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  1. Someone posted this on facebook and I recognized the location pretty quick. I looked around and didn't see it posted yet, so here it is: Sorry if its already been posted -Dbfan
  2. This exhibit won't come cheap, and I was really hoping for something great next year, but with WindSeeker and Dino Alive, I don't see another large investment on the park soon. Am I the only one who wasnt interested in Animatronics as a kid? Never really was a fan, but I know many are today.
  3. Look on the bright side, The Beast had a great run, and the record for the longest and highest wooden rollercoasters in the world were both held by our park. The Beasts record held far longer than I imagined, with most other coaster records demolished in the 2000's, The Beast's stood. We still will have the 2nd longest, and (Depending on the status of SOB and the height of this new ride) the tallest wooden coaster.
  4. 680 foot Ferris Wheel??? Wow. This park has high intentions. And The Beast won't lose its record until 2013.
  5. Dbfan


    Simple rule about posting, think about quality over quantity.
  6. I'll be the first to say it...I don't like it. At first when I heard of the idea, I thought it could work, but after looking at the concept art and reading more about it I can't seem to find a point to the exhibit. For one, if you decide to "ride" it, you are stuck inside for 15-20 minutes. I don't know about you but thats a long time to look at orangutans. Another thing is that the zoo, if continuing the tradition of its other rides, will charge extra for this. How many people would really spend money to go up and see orangutans from a skyride when you can view them from down below? And of course some exhibit is probably being taken away for this ride.
  7. As long as it changes colors im happy.
  8. I always remembered going to shows in there but I could never remember where it was, thanks!
  9. Fixing a broken ride in the offseason and having it ready for opening day... What a concept!
  10. I knew something was missing from FOF when I went a week ago. Thanks for pointing out the tower.
  11. I just saw some pictures in the other thread of its original paintjob, and it looks fantastic. Really as long as they paint the track and different color than the supports im happy.
  12. To hope that SOB, one of my favorite rides, continues to operate, and if it gets altered, that it doesn't get altered too much.
  13. First ride on DB First Halloween Haunt Visiting with a friend who moved away 2 years ago Having a great time at the park every time I went. Can't wait until 2011!
  14. I love Test Track, and this ride looks just as good, but I don't really like the name. It just seems too long.
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