Matarese guy is the fifth member of The Beatles.
  13. Who even is that guy? His profile pic makes me think he is a used car salesman.
  14. I think the value it shoots for will just continue to go up when the previous goal was reached.
  15. At first glance I did not think the park put that petition together. Now it seems like I was incorrect. This is very cool!
  16. Then I should donate! hahah
  17. I find it odd they ask for money. I haven't used this site; does it require some donation option?
  18. I am looking forward to what this is going to be!
  19. See MT worked fine for me when I watched it. I couldn't see **** during Banshees
  20. Banshee's announcement video takes the prize. That was amazing.
  21. I do think an end of the world/ dooms day theme is possible. Someone mentioned the name Armageddon. I like that a lot. Or a name like Calamity.
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