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  1. I think that one will work. =] I guess I'll find out Saturday. Thanks
  2. So, I am looking for a good quality photo of The Bat's signage. I know there are a couple photos on here, but I need something with a bit more detail. Does anyone know who I would email at the park to maybe get a larger/higher quality photo of the sign, or maybe even drawings of the sign?
  3. Ack! Sorry, I was talking about The Racer.. I thought I had put that. See, I haven't seen the wooden bear all season.. so I thought maybe they moved it or something for haunt. But still.. no bear.
  4. On sunday the ride operator for the blue train told us to watch out for a bear name Randolph. I asked him if there really was a bear.. of course he said there really was. We saw no bear... and we were severely disappointed.. lol. We tried asking where the darn bear was.. but the operator was gone by the time we got back into the station. So, my friend and I think the bear.. ran'd off.. haha get it? Rand-olph..
  5. Well.. that makes sense.. but the shirt definitely did not say shoppes. I probably mistook art for air.. but I know for certain it said supplies. So was the company ever called by that name? I don't know much about it.. Who knows.. maybe they are hoping a certain new ride will draw more attention back there... lol
  6. A little bit ago my friend and I were leaving action theater. There were 4 people standing under the tunnel under racer, two people were from KI the other two were from some company called kaman's air supplies, one guy had a camera and the other was talking to the guys from KI. I heard her say word for word "the only problem with putting it here is there is not a lot of traffic back here." I have no idea what to take from that, but I thought you all might want to know.
  7. Lol the second time I rode Diamondback.. I seriously laughed hysterically the entire way through the coaster.. beginning to end... and pretty sure it took me a minute to compose myself after lol.
  8. Look at the scale on the bottom of the image, keep in mind this ride is 110 ft. in diameter at swing so this ride has to have a fairly large base. Thank you! Seriously if you think about the ride.. it will need a bigger footprint than Drop Tower... and, well, there really is no room in the old SkyLab area. The only places it looks like it could go is either; where action theater is (think about it.. they announced a new maze for this year, replacement for next year, eh?) or that space between The Beast and Vortex ... and lets hope its not there. That second hill, the one coming out of the
  9. My expectations are lower than others on this forum.. but all of this is already being discussed elsewhere..
  10. What's lame to me.. is usually even more lame to the people I'm explaining it to.
  11. I seem to explain the ride a lot, and that is not even in it's queue. I find describing the ride very hard, for people don't understand "Giant Top Spin." Thats why you don't use the term "Giant Top Spin." I don't think its really that hard to explain how it works to people. I have been able to before. Although, now I just tell them its lame.
  12. That was the first type of "free fall" ride I actually liked. Probably because it doesn't take you up slowly, lol. I wish I could get out there to ride it once more before its gone.
  13. A few years ago when I got back into coasters again, I was in line for Flight Deck. When I was about to enter the loading platform.. "Free Falling" started playing, so basically it was playing the entire time I was loading/going up the lift hill. Since it was my first time in a long time riding Flight Deck.. it was scary to say the least. The next time I went to KI.. I was sitting in the car pulling my neck restraint down.. and bam off goes "Free Falling" again. I seriously almost got off that time. Worst part of it all.. I wasn't even the good Tom Petty version. It was the less spectacular ve
  14. We went by ALL the water rides including WWC and they were ALL CLOSED. All evening. Between 6:30 and 10, we seen staff preventing people from going with a sign saying closed temporarily...??? When I went to the lockers at about 9:45 there was no one/no sign at the entrance of WWC saying it was closed. When I went back to that area again at 11.. there was still no one there.
  15. Checked the webcam earlier.. it looked like there was a good amount of water on a couple roofs. I was supposed to get my first visit this weekend.. looks like i'll be staying in indianapolis. =[ PS. Checked the webcam again just now.. you can actually see the rain falling now. Sad day.
  16. I've been staying at the red roof for years. Its cheap.. they don't care about age at least they didn't three years ago when I was 20 lol. They are pretty good people there. There have been a few times that they have given me a free night there when i've been staying two =] (especially in october when they had seen me ALL season long lol). Red Roof - Kings Island
  17. Hey, thanks for making this.. my friend greatly appreciates it, it will make choosing lunch in a few weekends much easier lol. Not sure if you were being facetious but, yes you can buy such things as Carmel apples.. You can get them in two forms.. on a stick dipped in carmel, or sliced up served with a side of carmel. You can also pay a dollar less and get plain old apple slices. Did that many times last year. And just because someone is a vegetarian does not necessarily mean that they are a healthy eater. Be happy that he spent the time and effort making this instead of tearing him down
  18. My favorite haunt moment of all time happened this year. My friends and I went on Trail of Terror, just the four of us! (I looove small groups through there.) My best friend is very easily scared so its fun to go through haunted houses with her in general.. but this time was epic. We got through the maze fairly easily.. then we got to the chainsaws. I knew they were coming (seeing as I'd done it twice already lol) So I get cornered by both of the guys with chainsaws and my friend's boyfriend tries to sneak around me, so the one guy leaves me and starts going after him. Luckily I found a br
  19. Just called and talked to someone at KI. The platinum passes should be online next week. She told me they are waiting on some final stuff to go through with them.. then they should be online.
  20. I would buy a The Beast ornament in an instant.. this is definitely something they should do.
  21. The costume looks great! Haha but this is crazy, I was "The Beast" for my work Halloween party last weekend. Where did you find that logo? It looks way better than mine did.
  22. ^ Thats what I thought too, but just wanted to make sure.
  23. Where are the differences between the two? I just looked at a couple pages and I didn't see anything different.
  24. And this is why elevators scare me more than any roller coaster ever could.
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