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  1. Dreams last so long

  2. So I purchased a 2day pass. and printed the ticket. I've already went once and signed the ticket(paper) with the barcode. But now ive lost that paper. Can I just print a new one and use it for my 2nd visit .
  3. HAHA, I know right! I forgot to adjust the settings on my point & shoot.
  4. I was looking for a way to get a photo of the first drop as well. I just leaned against that fence on the right hand side near that little food place to the right of the drop
  5. The Beast is running crazy smooth this year! It's nice, what was done to it?
  6. MR Blue Sky by ELO. Me and my friend love that song from the movie , Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It just happened to play in the park the first time we visited Together
  7. lol, i figured that was why
  8. Are they ever going to bring back the effect that happens while in line for Flight of Fear, the part when the power shuts off for about 5 seconds, that was always cool.
  9. I had to come out of lurking to laugh at the lift hill joke, that was great, lol
  10. yes that would be awesome. Or even a ND filter for daytime long exposures
  11. Yes, I see that the post has been clarified. lol, my bad,.
  12. Thats happened to me too. Not very funny lol , that almost happened to me once , it was the like Matrix but with coins. lol
  13. LOL @ the bathroom rule. lol I guess they got tired of everyone taking there Myspace photos in the mirrors. and Treppy, haha, yeah i would never take a photo of someones kids, that'd be crazy and asking for trouble.
  14. Has anyone ever gotten all the fellow riders on the entire coaster train to sing along to a random song with you?, lol
  15. Are there any odd photography rules i should be ware of at the park. Specifically concerning shooting the rides and coasters and buildings
  16. Last year I played Dance Dance revolution in one of the arcades, cant remember which version of the game though. i played the song "follow the sun"
  17. If they were to tear it down, I would love to see them replace with a coaster with the exact same layout, lol. but thats just me. to me Son of Beast was never THAT rough to begin with, at least not as people make it out to be. I mean it's wood! of course it not gonna be super smooth. Roughness is one of the main reasons wooden caster are still being made. Thats the point of it. If someone doesn't like it, they shouldn't get on. I think people just want something to complain about and agree with. It was the tallest wooden coaster, of curse it's gonna be rougher than normal. Pretty soon, people are gonna start saying "Kingda is too fast!". Well of course it fast, thats the point!. LOL this post wasn't made to offend anyone, just saying how I feel. I would love to see it re-opened though. Or at least give it a few "going-away runs ".
  18. I once saw a tv show , they were testing kingda ka, and they placed a wooden arm in the car and pulled it along the track to make sure a person with their arm extending would be safe
  19. Yeah i wouldn't ever do it, I always keep put my hands in right at top of hill. Just like left seat on Flight of Fear, those beams seem pretty close. lol (i love when The Interpreter post , lol he's like the Dark Night of the forums)
  20. hey, that is a good ideal. lol
  21. Why would you Stick your arms out when it says Keep ur Arms hands inside the car at all times. but yes you can hit ur hand on the Helix wall. Well people stick there hands up, someone might get bold and have poor depth perception and stick there arms out to the side, then the g-forces would pin there arms outside of the car, then BLAM!! Doesn't sound so far-fetched now does it? lol
  22. If you were to extend your arm horizontally, could you strike the tunnel?. or is it just designed to appear that close (not that i would do that) lol. Yeah, im still bored
  23. yeah, i should have been more specific, lol my bad. but if you ever look just before you get on , it even says "do not step on the fenders". which just made it even more interesting. i found a photo of it, look closely at the part above the wheels. thats the thing i'm talking about, http://www.flickr.com/photos/29396436@N03/4460123870/
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