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  1. Can't wait for the 2011 Season

  2. you might be a PKI addict if... everytime ur in a car and ur abt to go over a hill u speed up and hold ur hands up. also when u say welcome back Diamondback riders how was ur ride in a weird high pitch voice
  3. I thinking that Cedar Fair would really benifit the most if they added somemore very thrilling roller coasters to Kings Island. Not just any old roller coasters either i'm talking abt roller coasters that put Cedar Point on the map like a Top Thrill Dragters or Millineum Force etc.... Then they could reallu have a competion Between the the two kings of Ohio two see whos better. This would be a awesome oppertunity for these two big markets to really dominate the Entertainment company and open an all new outlook to Kings Island. Personally i think Kings Island will always be second to Cedar
  4. to me i really think coming when it's raining is the best time to come. there are no long lines at all and sometimes you get to stay in ur seat if riders arent in the line. also you dont have to worry abt big crowds. :)
  5. well it depends on which rides yoour on like for example Diamondback i like sitting in the very front. like if im not in the front row i really just want to go to the very back. cause in the very front its the view that gets in the very back its like airtime until the ride stops so for me its either the very front or the very back.
  6. best way to do it is ride the scariest coaster or ride once u do that u can ride anything. drop zone. but do Backlot Stunt Coaster first. once u do drop zone u have no fear of anything ever again.
  7. can't wait to go this Saturday the 10 :)

  8. Yes. People have died on many roller coasters that are still open today. We can start with Rolling Thunder at Great Adventure (which coaster has had more than one death, sad to say), move on to Shockwave at Kings Dominion, Raven at Holiday World, Roller Coaster at Lagoon, Timberwolf at Worlds of Fun, The Coney Island Cyclone, etc. Just because a roller coaster has a death does not necessarily mean the coaster caused it...nor that, even if it did, the coaster will close forever. wow im shocked. i never knew that
  9. idk if i would want ki to get a coaster but if so i would want it to be like top thrill dragster but taller than kingda ka.
  10. there are a lot of deer by The Beast
  11. haha u should've went when it was raining. sounds funny but if u wanted to ride rides without waiting in lines rain is the way to go.
  12. i have notice that cause usually on some normal day around 3:00 both of all of the line flows r open with people in it but now only 1 flow is open.
  13. OMG today was great at the park. It rained and i was on Diamondback and since there weren't people in the lines i got to stay in my seat 8 times straight ))))))). Riding diamonback in the rain is so painful lesson learned that i need to bring glasses cause that stuff stung. i got drenched as well as everybody in the park but really if u rode Diamondback over and over. Then there was lighting in the area so we had to stop for a pretty long delay which sucked. then they finally open it again and everybody started clapping. i rode diamonback the most out of everybody there the guy told me 36 tim
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