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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Nice photos. i love your phantom theatre pics they don't look like they are just placed on the stage but actually in a ride haha. I saw a girl knock over the sign prop for Phantom theatre saturday lol.
  2. No i didn't buy it lol. But i did get to work it the next day and sold alot! I thought it was part of the park because Kammans and Kings Island have a healthy but usually distant relationship but they went hand in hand on this one. Except when i went through it there were 2 pictures taken and when i sold there was only one
  3. I actually got to work urgen scare photo the day after i posted this! We kept it moving pretty fast. The photos are only 6 dollars, which compared to keyhole or even ride photos (which are usually the best deal) is pretty good. I mean can you buy a pizza at K.I for six bucks? i think its seven lol.
  4. Alright so i just realized that it was actually kammans that ran this not the park! I asked and got to work it this last saturday! and sorry Urgent Scare. I just got all my haunt names down
  5. I have yet to see a dora dollar. Scooby bucks however are a common occurence. Also wouldn't it be cool to have a gallery that shows some of the better souveigners such as the different scooby bucks, vintage shirts, etc
  6. On the one hospital maze at haunt i got a picture taken with my group just before the actually walk through! First they took a normal pic and then tried to scare us. I thought this was kinda cool and worked well with haunt this year. Anyone else think this was a good idea?
  7. I was told by a marketing employee that when Hanna Barbera changed to Nickolodeon all of the costumes were taken through a cermonial last walk at the entrance (which is confirmed by Keyhole employees and others) then all HB costumes excluding two of scooby's costumes were destroyed by being cut into little pieces and burned to avoid copyright issues, which makes since. I long belived this to be true until I saw George Jetson, Dino, and Boo Boo in international street restraunt when leaving the park one day. Also the Barney rubble costume showed up at Hollo Fest this year. Now with only a few
  8. oh its great but the fact its a generic ride that is the same at every park kinda ruins it in some ways for me. I like your perspective i would never have thought backlot until i read this.
  9. Ok so if you look at The Racer in its original form of paint as well as the scooby doo/beastie/fairly odd coaster/<insert stupid Planet Snoopy name here>'s paint they were truly beautiful! now however they have a faded version of their late paramount paint job. The Beast being stained yearly is a work of true art which helps define its legacy Diamondback is beautiful... just like every other hyper coaster... id say the true craftsmanship and beauty belongs to S.O.B its archecture and complexity is almost mind boggling
  10. I remember I got to ride the original HB motion film at universal studios before it went defunct. It featured a very elaborate movie in the line that provided a clear back story and all the animations were actually made for the room the ride was in. When Kentucky Kingdom had the movie it lacked alot of that and i was very disappointed (mainly because i was so young i didn't know it was a different park even), while action theatre's version played the enchanted voyage song which i liked better than the original que line at universal! just shows how a younger generation can appreciate something
  11. Well Nick U is outdated by a few years at this point. The kids who grew up on rugrats, wild thornberries, little bill, etc. Are just old enough not to care for these shows any more and are to young to get very nostalgic about them. On the other hand the new kids coming in have no idea who alot of these characters are. Peanuts are more timeless than Nick characters at this point, but the hannah barbera characters were more timeless than peanuts.
  12. First off I still miss all those happy friends who live in my TV.... I wish they would keep Scooby forever... They just came out with another live action Scooby Movie, their making a new cartoon. Scooby doo is not only timeless but has been apart of the park in one way or another since opening season. I don't know who's office it is but its one of the bigger guys at the park, anyway they have an old scooby cut out, life size along with many other Scooby items from over the years.
  13. Lol, I have no idea... I was in line for SoB during Halloween Haunt and some guy was talking about how a deer was gonna jump out and hit him while riding SoB.... I truly hate stupid people. on the diabetes walk a few year back (a few of you may remember this one) a deer was trapped in the fence with us walking going crazy trying to get out back by beast. It was pretty freaky so i could see where a deer rumor could spur from.
  14. "where is that?" (pointing to the viking ship on the airbrush t-shirt side) Drunk Guest : "where is restraunt number 6 on the map?" Me: "Do you have a map?" Drunk Guest: "No but on the map there is a restraunt listed number 6, you work here and your telling me you don't know where it is!!!???? Thats f***ed up!" Me: Enjoy your stay at the park sir my favorite ever V Guest: "What is that?" Me: The Eiffel Tower Guest: "Well what does it do?" Me: "uh you just go up there and look around..." Guest: "awe well does it do anything else?" Me: "No...." Guest: "well that sucks"
  15. The airbrush people being concessionaire's had just as much right as you did to tell them to quit smoking. Its usually security, area/park managers, ecology, or the higher ups that actaully tell people to quit smoking. Mainly because teenagers are often timid when faced with the task I usually just tell them its a smoke free park and politely point them to the nearest smoking area
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