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  1. Dreams last so long

  2. So I purchased a 2day pass. and printed the ticket. I've already went once and signed the ticket(paper) with the barcode. But now ive lost that paper. Can I just print a new one and use it for my 2nd visit .
  3. HAHA, I know right! I forgot to adjust the settings on my point & shoot.
  4. I was looking for a way to get a photo of the first drop as well. I just leaned against that fence on the right hand side near that little food place to the right of the drop
  5. The Beast is running crazy smooth this year! It's nice, what was done to it?
  6. MR Blue Sky by ELO. Me and my friend love that song from the movie , Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It just happened to play in the park the first time we visited Together
  7. lol, i figured that was why
  8. Are they ever going to bring back the effect that happens while in line for Flight of Fear, the part when the power shuts off for about 5 seconds, that was always cool.
  9. I had to come out of lurking to laugh at the lift hill joke, that was great, lol
  10. yes that would be awesome. Or even a ND filter for daytime long exposures
  11. Yes, I see that the post has been clarified. lol, my bad,.
  12. Thats happened to me too. Not very funny lol , that almost happened to me once , it was the like Matrix but with coins. lol
  13. LOL @ the bathroom rule. lol I guess they got tired of everyone taking there Myspace photos in the mirrors. and Treppy, haha, yeah i would never take a photo of someones kids, that'd be crazy and asking for trouble.
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