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  1. There was a small article in a local paper for me today about Ouimet touring the plant in Batavia where they're manufacturing Gatekeeper that had a great quote in it too. "While Ouimet didn't provide specific investment plans for those parks, he said that Kings Island, Cedar Fair's amusement park just north of Cincinnati, "is on my radar.""
  2. My track / bolt came today. I had to pose them next to a 2000 park map.
  3. I know it was down recently but just got a push notification on my iPhone from the Kings Island app saying the ride would be down from Monday, June 4th through Friday, June 8th for routine maintenance.
  4. A friend and I went to the park yesterday for my birthday and the staff were actually very forward about asking for my pass each time I bought something. My last visit several employees hadn't even heard of the program. I spent about 110 dollars in the park (90 for Fast Lane really makes it add up fast) and I leveled up to Two-Stars and got two instant rewards on receipts. I got a free cotton candy and game play on receipts and was kind of shocked to see the different number of rewards that popped up on the funperks website when I logged in after I got home. In the 1-star category, the website says I can pick 2 of the following: -Fast Lane Pass (50% off) -Bring A Friend Ticket for $9.99 -Food Voucher - 15% off total -One Game Play - Free -Cotton Candy - Free -Hot buttered popcorn - Free -Ride on Thunder Alley - Free And the 2-star perks say I can pick one of the following: -All day drink wristband - Free -Front of line pass - One ride -Souvenir drink cup - Free -Fresh funnel cake - Free I love the big choice of things to pick from. The one from the list that confuses me is the front of the line on one ride thing. Anyone on here redeemed that yet?
  5. I went on a road trip to Cincinnati today and just had to stop by the park to see how the paint job was coming along. Looks like they've finished painting the circuit from what I can tell. (Still a slight bit of yellow at the top of the lifts.) It looks great so far. Sorry for the quality. Picture was taken with my phone.
  6. Yesterday I hit a 1,320. My own personal best. Side-note: I always feel like if I get a gun that doesn't make the shooting noise it's somehow defective which causes me to get a low score. I got one that was spot on for closing day and developed a new technique: hold the gun with my left hand and rapid fire with the pointer and middle finger on my right hand. Oh, and I always pretend to shoot the person that's in the car with me for our photo. : )
  7. There's officially a new ride on Kings Island thrill ride page called "WindSeeker" now.
  8. I like the way you think! Seriously probably not gonna happen, but still like the way you think! Agreed. I want one on par with the pace of Afterburn. I'm not really a fan of Raptor. I normally just lurk here and had given up hope for a new ride in hopes that we would just get something awesome in 2012. Nothing better than a B&M Invert in my book.
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